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Locomotive Mag

J.G. Robinson new series of Atlantic type locomotives: twelve already delivered by North British Locomotive Co. and twelve under construction at Gorton. These locomotives were practically identical with the the first GCR Atlantic No. 192 illustrated and described on 12 December 1903 except for a slight increase in firebox heating surface, higher boiler pressure and larger tenders. But two of the Gorton-built locomotives were three-cylinder compounds, with one high-pressure cylinder below the smokebox of 19-in. diameter and 26-in. stroke, driving the leading pair of coupled wheels, and two low-pressure cylinders outside the frames, 21-in. diameter by 26-in. stroke, driving the trailing pair of coupled wheels: otherwise, these engines were identical with the 22 simple engines. Robinson intended exhaustive tests on similar traffic and if the compounds had the advantage then it would be easy to convert the simples to compounds.

The only important differences between these and the earliest type of Atlantic were an increase in total heating surface to 1931 ft2 and boiler pressure to 200 psi.

Steam locomotives Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 66 had been sold to the Cambrian Rys. No. 14 had been fitted with a cab, had its condensing apparatus removed and sold to the South Hetton Coal Co., near Seaham, County Durham. One of the trains of bogie coaches built for the Aylesbury service has been equipped for electric working. The guards compartments were fitted with the driving appliances for multiple unit working and two large plate glass wihdows provided suitable look-outs at the ends. The passenger compartments and side doors remained unaltered; but second class was now labelled third, A new style of painting had been adopted. Two of the electric locomotives built for the Central London Ry. by the General Electric Co. of America, and removed from service on the lntroduction of the multiple unit motor-driven trains were being used. for experimental purposes by the Metropolitan Ry. at Neasden.

New Consolidation locomotives Nos. 2814-2818 completed.

During 1905 Stratford Works completed 1150 c1ass 0-6-0s Nos. 1210-1219. These mineral engines had Belpaire fireboxes, flat-topped domes and sandboxes for the middle pair of wheels, placed on top of the framing, the sand being applied by apparatusdescribed on page 8. Twenty 2-4-2T passenger tank engines similar to No. 781,illustrated on page 7 of Volume 11completed: lastten fitted.withcondensing apparatus.

A new type of express locomotive, having six-couphed wheels and a leading bogie, is now being built at Inchicore, Nos. 362-365 being already completed.

The latest locomotives of the new Precursor type: Nos. 811Express, 117Alaska, 127Snake, 229Stork, 1301Candidate, 1363Cornwall, 1396Harpy: 1439Tiger, 2007Oregon, 2012Penguinand 2115Servia. There were eighty in service. The Teutonic class was being withdrawn as were the earlier three-cylinder compounds. Two further Ramsbottom 7ft 6in singles, Nos. 127Peeland 229Watthad been withdrawn from service, and replaced. No. 3020 Cornwall had been withdrawn, but it was hoped that this historic veteran would not be consigned to the scrap heap.

Five further bogie passenger tank.locomotiveswere running: Nos. 259, 261, 264, 269 and 500.

Firm was full of work, having the following orders on hand: six 4-6-0 freight locomotives with 19in. by 26in.cylinders, 5ft. 8in. coupled wheels, and.a boiler 5ft. 6in. in diameter carrrying a. working pressure of 200 psi for the Argentine Great Western Ry.; two side tank 2-6-0 outside cylinder engines and six 2-6-0 tender engines for mixed traffic on the Central Uruguay Ry.; 30 4-6-0 compound freight engines for the Buenos Ayres Great Southern Ry.; ten 4-6-0 Fish engines with large boilers, and ten 4-6-0 goods engines of a new type for the Great Central Ry., two 4-4-0 express passenger engines for the Great Northern of Ireland Ry.; one 4-6-0 tank engine for the Cork, Bandon & South Coast Ry.; and a motor coach for the North Staffordshire Ry. The firm had recently delivered to the Dutch State Railways ten 4-4-0 express engines similar to those illustrated in Issue for Sept. 1900, but with 19in cylinders and certain modifications in detail.

See page 206 of Volume 11 for illustration.of one of a series of steam rail motor coaches for service on.branch lines., The leading dimensions: length over buffers 66ft. 5in., height from rail level to chimney top 12ft 6in, extreme width over stepboards 8ft 10in, diameter of cylinders 10in; diameter of wheels 3ft 7in, total heatihg surface 505.64ft2, working pressure 200 psi, total weight 40 tons 2 cwt., seating accommodation for 57 passengers.

Carlton Hurry Riches appointed locomotive superintendent of the Rhymney Ry. in succession to Jenkins from 1 January 1906. Surrey Warner of the GWR carriage department succeeded W. Panter as carriage and wagon superintendent LSWR. On the LBSCR George Gillies, chief locomotive draughtsman retired at the end of 1905 and was replaced by D.J. Spidy his former chief assistant. Following the death of Yerkes, Edgar Speyer of Speyer Brothers had been appointed; chairman of the Underground ElectricRailways Co. of London Ltd., Sir George Gibb, the general manager of the North Eastern Ry. had resigned that position, and accepted the chairmanship and general management of the Metropolitan District Ry., and the position of deputy chairman of the Underground Electric Rys.

Death of George H. Wall, a member ot the firm of Dewrance & Co., and inventor of the well-known water-gauge-glass protector..

New three-cylinder compound express engines, Midland Railway.3. illus.

Nos. 1000-1009 (No. 1000 illustrated): Deeley version with higher (220 psi) boiler pressure. Followed American style with number on tender.

Steam locomotives of the Metropolitan Dictrict Railway.3-4. illus.

Continued from Volume 11 page 206.Thomas S. Speck was locomotive superintendent from July 1871 to December 1879. Hon. S.A. Cecil followed until December 1884 when G. Estall took over. Fitted Adams type bogies on new 4-4-0Ts Nos. 49 to 54 and subsequently replaced Bissel trucks on earlier engines. All were fitted with new boilers, cylinderds and cast iron chimneys. Leading dimensions: 17 x 24in cylinders actuated via D-shape slide valves and Allan straight link motion; total heating surface 903ft2, grate area 16ft2, working pressure 130 psi. Boiler fed by two gun-metal pumps worked by eccentrics off driving axle.Original livery (first 30 locomotives) bright green, but latterly olive green without lining (formerly black and red lining).Former locomotive fascilities being converted to service electric stock.See also letter from Frank S. Hennell on page 52..

Atlantic passenger locomotive, L. B. & S. C. Ry.5.illus., diagr.(s. el.)

Class B5 Nos. 37-41 (No. 37 illustrated) built by Kitson & Co. to the requirements of D.E. Marsh. Text notes the strong resemblance to the GNR Ivatt design of large Atlantics. The Brighton machines had a higher boiler pressure (200 psi) and larger cylinders: 18 x 26 in.See also next Issue page 17..

[Dean/Churchward either-side wagon brakes].5.

Richard Bell had sent a copy of the report made by the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants on trials of the brake which were conducted near Dowlais on Sunday 5 November 1905: the tests were satisfactory.

Recent locomotives of the Belgian State Railways.6-7. 2 diagrs.(s. el.)

4-4-0 and 0-6-0 designs types 18 and 32 based on McIntosh Caledonian Railway types, but with a different type of slide valves and Wilson-Klotz safety valves.

Steam sanding gear, Great Eastern Railway.8-9. 2 diagrs.

Linkage of sanding gear controls to reverser position (for forward or backward) sanding ejectors and to the regulator handle enabling the driver either to apply sand for a short period or continuously.

The Kalka-Simla Ry., India.9-11. 4 illus.

