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Check out some of these cool bubble letters below that were created using our bubble generator!

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Free Superhero Word Bubble Printable

I have great news for you. My free superhero word bubble printable that you have been waiting for is now available. After getting mySuperhero Party PostandSuperhero Party Food Postlive, Ive already had a couple request for these printables, so I figured I should get on it and make them available to the masses. I hope you saw myinvitation idea with printableas well. I still have a couple more posts to get live to help you plan your own superhero party, but I think this one today will be extremely helpful. When I was searching for superhero word bubbles, I only found ones available for purchase. I dont like to do that to you. Youve been my loyal audience, and I want to bring things to you for free. Now, some may call this stupid. Perhaps Im not as much of an entrepreneur as I could be. However, I appreciate you. I appreciate you spending some time in my little piece of the web. I want to bring you these things to make life easier for you. So, today I bring you two printables. If you want to spread the love, I always appreciate you spreading the love by pinning this to Pinterest or sharing it on your own social media networks. That would be enough payment for me. I also invite you to visit my amazingsuperhero paper plate mask craft with free printable.

Thefirst printable is a set of 6large word bubbles highlighting the words bam, pop, pow, splat, zap and wham. I used them for the centerpiece of our superhero party table. I bought Dollar Tree Vases and used skewers. I just taped these to the skewer and to the vase so they would stand up straight.

Thesecond printable is the word POP!that is at the the appropriate size for the popcorn containers I got fromParty City. We loved having these treats on the food table.

I just cut these POP! superhero word bubbles and used double stick tape to stick them to the popcorn containers.

My talented husband was the one who created these superhero word bubbles, and I am so appreciative of his hard work and talents. This blog seriously wouldnt be possible without him.

* Affiliate links provided for your convenience. Anything you purchase through these links helps to support Meaningful Mama and the free resources I provide. Thank you for choosing to support us.

There are some other great resources for parties that highlight the superhero word bubbles. I wanted to provide you with some of the products I found.

If you loved the word bubble superhero printable, I think you will love the free printable I made so you can make your own superhero paper plate masks.Check out the post here.print

Filed Under:PartiesUncategorizedTagged:Birthdaysfree downloadfree downloadsprintablesuperherosuperhero partysuperhero party ideassuperhero party printablessuperhero word bubblessupremo wordsword bubbles

These are awesome! I might have to use them this weekend. Thanks so much!

Youre welcome. You can thank my talented husband. Do you have a superhero party this weekend?

Thank you, these are perfect as we are playing a super hero theme baby shower in july. i will also put them on the popcorn boxes and will use as table decorations.

thank you for making this available, it is very appreciated.

Im so glad this is helpful. I hope your baby shower goes really well. Thank you so much for letting me know its going to good use. It makes the effort to make them worth it.

Ill be using the words for VBS in June.

Yay! So fun that it will be used for VBS. Wow! You are on top of things! Blessings!

I love your ideas! My son is turning 5 in April. thanks for all the great ideas. Would you be able to tell me how you did your back drops? they are adorable.

Hey Trish, I am actually in the process of writing a post about this at my site. Ill try and remember to email when I get it up. Please check back on my site though since sometimes my brain forgets details like this. I have had so many Valentines posts I have wanted to et up that I have my cake tutorial and backdrop tutorial for the party in the works and havent been able to post it yet. Soon Soon! Thanks.

I love your super hero ideas! Doing a super hero theme for Relay for Life, American cancer society this year and was trying to print your word bubbles. The page with the word Pop printed easily but I cant seem to print the 1st set of words. Is there a trick? Can you help!

Im so glad these will be used for Relay for Life. What an amazing charity with fabulous purpose. That makes me happythat is, if we can get them to print for you. Im really not sure how to direct you. I just tried to click on the link, download them and print, and it did work. I am going to try and give you the link again here: Does it pull up when you try and click on that link or the one on the blog? I am wondering if you see the PDF. If so, did you try and download it after that? Im trying to figure out what step isnt working for you so I can better help. Let me know.

I cant get the printable downloaded can you re send it?

Sorry you are having issues? Does this link work for you? It opens fine for me: Thanks, Jodi!

Hi I am also trying to print the word art as i am doing a relay for life superhero theme as well in a month i received an error when trying to connect to the link.

I am so confused by that. I am able to connect fine and download completely. HmmIll add the link here: Let me know if that works for you. If it doesnt, Ill try and send the PDF straight to your email account.

Thank you to you and your talented husband!! These printables are awesome and so are you for offering them for free!

You are so welcome. Thanks for commenting. Im really glad they were helpful!

I needed some printables like yours for Teachers Appreciation Week!

It is so good to hear theyre being used. Im so glad it was helpful. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

hello! these word bubbles are exactly what I need for my sons birthday they are gorgeous! however when I try to download them its says the link has been disabled??? please help. thank you so much!

