Custom guitar

Our stickers are vinyls which allow removal without leaving any residues on your guitar.

Stickers designed to avoid guitar parts disassembly. Stick and play is all!

Easy application, as they are manufactured already precut with the shape of each guitar.

Gibson Explorer Pop girl decal by Monica Gallart

Gibson Explorer lion eyes decal by Alejandro Alvarez

Gibson Les Paul AnaZeppelin2 decal by Caperuza Roja

Epiphone Les Paul Wendigo decal by Matt Warneford

Epiphone SG Faces white decal by Imanol Aizpuru

Epiphone Les Paul The End decal by Mandy Ahlfors

Gibson Explorer Branches decal by Pedro Oliveira

Epiphone SG Mozzy decal by Matt Warneford

Fender Telecaster Basati decal by Pili Aguado

Fender Stratocaster Dripping Mini Cooper decal by Mandy Ahlfors

Squier Stratocaster mini USA sticker

Lefthanded Epiphone Explorer cheetah sticker

Lefthanded Gibson Explorer Da Vinci sticker

Lefthanded Fender Stratocaster letters sticker

Lefthanded Squier Stratocaster ghost sticker

Lefthanded Fender Stratocaster lava sticker

Squier Stratocaster protest sticker

Lefthanded Squier Stratocaster mini USA sticker

Epiphone Explorer Gothic 1958 skulls

Epiphone Explorer Gothic 1958 skeleton

Fender Standard Telecaster MN ghost

Squier Standard Stratocaster MN protest

Squier Stratocaster mini graffiti 1

Fender Standard Telecaster MN Marley

Our guitars are first class brands customized with vinyls. The vinyl has been specifically designed to be removed without waste on the surface of your guitar. You can change the decal for a new one to change your guitar look as many times as you want.

Our stickersare long lasting and resistant. They aremadewith the ultimate vinyl manufacturing technologies,whichallows youaneasy application andremoval without leaving residues, being respectful with the surface of your guitar.

Stickysouloffers high quality products, digital quality printed and ready to offer the highest performance for a daily use. Our catalogue is constantly updated. Delivery times are optimized to enjoy our products in the shortest possible time.