"Madelove rubber wristbands in China" behind world"s longest sea bridge

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An engine is being displayed at the stand of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China Yuchai International Limited, during an exhibition in Shanghai, China, April 9, 2009. [Photo/IC]

A 55-kilometer long bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macao to South China"s Zhuhai city officially opened to traffic on Oct 23, marking the completion of the world"s longest sea-spanning structure, which began construction nine years ago.

Among the companies involved in this architectural marvel is Yuchai Marine Power Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group. The company supplied lifting appliances that facilitated two-thirds of the bridge"s construction.

The equipment, able to lift to 4,200 tons of material at a time, set a world record for the heaviest single hoist, providing a huge boost to bridge construction, according to Jiang Fei, deputy Party chief of Yuchai Machinery.

Located in Yulin city, South China"s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Yuchai Group ranks among the top 500 Chinese enterprises with a brand value of 41.6 billion yuan ($6 billion) and is the country"s largest internal combustion engine manufacturer.

The successful opening of this remarkable bridge has demonstrated Yuchai"s quality and manufacturing strength, and gained the trust and recognition of customers, making "made in China" something to be proud of.

Construction of the cross-harbor tunnel on both sides of the bridge required the island-tunnel complex to combine the bridge with the tunnel, an area where Yuchai Marine Power Co also played an important role.

At the time, there were a number of template molds designed by Germans, and the designer only approved of foreign manufacturers, believing a Chinese firm could not do it.

The company took the initiative on this project, which needed to be finished within a month, putting the company under great pressure.

Researching the issue day and night, the company worked hard to complete the task within the construction period, which was praised by the bridge project"s leading engineers.

The quality of Yuchai Marine Power Co"s products is comparable to those of German manufacturing, said Meng Fanli, a senior engineer for the project.

The product quality and service Yuchai Marine Power Co demonstrated during the bridge construction led to its designation as the supplier for large lifting appliances and steel structures required for the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, projected for completion in 2024, according to Huang De, the company"s vice-minister of marketing.

"We want to go further," Huang said, confirming Yuchai Group will continue to make efforts to contribute to China.

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