Square Bubble Heatmap Chart

!!! What has the Bison been eating lately. Frankly .. I dont really have a name for this chart. It is a bubble chart. The bubbles are square. And its a heatmap. So Ill call it a Square Bubble Heatmap Chart or better still, S.B.H.C. for short 😎 .

Now let us assume for a moment that you are the owner of a multi-store food chain. You had four stores and all were doing rather well under your able leadership lately. The employees are well fed and are quite happy with the generous ESOPs and the year-end bonus that you gave them. However, being the management, you would love to track the performance of key products across the stores. Heres how the performance looked like at the end of the year.

You would like to classify the stores and products in to three categories

1. The ones with a growth rate of less than 3% per year (Low Growth).

2. The second ones with a growth rate of greater than 3% but less than or equal to 7% per year (Average Growth).

3. And finally the steller performers with growth rates in excess of 7% (High Growth).

Lets convert the data set into the three categories as mentioned above.

If you look at the above table, you will see that the last three columns contain values from the Size Column based on the growth rate. If the growth rate is less than the first threshold (3%) then the first of the last three columns would contain the size and the other two would remain zero. The middle column would contain the size value when the growth rate is more than 3% but less than or equal to 7%. The last column would contain a values only if the growth rate is more than the threshold (7%) in this case.

You could pick up the bar charts and the lines to represent this data but then they have been used so often (and so mercilessly) that nearly half of the office (and the German Shepherd at the gate) could do it by now. So you decide to blow bubbles. Heres the first bubble (chart).

The corresponding series look something like this.

Now in order to make the bubbles into squares, all you need to do is draw a few auto shapes and color them. Ive picked up squares but there are a ton of other shapes available for use. Select the Insert tab from the ribbon (or the Autoshapes button from the Drawing toolbar) and create your own custom shapes. Once you have the custom shapes ready, copy them one by one and paste over the corresponding series. In our case, we pasted the Red ones over the Low growth series, the Grey ones over the Averages and the Green ones over the High. heres how the chart looks like now.

The first thing to do when you are tying to add labels to the chart is to ensure that they line up with the bubbles correctly. The store names should be aligned to the X-Axis and above each column and the product names along the Y-axis and to the left of each series. Heres the table that does the trick for us.

Now one by one add each of these data points to the bubble chart shown above. Shown below is the chart when the first three data points have been added to it.

And heres how it looks when all are done.

Lets turn on the chart labels. Right click the points and select Format Data Series ->

Data Labels and check Series Name. The labels for the horizontal series are aligned towards left and the ones for the vertical series are aligned towards top.

Once this is done, adjust the scales so that they start from 0 and end at the last category. This is more like sizing the chart so that the plot area shows only the intended categories and nothing else.

Now remove the extra entries (the ones that we used for the labels) from the legend by placing two slow clicks on each one and pressing the delete key.

The final step is to make the additional (label) plot markers disappear. Adjust the plot area so that the labels do not overlap any of the bubbles or the grid lines. Heres the final S.B.H.C. 🙂

You can experiment with other color combinations as well.

You can download a sample worksheet containing thesquare bubble heatmap charthere or click on the button below:

(Note: This doesnt seem to work too well in Excel 2007 and later.)

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Comments and TrackbacksFabricewrote:

In my version of S.B.H.C, I aligned the squares in the bottom left corner of a cell as their diagonal is longer than a side. Circles however are centered in the cell as the have identical radius in all directions

Bonavista had a related post on their blog.

@Fabrice Cool. They look neat. Since bubbles are centered by default and this approach uses pseudo bubbles, the centering problem doesnt arise here.

@Fabrice I tried creating a horizontal bar chart and got An error occurred : 13 Type mismatch error. I also got the Application-defined or object defined error when I tried the vertical bar chart. What could I be doing wrong?

You cannot imagine how much I love your blog and suggestions. I was so sick of the usual charts and this is just awesome!

@mickey Thanks. My thoughts exactly !

This is so spectacular. It makes my boring data look like a Piet Mondrian art piece!

Too bad this doesnt seem to work in 07

Hey, after I posted my message I found this for Excel 07 and later users.

Thank you for all your efforts Make a life a lot more easy and I love the results and yes, everytime someone compliments me, I refer them to you!

superb chart, I like the squares best.

1. is there a workaround for changing the shape of bubbles in Excel 2007+ yet?

Any pictures for the filling in round buttons get distorted. 🙁

2. is there a way to format colours according to continuous color scales, like e.g. the preset ones in conditional cell-formatting?

I think I saw this in surface charts, were high values were intense green and low values were intense red. Maybe these werent made in excel

Thank you for any answers and best regards

Bit ridiculous copy/pasting actual graphic shapes onto the chart. Makes the whole thing so manual, you might as well just draw the graph manually anyway, no real need for the graph object.