Ascended into the foothills of the Himalayas rising to over 7000 feet via viaducts and tunnels. Narrow gauge: 2ft 6in. 24 tank locomotives, 74 paswsenger cars,75freight vehicles.59 miles long.

Central South African Rys.10-11; 13.4 illus., table.

Notes very large dimensions of 11th class with its 37ft2grate area and total weight of over 78 tons.

The locomotives of the North Eastern Ry. J.S. Maclean.Newcastle-upon-Tyne: R. Robinson.

Complains about lack of any mention of Blyth & Tyne Railway and minimal reference to Newcastle & Carlisle Railway and its locomotives.

The Royal Visit to India.14. 2 illus.

Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway preparations for running the Royal Train carrying the Prince of Wales.fromBombay to Baroda and return. Standard inside cylinder 4-4-0s built by Beyer Peacock were used (see11, page 61). W.P.Johnson, locomotive superintendent rode on the train engine and C.G. Cotesworth, district locomotive superintendent, rode on the leading engine (one photograph taken by him looks back along train).

New carriage stock, E.C.J.S.15.illus.

NER contribution from York carriage works: sleeping car with six berths, wider than usual (one compartment fitted in a bed); hot & cold water; electric fans; Pullman gangways; rubber insulation.

An object lesson on the Belgian State RysF. Gaiser.

See Volume 11 page 214:Le BelgeandLElephant. La Belgenot built by R. Stephenson, but by John Cockerill of Seraing and was the first locomotive to be built in Continental Europe. It had 11 x 18in cylinders, enlarged to 12in diameter in 1844 and to 15in in 1858. It had 5ft driving wheels. It was scrapped in 1869.LElephantwas built at Vulcan Foundry and was put in service on 1 May 1835. It had 14 x 18in cylinders, 4ft 6in coupled wheels and was scrapped in February 1844, but parts were incorporated into a new locomotive in 1850. The two modern locomotives were Cockerill Nos. 1672 of 1902 and 3201 of 1903..

Steam locomotives of the M.D. Ry.Frank S. Hennell.

<a< p=””>

See page 205 of previous Volume: corrections: District trains ran to LBSCR station at New Cross, not SECR station. Only engines Nos. 1 to 24 fitted with Bissel truck; all oters fitted Adams bogie. Nos 25 to 30, built in 1876 under Thomas Speck had fireboxes 1 ft shorter and tanks 1in wider and longer bearing springs under the coupled wheels. When new had cabs over the whole length of the footplate, but this made working conditions worse and they were removed. Later engines had the top of the weather plate turned backwards for about 16in. and a vertical plate above the bunker.

Reunion Dinner of Locomotive Department,G.E.R. 16.illus.

Held in the Abercorn Rooms within the Liverpool Street Station Hotel on 8 December 1911. Photograph shows the 49 present with a key to identify those present with James Holden: W.E. Dalby, A.J. Hill, G. Elliot, W. Collingwood, George Winmill, J.H.B. Jemkins, E. Winmill, J. Pollock, J. Wild, J. Cookson, J. Abbott, A.P.Turner, C.W.L. Glaze, A.W. Polley, H. Rudland, J.C. Mannooch, C.A. Robinson, J. Wilson, A. Lansdell, F. Duce, R.L. Soper, J.B. Corrie, T.W. Ford, E.F. Elliot, T.O. Mein, W. Pickersgill, R.H. Haylock, M.A. Selaverani, W.F. Pettigrew, D. Gillies, F.W. Dodd, C. Watchhurst, C. Adams, A.C. Kelly, L. Simpson, F.V. Russell, J.H. Adams, J.H. Bowles, L. Meyrick-Jones, H.W.C. Drury, H. Haylock, A.G. Herbert, Henry Parker, A.P. Parker, W.D. Craig, J.W. Howard, G. Macallan, G.B. Lawrence.

South Eastern & Chatham Ry. 17.illus.

4-4-0 No. 273 illustrated.Built at Ashford Works to design of Harry S. Wainwright, Locomotive Superintendent.6ft 6in coupled wheels; 19 x 26in cylinders; Belpaire boiler with 1532ft2total heating surface; 21.15ft2gratearea; and 180 psi working pressure. Stones patent economiser and spark arrester fitted. Six further steam rail motor coaches (railcars) being built by Kitson & Co., similar to No. 1 illustrated11, page 46.

Six new bogie locomotives, similar to No. 141 (illustrated 15 July 1904): Nos. 146-151.

New Precursor 4-4-0s: 2576Arab; 2577Etna; 2578Fame; 2579Ganymede; 2580Problem; and 2581Peel. In January Issue noted that No. 3020Cornwallhad been withdrawn from service. Shortly before being condemned the locomotive worked into Euston with a relief train. One of Webbs Precedentclassbeing rebuilt with a leading bogie.

See Atlantic type illustrated in January Issue on page 5:locomotives fitted withquick actingWestinghouse brake and wasfitted to bogie wheels. Bearing springs of bogie fitted with McCord Spring Dampener (see 16 October 1905). No. 37 in service painted in standard brown colour. Practice of naming locomotives to cease.

The new main line from Neasden to South Harrow stations scheduled to open for passenger traffic with a half-houdy steam rail motor service beginning on 1 March 1906. The Metropolitan Ry. station atNeasden,and intermediate stations at Wembley and Harrow Road, Sudbury would be used. The opening of this line would also inaugurate the commencement of the joint G.C and Metropolitan workings of the latter companys line from Harrow to Aylesbury. 15 more engines were to be stationed at the GC.shedsat Neasden in consequence.

The output from Nine Elms locomotive stock during the 1ast six months of 1905 comprised five large four-cylinder six-coupled bogie express locomotives illustrated in our October and December issues, five newbogie.passengertank engines, and four new steam rail motor coaches. One of the new steam motor cbaches is here illustrated, and it will be noticed that the design is modified from those previously adopted. The leading dimensions were: cylinders 10in. by 14in., boiler pressure 175 psi; heating surface: firebox 76ft2., water tubes 119ft2, flue tubes 152ft2, total 347ft2; grate area 6.75ft2; water capacity 485 gallons and bunker 1 ton, weight of coach complete 32 tons 6 cwt.; seating 1st class 8 and 2nd class 32 passengers, total 40.

Orders placed with the North British Locomotive Co., Ltd., for ten goods locomotives, and a similar number were under construction at the Cow1airs shops, in addition to 12 engines of new design.forintermediate passenger and express goods traffic. The goods locomotives would be the usual six-coupled type, with. cylinders 18*189;in by 26in, coupled wheels 5ft, heating surface 1794ft2, grate area 19.25 ft2, and working pressure l80 psi. The mixed traffic engines would have four-coupled wheels 6ft. diameter, and a total heating surface of 1760ft2. New tenders were being built, to hold 3500 gallons of water and 5 tons coal. We understand that tenders are being called for fourteen express passenger 1ocomotives for the East Coast and Waverley route express serviees between Aberdeen and Berwick and. Carlis1e respectively.

E. Talbot, district locomotive superintendent, Normanton, appointed to succeed R. Weatherburn, district superintendent for London, who retired after more than thirty years service. W.L. Mugliston, of Lancaster, succeeded Talbot at Normanton.

Two new consolidation mineral locomotives 2-8-0s Nos. 2819 and 2820 which completed series of twenty apart from No. 97, the original of class.On the 11 February an interesting run was made with No. 2806:startingfrom Severn Tunnel Junction with a load of 54 coal wagons and a dynamometer car, a further 11 wagons were added at Stoke Gifford. At Swindon Transfer the train was made upto 100 loaded wagons, with the dynamometer car next to the tender, and this huge load was hauled to Southall, where some portion was left behind, and the remainder taken to Paddington Goods yard. .The timing.ofthis train, ordinari1y the 07.40 from Severn Tunnel Jn., was accelerated throughout, and every care was taken to secure an unchecked run between booked stopping-places.

