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A screenshot of the real-time monitoring recording of the incident on Sina Weibo, Nov 3, 2018.

Police in Hangzhou, East China"s Zhejiang province, are looking into allegations that a dog owner, who had quarreled with a woman over his unleashed dog in the community, beat her in the presence of her two preschool children.

Investigation results would be released "at a proper time", police in the city"s Yuhang district said in a statement released on its Sina Weibo account on Tuesday.

It came shortly after the 23-year-old mother, only identified as Xie, posted her experience on Saturday on social network 19lou.com the same day.

According to Xie"s post, she was taking a walk in her community with her 3-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son on Saturday evening, when suddenly the dog started barking at her son.

She tried to shoo the dog away, when the 31-year-old owner, only identified as Jin, appeared and started a verbal fight, she posted. The conversation soon turned violent.

Xie alleged that she attempted to leave for her children"s sake after Jin slapped her in the face and punched on her head, but was stopped and attacked by him again.

The medical certificate Xie posted online shows that a finger on her left hand had suffered a fracture.

Xie said in the post that she was engaged in the IT industry and a constant keyboard user. The injury on her hand has seriously affected her work.

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