In the field of artificial intelligence, the Square Bubble Heatmap Chart is called the Hinton diagram, named after Geoffrey Hinton, the guy who developed the deep learning technology.

[] to something like 409 pixels in Excel 2010). (Apparently the same treatment is meted out to a few other charts as []

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Stacked Column Chart: Display Legend Labels within Column Areas

Stacked Column Chart: Display Legend Labels within Column Areas

Im preparing a Stacked Column Chart that shows Territories on the X-axis, and Sales amount on the Y-Axis. Instead of seeing product labels in the legend, I would like them to appear in the Column Areas (see attached workbook).

Right click on the data Series, Select Data Labels then Series Name.

But when I right-click the data series, I get these options:

Even with Excel2000, if you click in the bar and get the square in the centre, then rightclick and select format data series, you should get a dialog box with Data Labels on it.

as one of the tabs. When I select it I do not get the

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Valentine Printable Bubbs

Valentines day always bring me back to my elementary school days. I remember each year the teacher would set aside a special time during class to decorate a bag or box that we would be able to take all of our little treats home in. I had so much fun making these printables and thought maybe you would enjoy them too! All you need to do is print it, cut the labels out and tape down a small bottle of bubbles! I got my bubbles at the Dollar General for only $1! 🙂 To print these valentine labels just click on the link below the picture! Enjoy!

For more Valentines Day inspiration check out these posts:

Katie is a Christian, wife and mother to two little boys and one little girl. She is a mommy blogger who loves crafting, diy projects for the home, cooking, and baking for her family. She enjoys making her house a home and encouraging other Mommas in the crazy and blessed life of motherhood!

Mommies like you who make these adorable little printables and share them with mommies like me are awesome! Thank you SO much!

Somebody essentially help to maake severely articles Id state.

That is the first time I frequented your website page and

to this point? I surprised with the analysis you made to make this actual post incredible.

Hello, Your ideas about valentines day is appreciable. Thanks for sharing with us.

This is so cute! I have a niece who would LOVE this for Valentines Day! Pinning right now 🙂

really very useful for me and my family . Thanks i will print it somefrom them .

Really nice post and a good DIY idea. Would make few bubbles for my girls too! 🙂

Thank you!! I love this and Im sure the kids will love them more! Happy valentines❤

Hi Katie, your ideas are wonderful. I am sure that my kid would love these. Thanks for sharing!

This is such a cute idea! Thanks for posting, I plan on doing something like this with my jr girls church group. 🙂

Loving these fabulous ideas!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I have pinned and will join the party as well 🙂 Warmest, Nic

Thanks so much for the great free print out! Im going to be making these to deliver at a local childrens hospital for Valentines day. Its such a sweet and fun idea!

These are just darling! I cant wait to send these to school with my kindergartener! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi, Katie! This is such a great idea! Id love to include it in my printable Valentine roundup on One Creative Mommy this week. Would that be okay? I would use one image with a link to your site.

I would love that Heidi! Thank you so much!

Well, this is just PRECIOUS! Thank you for such an easy printable. I believe weve found Davs preschool V-Days!!!

Aww! Im so glad he can use them! Thanks Stephany!

Thanks for sharing the cute printable! These are adorable and I cant wait to buy some bubbles to make these valentines.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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Free Printable Summer BubblWrappers

Pop!  Summer has arrived and we are bursting to get started with our vacation fun.  The school year felt long this year with Little Bug being in school five days a week.  So, we are ready for a few months of sleeping in, lazy daysdrinking lemonadeand relaxing evenings cooking out.

One of our favorite activities to do in the longer evening daylight is chasing bubbles in the backyard.  Ever since Little Bug mastered bubble blowing last summer, it has been all about the bubbles around here.  We even got our bubble machine rolling this year.  I was so excited to discover that its portable.  Nothing like bringing your own bubbles to the playground!

To celebrate the end of the school year, I created these free printable summer bubble wrappers to adorn your bubble bottles.  The label says Hope your summer POPS!.  Its a nice way to wish your childs friends a wonderful summer vacation.  And who doesnt like bubbles?

To make your bubble wrappers, print out the design on a full sheet of regular label paper.  Cut out each label individually.  Remove the wrapper on your bubble bottle and attach the new bubble label.  My quick tip for finding really cheap bubble bottles is to check your local dollar store.  I snagged mine for 3 for a dollar making it a wonderfully priced gift.  Check out our bubble wrapper tutorial for more detailed instructions on making your bubble wraps.

These free printable summer bubble wrappers are also perfect for end of the year class parties, summer party favors or gifts for your neighbors.  If you are planning a Fourth of July celebration, be sure to check out ourFourth of July bubble wrapperscomplete with bursting patriotic fireworks.

You can download your free printable summer bubble wrappers here.

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Free Printable 4th of July Bubble Wrapper

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