The Bradford Corporation Nidderdale Light Ry.19-20. illus.

Initial Light Railway Order envisaged a 2ft 6in line from Pateley Bridge to Lofthouse, but on 1 March 1904 transferred powers to standard gauge line to assist with construction of dam at Angram reservoir scheduled for completion in June/July. There were two ex-Metropolitan Railway Beyer Peacock 4-4-0Ts former No. 20 becoming No. 1Holdsworthand another No. 2Milner. Cabs had been added as had the Bradford coat of arms, but the original red livery remained.

Ten-wheeled goods locomotive, Great Southern & Western Railway.

Coey 4-6-0 with 19 x 26in cylinders, 5ft 1in coupled wheels, 1599.75ft2total heating surface and 24.3ft2grate area. No. 365 illustrated.

The locomotives of the Great Eastern Railway21-2. 5 illus. (drawings)

Ten single-driver tank engines were put in hand at the Stratford Works in the year 1854 for working what was then known as the Tilbury Fort line, which was opened in that year, and the working of which by the Eastern Counties Ry. had been arranged for by the lessees, Messrs. Peto, Betts & Brassey. These engines were similar in general design to the tank locomotives previously designed by Gooch, but with larger dimensions: numbered 250 to 259, and illustrated as originally built in Fig. 88. Cylinders 14 x 22in. Driving wheels 6ft. 6in. The boiler barrel was lap jointed, Grate area 11.1 ft2. Total heating surface 859.2 ft2. Working pressure 120 psi. During Sinclairs time domes added overfirebox,and Johnson fitted engines with injectors and his standard pattern of chimney, number plate, etc.As thus altered shown in Fig. 89.In 1877 Nos. 255, 258, and 259 were renumbered 2550, 2580 and 2590, and in 1879 Nos. 250, 252 and 253 had a cipher prefixed to their numbers. None of this classwererebuilt, and the following gives the dates turned out new and withdrawn from service:-

Five large Crampton singles, Nos. 108 to 112 (Fig. 57) having proved unsatisfactory due to lack of adhesive weight, Gooch designed a class of six-coupled goods engines to take the boilers of the single-wheelers, these being almost as good as new owing to the engines had done little work. The new goods engines were built at Stratford works and had outside bearings; they were commonly known as the Floating Batteries. Fig. 90 illustrates one of thisclass, which were numbered 233 to 237. The wheels were 5ft. The cylinders were 15in. x 24in. The tender was on four wheels and had a wheelbase of 10ft. 2in. Sinclair designed new boilers for Nos. 234 and 236, which were constructed by Neilson & Co. with grate area 14 ft2.and total heating surface 1008.04 ft2. Fig. 91 illustrates these engines as rebuilt. The remaining three engines were rebuilt by Johnson with boilers of the following dimensions: grate area 15.5 ft2and total heating surface 931.15 ft2; working pressure 140 psi. Johnson also increased the cylinder diameter in these engines to 16-in., and fitted his standard cab, number plate and chimney. As thus altered, the weight of these engines was increased to 27 tons 7 cwt. 3qrs.,Fig. 92 shows No. 235 as rebuilt by Johnson. In 1880 these engines were put in the duplicate list, a cipher being added to their numbers.

On 9 October 1858,at 23.40 engine No. 233,driver Henry Ward, when working a special goods train from Newmarket, collided with a special horsebox train consisting of 21 vehicles which was standing at Six Mile Bottom, the guard of the horsebox train, Chas. Titchmarsh, being killed. Ward was arrested and committed to the Assizes, but was eventually acquitted.

American locomotive boilers.22-4. 5 diagrs.

Continued from11page198.Figs. 4-8.Considered deep and shallow fireboxes.ofthe Wootten type which provided a large grate. The nature of the coal dictated dimensions.Combustion chambers.Belpaire fireboxes.Staying.75ft2grate areas.

Express passenger locomotive, North Staffordshire Ry. 25. illus.

John H. Adams design of 2-4-0. 6ft 6in coupled wheels; 18 in (formerly 17in) x 24in cylinders.160 psi boiler pressure.

Express engine, Stockton and Darlington Railway.26-7. diagrs./plan (cross section and longitudinal section)

William Bouch 4-4-0 No. 238 of December 1871. Boiler made from Low Moor iron with a total heating surface of 1217ft2. Cylinders 17in x 30 in with 13in diameter piston valves made from solid brass, but there were problems with lubrication (black lead was used as a lubricant.Known as Ginxs Baby.Fletcher converted them to 2-4-0 with smaller (17in x 26in) cylinders similar to the Game Cock Class.See illus on page 148 (28 February 1903).Makes a substatial quotation from Edward Jenkins pamphlet which included the memorable lines: Philopsophers, Philanthropists, Politicians, Papists and Protestants, Poor Law Miinisters and Parish Officers (which Nock was to quote).

New locomotives, Alsace-Lorraine State Rys.28-9. 2 illus., 2 diagrs.

SACM (Socit Asacienne de Construction Mecaniques): 4-6-4T Amanda and 2-10-0 Rolandseck. Both were de Glehn four-cylinder compounds. The 4-6-4T had 1650mm coupled wheels and 340 x 640mm high pressure and 330 x 640mm low pressure cylinders and the 2-10-0 had 390 x 650mm high and 600 x 650mm low pressure cylinders and 1330mm coupled wheels.

Official Guide to the Great Western Railway.Cassell.29.

Included maps of towns and places of interest served by the railway.

Complained about loss of smart appearance, leaking joints and valves, knocks and thumps, and higher fuel consumption.

Vacuum Brake Co. automatic vacuum brake apparatus.

The autobiography of Samuel Smiles. John Murray.

It is noted that he worked as an assistant secretary for the Leeds & Thirsk Railway, becoming its Secretary before its incorporation into the NER, then in the Company Secretarys office of the North Eastern Railway in Newcastle where he gathered much of his information for the life of Stepenson and as Secretary of the South Eastern Railway for twelve years.

Engineering mathematics simply explained.H.H. Harrison.Percival Marshall.

Steel passenger cars, Great Northern & City Ry. 32-3. 2 illus.

Eighteen all-steel fireproof cars supplied by Brush Electrical Engineering with girder underframes seating 64 passengers. Exterior painted in teak colour.

New Pullman cars, London, Brighton & South Coast Ry. 33.diagr. (s. el.), plan

63ft 8in long, running on six-wheeel bogies and seating 32 passengers.Interior with green plush seating (green leather in the smoking accommodation) with greeen carpets with white ceilings lined with gold.Exterior umber lower panels and ivory upper.Thomas Powell was the Secretary and Manager of the Pullman Co. Cars namedDuchess of Norfolk,Princess EnaandPrincess Patricia.

Steel double hopper wagon.34. illus.

Supplied by Brush Electrical to Birmingham Corporation Gas Department to the design of Hack Engineer-in-Chief of the Gas Department and according to patents of Sheffield & Twinberrow Steel Car Co. 20 ton capacity; 20ft over headstocks. Pearts either-side compensated brake..

Admiralty Contracts for asbestos goods. 34.

Royal Navy supplied by United Asbestos Co.

Latest Precursor class: Nos. 2582Rowland Hill, 2583Teutonic, 2584Velocipedeand 2585Watt. Four new Experiment class: Nos. 565City of Carlisle,893City of Chester,1074City of Dublinand 1357City of Edinburgh.

