Aluminum Mini Blds

Mini blinds are an affordable and quick way to add privacy to any type of window. These Lightweight yet affordable blinds are easy to use, look fantastic and operate flawlessly. 1 inch mini blinds and micro blinds create a traditional look to any window. Our lightweight mini blinds while sporting a lightweight construction still maintain a long lasting and durable profile. So you can be assured wherever you place these mini blinds they will hold the test of time and also the stress of any environment theyre placed in. Whether it be hot and humid or dry and frigid these gorgeous blinds will hold up strong and look fantastic wherever placed. Mini blinds are ideal for offices and motorhomes alike.

are custom made at discount prices. Even though our prices are extremely competitive, our quality maintains an excellent standard. At Blinds Chalet we have various styles of

to choose from. Some of these choices of metal blinds include Embassy Mini Blinds, which come in basic colors and finishes. Metallic Blinds which include metallic colors such as brushed aluminum, steel blue, and bronze. Last of all Jewel Aluminum Mini Blinds that come in glossy colors and finishes. All of our metal blinds conform to the CHILD SAFETY GUIDELINES. Order with confidence and peace of mind today!

Purchasing aluminum mini blinds is a simple and economical way to achieve privacy in your home and create a stylish design without having to spend a fortune. These aluminum window treatments are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, from neutral tones and bright paints to wood coloring. In addition to this, many venetian window blinds come with valances to add to your window treatments.

All of the shades at Blinds Chalet come custom-made to ensure the style youve selected will fit effortlessly in to place, making the installation process as easy and fast as possible. Most standard sized aluminum mini blinds only require two brackets to be screwed into place inside each window frame. Longer metallic mini blinds require a center bracket in order to evenly distribute weight to prevent sagging and increase longevity. With our lightweight mini blinds youll be able to tilt, slant and pull your shades up and down with just the slight twist of your hand. All aluminum venetian blinds are highly durable, making it a breeze to dust and clean your windows and your window treatments without the fear of breaking your new shades. Find a style and color thats right for your home from the numerous choices to get your house looking unified and gorgeous today.

that is made from 7-gauge aluminum. The privacy mini blind is notched on the back of the blind as opposed to being routed like traditional mini blinds. This means that you get better light control and more privacy. Check out our 1 privacy mini blind below. All of our aluminum metallic venetian mini blinds come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Unique Metallic colors you wont find anywhere else

Attractive double slat valance included

* Production lead times are only an estimate and does not apply to any colors that are out of stock. Production begins the following business day after ordering. Please allow additional time for shipping.