Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Resin dome labels and resin doming equipment

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

Opal Semi Automatic Desktop Machine

The Opal Doming Machine does everything. Perfect for runs of all sizes, this automatic, desktop machine is packed with features. Easy to use, accurate and intelligent, the machine is controlled with a footswitch, leaving your hands free to place the resin perfectly.

The Opal is designed to apply measured quantities of mixed polyurethane resin and catalyst to pre-printed labels to achieve high quality domed labels. It combines programmable logic controller technology, a dispensing head and resin flow valve to provide simple, clean and reliable entry-level doming.

Download a copy of our doming kit brochure here:Liquid Lens Opal Doming Machine

Programmable dispense timer for accuracy, Pause timer to suit operator speed

1x 25mm label can be domed in 1.2 seconds

Manual dispense mode for dispensing on to bespoke labels

Resin low monitor, Disposable consumables no cleaning or solvents required

Power supply, Pneumatic air supply (6 bar), 500 x 625mm desktop or floor space

Opal Semi Automatic Machine + 20 Tray Curing Oven

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