New 3111 class 2-6-2Ts: Nos. 3131-38. No. 3138 had number on bunker and Great Western on tanks similar to style adopted for tenders. Nos. 2603, 2605 and 2607 of 2601 class rebuilt similar to 2621 with tapered boilers. Nos. 3298-9, 3302, 3305 and 3307 of the Badminton classrebuilt withlarge domeless tapered boilers and Belpaire fireboxes. Refers to Churchward IMechE on large boilers and scrapping of last two broad gauge engines includingNorth Star…

4-4-0 (coupled bogie engines) Nos. 2185, 2196 and 2202 rebuilt with larger boilers, and new cabs right over the footplate.Brass beading removed from splashers and black metal substituted. Brass numerals removed and white metal put in front of smokebox. Smokebox door flat instead of being dished and handrail ran straight across it. No. 163, a 6ft 6in coupled, bogie engine similarly rebuilt. Nos. 172 and 175, 7ft. 6in. singles, had been altered externally to suit new ideas, but retain the old boilers. Some half dozen of the old double-framed goods engines had recently received new boilers of the large new standard type, together with new cabs and side sheets. Nos. 380, 547 and 550 thus rebuilt.

Steam rail motor coach, Cape Government Railways.35. illus.

Commencing 1 March 1906 passenger traffic on the Neasden-Northolt new line had been worked by steam rail motor No.3. Starting from Marylebone terminus (not Neasden as was first arranged) the first stopping station was Wembley(6 miles); then followed Sudbury and Harrow Road and South Harrow. The time occupied on the journey was 25 minutes. The G.C. local service from Marylebone to Metropolitan Ry. stations from Harrow on to Aylesbury, etc., was also inaugurated on the same date. Smart new trains, each made up of four bogie coaches with electric light and steam heat, and Robinsons ten-wheel tank engines (4-4-2T), employed on this duty,

A new rail motor coach, No.3, delivered: the engine built by Kitson & Co., Ltd, (makers No. 4376) and the car by the Oldbury Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd. As a result of the successful services on the Sheppey branch, motor coaches to be used on the fol1owing sections: EImers End to Hayes, Dunton Green to Westerham,Otfordto Sevenoaks, Gravesend to Port Victoria, and on the branch from Appledore to New Romney via Brookland, Lydd and Dungeness.

Nos.50-60, standard trailing bogie tank locomotives nearly all into service.Nos. 5-10, steam rail motor coaches,wererapidly approaching completion.

New line of the London Underground Electric Rys.Co, opened on 10 Marchbetween Kennington.and Baker Street, with a service at five minutes intervals during the day, reduced to three minutes during busy hours. The cars were steel built, 50ft. long, 8ft. 8in. wide and 9ft. 5in. high, and the six coaches composing a train seated 300 passengers. The distance of 3 miles covered in 13 minutes northbound, and 12 minutes in the reverse direction, gradients favouring the latter. Intermediate stations are at Regents Park, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Embankment and Waterloo. Extensions to Paddington and the Elephant and Castle were in progress.

Midland & Great Northern Joint Ry.36

Midland Ry. locomotive No. 144,and several others of the same class.wereworking on this line, having been loaned to the Joint Committee to replace some of the earlier bogie tanks.

The Campbeltown & Machrihanish Ry.36.

Company ordered, from Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co., Ltd., Caledonia Works, Kilmarnock, a locootive for their new narrow-gauge railway from Campbeltown to Machrihanish. The locomotive had six wheels coupled, with two wheeled bogie, and was fitted with Walschaerts valve gear. The railway intended partly for minerals and partly to carry passengers across the Mull of Kintyre to Machrihanish and back to Campbeltown, in connection with the turbine steamers.

The illustrationshows one of two steam rail motor rcoaches designed by H.A. Ivatt and constructed at the Doncaster works of this company. The car body was 49 feet long, and had seating for 53 passengers; it was carried on a standard carriage bogie at one end, and on four-coupled wheels of 3ft. 8in diameter under the engine. Other leading dimensions were: cylinders, 10in. by 16in diameter, total heating surface 382ft2.,grate area 9.5 ft2., boiler pressure 175 psi.Built to work local services, such as Finchley to Edgware, Hatfield to Hertford, Hatfield to St; Albans and Hitchin to Baldock, etc.Nos. 1271-1280, six-coupled saddle tanks, and Nos. 127-136, eight-coupled side tanks of No. 116 class had been put into service; Nos. 132-136 are stationed at Colwick to work coal trains over the Nottinghamshire branch lines.

Steam heat trials, North Eastern & Great Northern Ry.36.??

Comparison of NER locomotive No. 2024 hauling ten bogie carriages using low pressure steam (which took hour to heat the train) with GNR train of fifteen six-wheel carriages employing a storage system which took 1 hours to heat the train.

The electrification of the Simplon Tunnel Ry. 37.illus.

Two three-phase 900-1000 hp locomotives diverted from Italian State Railways to provide traction through 20km tunnel. The hydraulic plants at each end to supply power for construction works were modified to generate electricity. The locomotives were of 1-C-1 type with connecting rod drive and could operate at 34 km/h or 68 km/h.

Compound tank locomotive, Metropolitan Ry., Paris.38. illus.

Four-cylinder 4-8-0T built Socit Alsacienne de Constructions Mecaniques for the Centure Railway with two 14 diameter high pressure; and two 22 diameter low pressure cylinders with a common stroke of 25 in. Serve tubes.Total heating surface 2188.9 ft2.Grate area 23.75ft2

Scheduled meeting on 10 April 1906: R.L. Robinson paper on automatic signalling.

Four wheels coupled tank locomotive No. 457, G.W.R. 38.illus

2-4-0T with condensing apparatus c1875 near Earls Couirt Road standing on flat-bottomed Vignolles rails.

Tank engines, North British Railway.39. illus.

0-6-0T designed by Dugald Drummond and introduced from 1875. Similar to Stroudley Terriers: 4ft 6in coupled wheels, 15 x 22in cylinders, 14ft2grate area, total heating surface 701 ft2, boiler pressure 140 psi.

The history of the London & South Western locomotives..

Continued from previous Volume pp. 118-19.

Globe Pneumatic Engineering Company. 43

Order for pneumatic tools received from East India Railway locomotive workshops

Author of works on locomotives, railways and hydrasulics.Apprenticed at Kitsons, joined Midland Rail

Is this number plate style legal in thUK?

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According to demonplates site it is all legal. Plus it is now been made illegal for a number plate manufacturer to sell an incorrect plate.

The number plate is part of the mot, though it doesnt say you are not allowed to have raised letters. As long as it is the correct font, size and spacing etc. then it should be fine

Number plates must now use one specific, mandatory typeface – a very simple sans serif typeface intended to make the numbers easy to read by both humans and automatic recognition systems, which are increasingly being used by the police and other agencies. All hard-to-read variants, such as multiple stroke and italic fonts, are now prohibited. The one decorative variation still permitted is a 3D effect version of the mandatory typeface.

If you encountered a really picky copper, they might point out the carbon-fibre effect as not being within regulations. But that would be really, really picky…

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Is this style of number plate legal? (UK)?

Are german style number plate but the reg is in UK format legal on uk registered car?

Are the old style number plates with black backgrounds and silver/grey lettering street legal in the UK???

Are black and silver licence plates legal in the UK.?

UK Number plates – What are the black ones about?

Buna ziua Un Navigator GPS cu camera fata&spate pentru un Dodge Caliber?

How much does it cost to get my CDL permit in Georgia?

The XYZ Chemical Company must ship 9,500 gallons of pesticides… (REST OF QUESTION IS IN DETAILS! :))?

How much would you pay for an engine that allowed you to get 200 MPG out of a pickup/SUV and would be guaranteed to last 300k miles?

