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A rivets are soft. They are fabricated from 1100-grade aluminum and have a tensile strength of 16,000 PSI. AD rivets are fabricated from 2117 aluminum and heat treated to the T4 condition. They have a shear strength of 26,000 PSI and a tensile strength of 38,000 PSI. Prices below are for 1lb. quantities. All rivets can be purchased in 1/4 lb. (use qty .25) and 1/8 lb. (use qty .13) packages. AN470 (MS20470) AN426 (MS20426).

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I like this style of rivet. I use it for vacuum plugs for rubber tubing. AN470 is a hard rivet with anodized finish, so it doesnt scratch up much if it falls on the floor. I like them an inch long, so they dont just vanish when they drop on the floor. Purchasing them by the pound is very nice, and Spruce has the best price and shipping by a few percents at the weight 2 pounds.

Are the MS20470AD superceded by the AN470?

Actually, the AN number has been superceded by the MS number, but we use the AN because it has been the norm for so long. They both meet the same specifications.

MS20470A-3-2 MS20470A3-3 MS20470A-3-5 23242-1 MS20470A3-7 MS20470A-3-8 MS20470A-3-12 AN470A-4-3 39966-1 MS20470A4-5 AN470A4-10 MS20470A-4-13 MS20470A4-16 MS20470A-4-20 MS20470A5-6 MS20470A5-9 MS20470A-5-10 MS20470A5-12 23257-1 MS20470A6-4 MS20470A-6-5 MS20470A-6-8 MS20470A6-9 MS20470A6-12 AN470AD2-5 MS20470AD3-2 15555-1 AN470AD-3-4 MS20470AD3-5 MS20470AD3-6 MS20470AD3-7 MS20470AD-3-8 MS20470AD3-9 MS20470AD3-10 MS20470AD3-12 MS20470AD3-14 AN470AD3-15 30856-1 15696-1 MS20470AD4-4.5 15704-1 MS20470AD4-5.5 15709-1 15714-1 15717-1 AN470AD4-11 AN470AD-4-12 MS20470AD4-14 AN470AD4-15 MS20470AD4-16 MS20470AD4-20 AN470AD5-3 15864-1 15866-1 15867-1 15870-1 15872-1 15876-1 MS20470AD-5-10 39976-1 AN470AD5-13 AN470AD5-22 MS20470AD6-4 AN470AD-6-5 MS20470AD-6-6 MS20470AD6-7 MS20470AD6-9 MS20470AD-6-10 AN470AD6-14 AN470AD6-16

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