Shenzcheap rubber wristbands ukhen police frown on phone use while driving

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Shenzhen traffic police have rolled out a special operation targeting drivers who use mobile phones or other electronic devices while driving.

The campaign is part of Shenzhen"s efforts to enhance its image and build itself into a more civilized city.

Police are using artificial intelligence technology to carry out the operation, placing more than 500 electronic surveillance cameras on city roads and highways to detect violators.

The application of high tech has greatly enhanced efficiency, the police said.

"We use AI technology in image recognition. By analyzing drivers" hand gestures, facial characteristics and vehicle license plates, the machines can quickly recognize the driver and determine if it is a violation," said Chen Yanhong, a traffic police official.

"We are able to deal with more than 20 million images a day, 100 times that of the past, when we could only deal with the images manually," Chen said.

The police said they would not punish drivers who use "hands-free" communication devices that can be operated by voice commands - headsets with microphones for example - so long as drivers don"t use their hands.

Shenzhen has also dispatched 1,300 officers to detect traffic violations at key roads and intersections.

Police said those giving useful information that leads to drivers who violate the rules will receive rewards.

The operation comes as driving with mobile phones is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Since the beginning of this year, 21,415 cases involving the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices while driving were detected in Shenzhen, up from the 18,000 recorded in 2017. The figure was 11,000 in 2016.

Violators were responsible for 13 road accidents in the city, resulting in the deaths of four people, since 2017.

Research shows that when a driver sends a text message while driving, the probability of an accident is 23 times that of normal driving, according to the police. The figure for making phone calls while driving is 2.8 times.

"We will step up efforts to detect traffic violations that threaten public safety, including smoking or eating while driving," said Feng Xinyi, deputy head of Shenzhen traffic police.

According to a questionnaire by Shenzhen traffic police, more than 70 percent of the 40,000 respondents said they had used mobile phones while driving.

Nearly half the respondents said they pick up mobile phones because they get bored waiting for traffic lights, while 36 percent said they are worried about missing important messages.

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