Why would no one want an RV that was seized by police?

Would you own a self driving car if you could?

On the driving test where you have to park uphill with a curb, how close to the curb do you have to be?

Does using African-Americans to do construction and car assembly reduce the quality of our infrastructure and vehicles?

Do parking tickets affect you in any way?

High-Performance Chevrolet Engine Parts For Sale

205 North Colfax Street, Box 42, Monticello, Illinois 61856

(If you have a slow Internet connection, the pictures at the end of this page may take a moment to load)

My name is Steve Shreffler and I ownLIGHTNING SPEED SHOP,which I operated full-time from 1979 to 1993. As a racing engine builder and restoration engine specialist, I have always focused on hard to find Corvette and High-Performance Chevrolet Engine Parts for use in both restoration and competition. I bought, sold, and traded a constantly changing inventory of correct dated engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, carburetors and more for the years 1962 to 1972 exclusively.

During the 1980s and early 1990s we were very active in the regional car show and swap meet circuit, so much so, that one year the promoters of both Super Chevy Magazine and the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show (the worlds largest Corvette Show) used photos of our awesome display in their materials to promote and publicize their car show events. Along with Super Chevy Sunday and Bloomington Gold, we were also regular vendors at the both spring and fall Chevy/Vettefest Nationals (worlds largest all-indoor Chevrolet and Corvette event) and the Motorama car shows held at McCormick place in Chicago, the Hoosier car show held inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at Indianapolis, and the Peotone Illinois swap meet each year. Chances are if you attended any major car show in Illinois or Indiana during our years of operation, you and I have already met.

When the stock market crashed in 1987, investors moved to invest in Corvettes and Muscle cars and as a result, we experienced an appreciable increase in demand for our inventory of factory installed original equipment engine parts as the cars dramatically increased in value and demand, seemingly overnight (just as they have again since March 2000). Accordingly, we shifted our emphasis from racing to restoration as the original high-performance engine parts seem to increase in value even faster than the cars.

We advertised heavily in Hemmings Motor News Magazine, Chevy/Corvette Buyers Guide Magazine, Vette Vues Magazine, and 76 other publications where we did business with customers worldwide, supplying the Corvette and Muscle car world with engines, parts and consultation.I am proud to have been able to lend support to the world-class frame-off restoration shops, NCRS and Bloomington Gold Judges, and restoration book authors as well as sharing my knowledge base with the public over the years and I do miss it.

By far the rarest engine I have bought and sold was THE original engine out of one of the 71 COPO cars that Chevrolet produced with the famous ZL-1 engine option (all aluminum L-88 427). My ZL-1 was the engine that Chevrolet originally installed in the 1969 ZL-1 Camaro number 26 which still existed three states and over 600 miles from where I found its engine.

Since 1993, the following High Performance Chevrolet Engine Parts have been in storage when I suspended operations to pursue other ventures and expand our family. My original plan was to no longer sell items of this rare nature outright for cash, as I would reserve them solely for trading for similar parts I might need for my own personal collection, however the NASDAQ has changed many things in my life since March 10, 2000.

I would also be very interested in selling the entire lot in one package deal at a negotiated wholesale price. These engine components are for the most part; all cleaned, inspected, labeled with description information for sales display, and will be package priced well below market value.

All of the parts listed below are available as of

(last time this web page was updated)

on a first one with the money basis.

I do have many of other Factory Original High Performance Chevrolet Engine parts that I acquired after I made this list in 1992, so If you do not see exactly what you need, please bookmark this page and check back from time to time, as I will be adding the other parts that I have to this web page (as time allows) and I may very well have available what you seek, as illustrated by my Speed Shop signature slogan:

Big Block and Small Ive Got them all

For additional information, please email me at:

For details about the cars I am selling from my Corvette & Muscle

Car collection, visit my personal homepage:SS427

Do it right, and they will tell two friends, but do it wrong and they will tell everybody!


This list is in two sections. In the first section you will find High Performance Chevrolet Engine Parts used on Corvette and other Chevrolet Muscle Cars.

Below that, you will find High Performance Chevrolet Engine Parts used only on the steel body cars (Camaro, Nova, Chevy II, Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino, Monte Carlo, Impala, Biscayne, Bel Air, Caprice, Pickup, & etc.) but not Corvette.

For further clarification and uniformity, I have listed a second digit for the year portion of casting date codes. For instance, a date code is listed below as A-12-67 would have the actual casting date code A 12 7.

Many parts cast after 1969 actually do have 2-digit year designations as did parts cast in Tonawanda.

Parts I have available for cars produced under a

rder or C.O.P.O. are designated below simply as COPO.

Big Block Cylinder Heads (1966-1969)(All in Matching Pairs):

Casting 3872702 (1966) I Have Three Pair With Casting Dates: K-23-65, A-24-66, & D-12-66

Casting 3904390 (1967) Three Pair With Casting Dates: I-22-66, K-29-66, & L-7-66

Casting 3909802 (1967) One Pair With the Casting Date: A-31-67

Casting 3917215 (1968): One Pair With the Casting Date: C-26-68

Casting 3931063 (1969) Two Pair With Casting Dates: A-13-69, & A-23-69

Small Block Cylinder Heads (1962-1970)(All in Matching Pairs):

Casting 3782461 I Have Three Pair With Casting Dates: B-19-65, G-17-65, & H-20-65

Casting 3890462 Two Pair With Casting Dates: D-6-66, & D-27-67

Casting 3917291 Three Pair With Casting Dates: H-4-67, H-14-67, & K-17-67

Casting 3927186 Five Pair With Casting Dates: F-13-68, J-18-68, K-5-68, B-12-69, & E-12-69

327 Engine Blocks (1962-1967)(Flint Michigan Castings):

Casting 3782870 With Casting Dates: H-29-61, B-20-62, G-2-62, G-21-62, B-20-63, C-26-63, C-14-64, F-24-65

Casting 3858174 With Casting Dates: G-22-5, I-1-65, L-14-65, A-20-66, A-25-66

Casting 3892657 With Casting Dates: G-1-66, H-19-66, L-7-66, L-8-66, D-12-67

1962 327Complete Engine Less Intake $2995

1963 327Complete Engine Less Carburetor $2995

1965 327Complete Engine Less Intake $2995

1966 327Complete Engine Less Intake $2995

1968 327Complete Engine Less Intake $1995

Casting 3956618 Casting Date: C-21-69

Casting 3932386 With Casting Dates: H-28-68, I-3-68, J-22-68, K-18-68

Casting 3970010 With Casting Dates: H-12-69, E-2-70, E-20-70, B-20-71, K-3-72, D-17-74, L-18-74, A-16-76, H-26-77

1969 350Complete Engine Including Carburetor $3995

1970 350Complete Engine Less Carburetor $2995

1971 350Complete Engine Less Intake $2495

Casting 3904351 Casting Date: C-31-67 $4995

1967 427Complete Engine Less Intake $6995

1969 427Complete Engine Less Intake $4995

Casting 3963512, Casting Date: F-16-69, Standard Bore $4995

1969 427- 425/435 HorsepowerEngine Block

Casting 3963512 (4-Bolt Main), Casting Date: J-24-69 Standard Bore (this is the 1970 LS-6 454 Engine Block listed below but would also be correct for a late 435 horsepower Corvette or 425 horsepower COPO Camaro since Chevrolet was producing the 1970 Chevelle at the same time as the 1969 Corvette and the Camaro in late 1969 and used the same engine block for all three engines in these three cars)

Casting 3963512, Casting Date: L-4-70 $4995

1972-1974 454Engine Blocks (High-Nickel Thick-Wall – best quality production engine block Chevrolet ever produced)

1966 425 Horsepower 427Intake Manifold

Casting 3885069 in mint condition – has never been blasted (still has factory finish) $795

1967 435 Horsepower 427 Tri-PowerIntake Manifold

Casting 3894374 in mint condition – has never been blasted (still has factory finish & even some of the factory paint over-spray)

1967 435 Horsepower 427 Tri-Power- Complete set up

Complete with matching original dated Holley Carburetors and Air Cleaner Assembly

1969 400 Horsepower 427 Tri-Power- Complete set up

Carter AFB Factory Original Carburetors.

1966 300 & 350 Horsepower Carburetor.

Holley List- 3367 Dated 634 (March 1966) In Mint Condition Still in the box Ultra rare dated New Old Stock carburetor (this is a factory original! Not a reproduction or restored carburetor) $1995

1966 427- 425 Horsepower Carburetor:

Quadra-Jet Original Corvette Carburetors:

327 Cubic Inch (1962-1967) Forged Steel $495

327 Cubic Inch (1968) Cast Iron $295

396 & 427 Cubic Inch Forged Steel $295

327 Corvette (250 to 300 Horsepower) Full Set $395.

327 Corvette High-Performance (340 to 375 Horsepower) $495

LT-1 & Z-28 Style Pink Connecting Rod Set (the best production rod Chevrolet ever produced) $595

LT-1 & Z-28 Style Pink Connecting Rod Set Part Number 3946841 N.O.S. (New old stock) Brand new still in G.M. boxes $995

396, 427, or 454 High-Performance Dot or Dimple Rods fresh & ready to go $995

Casting 3782608 (1963-1972 327 & 350)

Casting 3899621 (427 Cubic Inch) $595

Casting 3858403 (327 & 396 Cubic Inch) $295

Center Positraction Section (1955-1964) P Case Pig Type – Complete Hogs Head Assembly $995

Many Miscellaneous 1962-1972 O.E.M. Engine Components, Accessories, and Related Hardware for Both Big Block and Small Block Including:

High Compression Forged Aluminum Pistons

Camaro Nova Chevy II Chevelle Malibu El Camino Monte Carlo

Impala Biscayne Caprice Bel Air Pickup

Casting 3855961 (1965) Casting Date: C-13-65

Casting 3935440 (1968) With Casting Dates: D-17-68, D-24-8, & F-27-68

Casting 3955272 (1969) With Casting Dates: L-7-68, L-11-68, & F-21-69

Casting 3969854 (1971 – 402) With Casting Dates: B-11-71, & E-4-71

1965 396Complete Engine Less Intake $3995

1967 396Complete Engine Carburetor to Oil Pan (including its original fan, harmonic balancer, coil, distributor, alternator, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, timing chain cover, pulleys, brackets, & etc) $7995

1968 396Complete Engine Less Carburetor $4995

1969 396Complete Engine Less Intake. $4995

1969 427- 425 HorsepowerCOPO Engine Block

(See 1970 LS-6 454 – 450 Horsepower Engine Block next line below)

1970 LS-6 454 – 450 HorsepowerEngine Block

Casting 3963512 (4-Bolt Main), Casting Date: J-24-69 Mint Standard Bore $4995. While this engine block was factory installed in a 1970 LS-6 454 – 450 Horsepower Chevelle, it would also be correct for a late 435 horsepower Corvette or 425 horsepower COPO Camaro since Chevrolet was producing the 1970 Chevelle at the same time as the 1969 Corvette and the Camaro in late 1969 and used the same engine block for all three engines in these three cars)

Casting 3963512, Casting Date: L-4-70 $4995

1972-1974 454Engine Blocks (High-Nickel Thick-Wall – best quality production engine block Chevrolet ever produced)

1970 LS-6 454 – 450 HorsepowerCylinder Heads (Closed Chamber Rectangular Port):

Casting 3964291 One Pair With the Casting Date: F-12-70

1969 Camaro Z-28DZ Intake Manifold (Factory Aluminum High-Rise)

Casting 3932472in mint condition – has never been blasted (still has original factory finish) $695

1968-1969 396-375 Horsepower and COPO 427 Intake Manifolds(Factory Aluminum High-Rise)

Casting 3933163. I have several, one of which is N.O.S. and still in the original G.M. box

Factory Original Holley Carburetors:

List- 3043 (1965 High-Performance 327)

List- 4346 (1968-1969 396 – 375 Horsepower and COPO 427 – 425 Horsepower)

283 and 302 Cubic Inch (Pre-1968) Forged Steel $395

302 Cubic Inch (1968-1969) Large Journal Forged Steel $895

327 Cubic Inch (1962-1967) Forged Steel $495

327 Cubic Inch (1968) Cast Iron $295

396 & 427 Cubic Inch Forged Steel $295

327 High-Performance (340 to 375 Horsepower) $495

LT-1 & Z-28 Style Pink Connecting Rod Set (the best production rod Chevrolet ever produced) $595

LT-1 & Z-28 Style Pink Connecting Rod Set Part Number 3946841 N.O.S. (New old stock) Brand new still in G.M. boxes $995

396, 427, or 454 High-Performance Dot or Dimple Rods Fresh & Ready to Go $995

Big Block Valve Covers- Factory Original (Not Repro)

I Have One Pair Chrome and One Pair Painted (Both Have Drippers) $295

One 10-Bolt (1970-1976 8.5) $695

12-Bolt Positraction Complete Rear Axle Assembly

(1964-1967 Chevelle) Has Brand New 4-Series Posi Unit (third member ring gear carrier) $1995

Positraction Center Section (1955-1964) P Case Pig Type. Complete Hogs Head Assembly $895

12-Bolt Positraction Rear Axle Housing.(Measures 55.5 Flange to Flange)

Two-piece Bell housing Casting 3815891Casting Date E-28-5 (Missing lower half)

For additional information, please email me at:

If any of the following pictures fail to load, simply right click the red X and select Show Picture.

If any stop while loading, please refresh the page and they will load the rest of the way.

Lightning Speed Shop – Product Line – Manufacturer Links

For additional information, please email me at:

For details about the cars I am selling from my Corvette & Muscle

Car collection, visit my personal homepage:SS427



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breathers harmonic balancers alternators flywheels rocker arm set rocker arms oil filter canisters accessories brackets belt pulley pulley starters exhaust manifold windage trays piston ring ring rod bearing main bearing engine bearing engine gasket engine gasket set gasket set balance & blueprinted big block bellhousings carburetor linkages linkages fuel line clutch fans fan blades desk xqjet doc doc +– d– zb chevrolet quadra-jet (q-jet) spread bore carburetors year number quadra-jet numbers are 7-digit stamped on drivers side of carburetor 1967 7027200 carter numbers are 4-digit followed by s and are on triangular tags 7027201 7027202 carter afb numbers are also stamped on base plate front edge 7027203 7037200 holley numbers are 4-digit following list- on top front of air horn 7037201 7037202 7037203 other stock chevrolet carburetors: 1968 7028207 7028208 carter wcfb Holley 7028209 7028216 2218s 2818 3811 4556 7028219 2351s 2818-1 3814 4556-1 2362s 3043 3815 4557 1969 7029202 2366s 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1111141 400 2 6479 (2 65) 2 0985 (2 10) 1107219 1111142 bb 2 7495 (2 75) 2 2000 (2 20) 1107233 1111153 1107242 1111156 1107320 1111157 1107352 1111194 exhaust mantifolds 1107365 1111196 3704791 3856302 1107627 1111240 3704792 3872765 1107645 1111247 3725563 3872778 1107664 1111248 3731557 3880827 1107889 1111258 3731558 3880828 1108035 1111293 3733975 3880869 1108338 1111294 3733976 3932461 1108351 1111295 3747038 3932481 1108361 1111296 3747042 3969869 1108381 1111438 3749901 3989036 1108400 1111441 3749965 1108418 1111464 3750556 1108427 1111475 3797901 1108429 1111480 3797902 1108430 1111490 3797942 water pumps 1111491 3836108 (6cyl) 3782608 1111493 3336968 3856284 1111926 3837069 3859326 1111927 3846559 1111289 3846563 1111954 3856301 doc + d `bb year ci hp rpo block heads intake carburetors manual auto calif 1962 327 250 3782870 3795896 3884520 3783244 3191s 3190s(early) 300 583 3782870 3782461x 3799349 3269s 3310s 340 396 3782870 3782461x 3795397 3269s 360 582 3782870 3782461x f i 1963 327 250 3782870 3795896 3783244 3501s 3500s 300 l75 3782870 3782461x 3799349 3461s 3460s 340 l76 3782870 3782461x 3794129 3461s 360 l84 3782870 3782461x f i 1964 327 250 3782870 3795896 3844457 3697s 3696s 300 l75 3782870 3782461 3799349 3721s a b 3720s a b 365 l76 3782870 3782461 3844461 2818 375 l84 3782870 3782461 f i 1965 327 250 3782870 3782461 3844457 3697s 3696s 300 l75 3782870 3782461 3844459 3721sa 3720sa 350 l79 3782870 3782461 3844461 2818 365 l76 3782870 3782461 3844461 2818 375 l84 3782870 3782461 f i 396 425 l78 3855962 3856208 3866963 3124 1966 327 300 3858174 3892657 3782461 3872783 3367 3605 350 l79 3858174 3892657 3782461 3890490 3367 3605 390 l36 3689942 3872702 3866948 3370 3606 427 425 l72 3689942 3873858 3885069 3247 1967 327 300 3892657 3890462 3872783 3810 3814 350 l79 3892657 3890462 3890490 3810 3814 427 390 l36 3689942 3904351 3904390 3909802 3866948 3883948 3811 3815 400 l68 3689942 3904351 3904390 3909802 3894382 3659 3660 3888 435 l71 3689942 3904351 3904391 3919840 3894374 3659 3660 435 l89 3689942 3904351 3904392 3919328 3894374 3659 3660 430 l88 3689942 3904351 3904392 3919328 3885069 3886093 3418 1968 327 300 3914678 3917291 3919803 7028207 7028208 350 l79 3914678 3917291 3919803 7028219 n a 427 390 l36 3916321 3935439 3917215 3919849 7028209 7028216 400 l68 3916321 3917215 3919850 3659 4055 4056 1 435 l71 3935439 3919840 3919852 3659 4055 435 l89 3935439 3919842 3919852 3659 4055 430 l88 3935439 3919842 3885069 3933198 4054 1969 350 300 3932386 3927186 3947041 3927184 7029203 7029202 350 l46 3932386 3927186 3927187 3927184 7029207 n a 427 390 l36 3935439 3963512 3931063 3947801 7029215 7029204 400 l68 3935439 3963512 3931063 3937795 3659 4055 4056 1 435 l71 3935439 3963512 3919840 3937797 3659 4055 435 l89 3955270 3919842 3946074 3937797 3659 4055 430 l88 3935439 3963512 3919842 3946074 3933198 4054 4296 calif 4spd auto 1970 350 300 3970010 3927186 3965577 7040203 13 202 212 503 513 502 350 l46 3970010 3927186 3927187 3965577 7040207 n a 507 370 lt1 3970010 3927186 3973414 3972110 4555 n a 4489 454 390 ls5 3963512 3964290 3955287 3969802 7040205 7040204 505 504 1971 350 270 3970010 3973487 3973469 7041213 7041212 330 lt1 3970010 3973487 3959594 4801 n a 454 365 ls5 3963512 3993820 3955287 7041205 7141204 425 ls6 3963512 3994026 3946074 3969569 3967474 4803 4802 1972 350 200 3970010 3973487×3998993 6263751 7042203 7042202 903 902 255 lt1 3970010 3998916 3959594 6239 1 n a 454 270 ls5 3963512 3999241 6263753 7042217 7042216 engine block casting numbers crankshaft forging numbers 427 cu in 396 cu in 327 cu in 350 cu in 3869942 3855962 3782870 3932386 small block big block 3904351 3902406 3858174 3956618 1178 3521 3916321 3916323 3892657 3970010 3279 7416 3935439 3935440 3791362 (pre 1972) 4672 3520 3955270 3955272 these numbers are found on the 1182 these numbers are 3963512 rear if the block between the cylinder head 2690 found on the front 3999289 & the transmission on the drivers side counter weight and 3946052 both 2 and 4 bolt main blocks are hard to see cylinder head casting numbers carburetor numbers carter big block big block big block small block rect port oval port aluminum 330545 afb wcfb 340292 3856208 3872702 3904392 3782461 3269s 3500s 3873858 3904390 3919328 3890462 3310s 3501s 3904391 3909802 3919842 3917291 3460s 3696s 3919839 3917215 3946074 3917292 3461s 3697s 3919840 3931063 3927186 3720s 3964291 3927187 3721s 3964292 3947041 3994026 3973370 carburetor numbers holley 6258723 3973414 6272990 3991492 list & any other that say hi perf on them 14011034 2818 3606 4489 4781 2 bbl 462624 3124 3810 4490 4800 intake manifold casting numbers 3247 3811 4555 4801 3659 (factory aluminum type) 3367 3814 4776 4802 3660 big block small block 3370 3815 4777 4803 3888 3416 4053 4778 4800 4055 3866963 3794129 3418 4054 4779 6238 3885069 3795397 3433 4296 4780 6239 3886093 3844461 big block 3 x 2 barrel 3605 4346 3933198 3890490 or 3947801 3917610 small block cross ram 3963569 3932472 or 3967474 3959594 intake that used 3969802 3972110 holley or carter carburetors 3919849 3972116 (either cast iron or aluminum) any 1965 1969 big block engine parts aluminum cyl heads big block or small block small block double hump or 2 02 valve heads big block 4 bolt main blocks or complete engines big block dimple (hi perf) connecting rods (sets or singles) big block brackets pulleys balancers or exhaust manifolds factory dual point and or tach drive distributors factory fuel injection units or parts factory chrome or aluminum valve covers posi trac units gears and complete rear axles muncie 4 speeds and any other (borg warner saginaw) performance engine parts factory or aftermarket lightning speed shop alternator type part number application 37 amp 1100693 all except a/c 42 amp 1100696 optional, k79, w/o a/c 61 amp 1100750 a/c, optional k76 62 amp 1117777 optional 42 amp 1100696 no pulley 37 amp 1100794 6cyl w/o smog or ps, all std v8 61 amp 1100796 a/c ex. 6cyl, smog, or ps 37 amp 1100813 6cyl, smog or ps 37 amp 1100814 302 42 amp 1100815 6cyl ps 61 amp 1100817 a/c 6cyl smog or ps 62 amp 1117777 optional 37 amp 1100834 base car 37 amp 1100836 6cyl smog or ps 61 amp 1100845 6cyl a/c 61 amp 1100843 v8 a/c 37 amp 1100837 302, 396/375, all copo 42 amp 1100842 option k79 61 amp 1100849 option k85 exhaust manifold all chevrolet exhaust manifolds are made of cast iron, and they all have a raised casting number somewhere on the part. part number outlet side year engine hp notes 3840912 r 1967 302 290 w/o a.i.r. 327 210, 275 w/o a.i.r. 350 295 w/o a.i.r. 1968 327 210, 275 a/t 350 295 3872730 r 1967 302 290 a.i.r. 327 210, 2

3D BLACK Gel Domed Number Plate Making Numbers Letts DigitStart Kit x700 e

3D BLACK Gel Number Plate Making Numbers Business Equipment Wholesale Bulk x700

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3D BLACK Gel Domed Number Plate Making Numbers Letters Digits Starter Kit x700

3D BLACK Gel Domed Number Plate Making Numbers Letters Digits Starter Kit x700

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HIGH QUALITY UK Number Plate BLACK GEL Letters – STARTER SET – 20 of Each Letter & Number. 3D BLACK Gel Resin Number Plate Letters also available. The letters are made from a high quality UV resistant gel, and are jet wash friendly.

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A History Dictionarycoms Word of the Year

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each years most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

It wasnttrendy, funny, nor was it coined onTwitter, but we thoughtchangetold a real story about how our users defined 2010. Unlike in 2008,changewas no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Heres an excerpt from ourWord of the Year announcement in 2010:

The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much? Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

This rare word was chosen to represent 2011 because it described so much of the world around us.Tergiversatemeans to change repeatedly ones attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc. Editors at saw the stock market, political groups, and public opinion go through a roller coaster of change throughout 2011. And so,we namedtergiversatethe 2011 Word of the Year.

In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers choseblusteras their Word of the Year for 2012. Heres an excerpt fromour release that yearthat gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:

2012 saw the most expensive political campaigns and some of the most extreme weather events in human history, from floods in Australia to cyclones in China to Hurricane Sandy and many others.

We got serious in 2013.Privacywas on everyones mind that year, from Edward Snowdens reveal of Project PRISM to the arrival of Google Glass. Heres an excerpt from ourannouncement in 2013:

Many of us have embraced social media, choosing to volunteer intimate particulars and personal photographs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; this robust participation echoes an observation by Mark Zuckerberg in 2010 that the publics comfort level with sharing personal information online is a social norm that has evolved over time. Even so, a recent survey by Harris Poll shows that young people are now monitoring and changing their privacy settings more than ever, a development that USA Today dubbed the Edward Snowden effect.

Spoiler alert: Things dont get less serious in 2014. Our Word of the Year wasexposure,which highlighted the years Ebola virus outbreak, shocking acts of violence both abroad and in the US, and widespread theft of personal information.Heres what we had to say aboutexposurein 2014:

From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses of exposure were out in the open this year.

Fluidity ofidentitywas a huge theme in 2015. Language around gender and sexual identity broadened, becoming more inclusive with additions to the dictionary likegender-fluidas well as the gender-neutral prefixMx.Racial identity also held a lot of debate in 2015, after Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial.Our Word of the Year in 2015reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year.

In 2016, we selectedxenophobiaas our Word of the Year. Fear of the other was a huge theme in 2016, from Brexit to President Donald Trumps campaign rhetoric. Inour announcement, we urged our readers to reflect on this term rather than celebrate it:

Despite being chosen as the 2016 Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated. Rather its a word to reflect upon deeply in light of the events of the recent past.

The wordcomplicitsprung up in conversations in 2017 about those who spoke out against powerful figures and institutions and about those who stayed silent. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture. From our2017 Word of the Year announcement:

Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not. Its a word that reminds us that even inaction is a type of action. The silent acceptance of wrongdoing is how weve gotten to this point. We must not let this continue to be the norm. If we do, then we are all complicit.

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Start your day with weird words, fun quizzes, and language stories.

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Start your day with weird words, fun quizzes, and language stories.

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3D Lettering Domed Numbers Domed Letting RaisBoat Registration Numbs

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QualityBoat and Jet Ski Raised Domed Lettering,DomedLettering,DomedNumbers,BoatRegistartion Numbers

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Cool Vinyl Lettering and Graphic Hack- DIY

Maintenance and Cleaning Episode 6 The Boat Life

Big Air Flag Holder and Flags for Wake Towers

Stencil boat number on to the boat. Step by Step how to and tricks.

Rocna Anchor testing and setting underwater

Centurion Boats Fi23 – 2018 Wake boat

How to Tie the Most Useful Knot in the World (Bowline)

How to fix stripped screw holes in fiberglass boat using epoxy & fibers

Tips for Keeping Bass Healthy in Livewells

SCS Sea-Doo Spark Installation Video

How To Install Boat Lettering BoatUS

How to put boat registration numbers

How to install boat registration numbers and names

How to Install and Remove Boat Lettering


Boat Decals and Personal Watercraft Decals

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decals

Fireman Police and Armed Forces Wall Decals

Brick and Stone Decals and Stickers

Brushed Aluminum Decals and Stickers

Grass and Flower Decals and Stickers

Spot Colors (for high volume orders)

Center Hinge Decal Installation Guide

Die-cut vs. Printed Decals and Stickers

How to Choose a Color for your Decal

FREE Flat Rate Shipping for orders over $20

Custom Fingernail Decals and Stickers

ANY Custom Shaped Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Die-Cut Decals with No Background

Custom Shaped Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Square Cut Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Boat Decals and Personal Watercraft Decals

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decals

Fireman Police and Armed Forces Wall Decals

Brick and Stone Decals and Stickers

Brushed Aluminum Decals and Stickers

Grass and Flower Decals and Stickers

Spot Colors (for high volume orders)

Center Hinge Decal Installation Guide

Die-cut vs. Printed Decals and Stickers

How to Choose a Color for your Decal

FREE Flat Rate Shipping for orders over $20

Custom Fingernail Decals and Stickers

ANY Custom Shaped Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Die-Cut Decals with No Background

Custom Shaped Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Square Cut Decals and Custom Bumper Stickers

Die-Cut Color ChartPrint Color Chart

Most decals can be made inany coloryou want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

By default, the decals are designed to go on a painted surface or the OUTSIDE of a window.

But, you may want to choose the Reverse option for 2 reasons.

1. The most common is if you have a graphic that you want to face the same direction on either side of a vehicle. Note that if your design contains lettering or numbers this option should NOT be used as your lettering will appear backwards (so you would need a mirror to read it). See the bottom image for an example of lettering that is Reversed.

2. Another reason would be if you are wanting the decal to be installed on the INSIDE of a window for proper viewing on the outside. Normally I do not recommend this option since it makes the decal harder to see when outside (the reflection on the glass will keep it from being seen). Also, many of the premium color options (like reflective and colored chromes, etc.) arent colored on the adhesive side so be sure to check the color chart for more details. PRINTED FULL COLOR style decals CAN NOT BE USED ON THE INSIDE OF WINDOWS. But sometimes you may need the decal to installed on the inside of a window in which you would use this option.

FREE Priority Mail for orders over $99

Free Installation Squeegee on orders over $49.

Free Shipping and Squeegee on ALL orders over $99 (any country).

just wanted to let you know we received the decals and have installed them… they look great!…

I received the north decals. They look great!

Thanks so much for including the extra ones….Andrew C07/04/2014MY Starscream decal is awesome, just ordered another one for the interior dash trim.RAYMOND SIMPSON06/23/2015My custom decals were perfect! They made great additions to my fire helmet!Joseph Bouchard10/23/2015THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I Will spread the word and get all the business that I can for you. I…CMC09/19/2016i got them on today and they look great…im getting some good feedback,told people where i got…Unknown01/23/2014Just received decals….awesome, stuck on the hood of my 1953 Ford F-400 Pontiac motor with…Gil01/23/2014I would like to thank everyone there who helped in making my decals! This was a restoration…Paul Bajorek06/19/2014Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and patience. When I get the helmets done I…Shane L08/04/2017Thanks so much for your fast and responsive service!Meaghen K01/23/2014

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