Im so sorry you were having troubles. Ive tried to fix the link. It should be working now. If it is not, please let me know. Thanks so much!

HI I love your ideas! my son is having his 6th birthday soon and I wanted to print the pop printables but the link states to contact owner because it is disabled. Could you please send me a corrected link? Thank you!!!

Yes So sorry There has been an issue with dropbox. I have to re-do all of my links, and I havent had the time. Here ya go: fixed the link too. Thanks for the heads up!

These would be great for the upcoming I am helping decorate for, but I am unable to print them out. Can you just send me a PDF format? I absolutely love these for a suprhero theme

This should be fixed within the post now. Dropbox was having some issues, and I have to now fix all of my links. Does this work? This should work: let me know if you have any more issues.

thank you so much!!! The link worked! I cant wait to use these for my sons birthday at the end of the month!

Thanks so much for these! We used some on our Grandpas super Grandpa birthday cake. Very cute and fun!

Im glad theyre going to good use. I hope your super grandpa has a super birthday!

Thanks so much for your post I found it when I was searching for centerpieces for our Relay for Life in Boone County, IL. Our theme this year is superheroes, and these will work great as centerpieces at the Survivor Dinner. I only have a black and white printer, but I;m going to print them out on colored card stock and hang them around our Track as well. I love reading your posts and keep up the great ideas, Im sure to be picking your brain or your site again.

How fabulous to hear it is going to such a great cause. Thank you so much for letting me know. That brings joy to my heart.

Jodi I love your ideas, i will be having my sons 5th birthday party soon and your printables would work great. however, the links arent working for me. could you provide the link again?

Im so sorry. I have been having issues with dropbox. Hopefully this link works for you: If not, let me know. Ill figure out another way. Heres the link to the popcorn one too:

Thank you very much for providing the link. I did find out that i wasnt able to access the link through the computer, but i was able to download the file on my phone. that might be good information when troubleshooting the issue with dropbox.

Thanks for that info. I need to talk to my husband (my tech help) about how to provide things outside dropbox.

I am super excited to use the superhero word bubbles you and your husband created for my sons 5th birthday party, and thanks so much for making them available for free!!! However, I am having trouble getting all of the word bubbles to download. When I click on any of the links you have provided through dropbox, I am able to download the BAM and WHAM but those are the only two that I can see. Am I missing something? Thank you again for these awesome ideas!

Ugh so sorry. Im just having major issues with drop box. Im going to try and find another way to share publicly, but in the mean time see if this works. Please let me know:

This link worked great! Thanks so much!!!

Fabulous! Thanks for letting me know.

This party is adorable! Thank you for sharing this printable. I used it to wrap gifts when my daughter attended a superhero party recently. You can read about it here:

I found it through Pinterest thanks again for sharing!

Thanks so much! I love how you used them. Thank you so much for linking back to my printables!!

Thanks soooo much for this prints, my son is turning 6 next week and i was going crazy trying to do something similar, this made my life so much easierthanks thanks a lot

Your welcome. Im so glad they are going to good use. Thanks for letting me know, and happy birthday to your son.

THANK YOU for sharing these word bubbles! these are exactly what I need!!!!! Bless you!

Im so glad these were helpful. I hope youll be back for more resources. I really want to be creating content that helps moms.

Thank you so much for the printables. I have printed them, cut out and laminated to be stuck on the wall in my boys new Hero-themed games room (surprise Christmas present!) They look adorable and I know theyll be loved for many years to come. Thank you 🙂

I love hearing this. How fun to know how theyre being used. Thank you for checking in, and you are welcome. 🙂

Thank you for the printables! I just printed them and will use them in a couple of weeks.

Yay! So glad it went to good use. Enjoy, and thanks for letting me know.

I am having a Super Hero party and this was so helpful. I want to thank you so much. My popcorn boxes turned out FANTASTIC 🙂 Thanks bunches

So cool! Im so glad it was helpful. Thanks so much for letting me know. I hope its a great party.

Hi Jodi, Im planning to throw a baby shower with superhero theme for my best friend and the printable you share in this site is very helpful. Thank you so much for making this available.

Im so glad youve found this helpful. Thank you so much for letting me know its being used.

You dont even know How EXCITED I am to find these printables. I am planning a superhero party for my little boy who is turning 4 next month and was beginning to real at the amount it looked like I would have to spend to create something fun and amazing for him. I also noticed the different comments about issues with the dropbox, so I will try the different links or whatever when I get ready to print. Thank you for your amazing heart and desire to help other moms and parents.

I also read your About Me blurb and am so thrilled to know you Love our Lord. Before I ever read that I noticed the little box of Teaching children to Obey, which really caught my eye as I am feeling a little overwhelmed at times with my little one. There are moments that he is so sweet and cooperative, and then others that his defiant strong-willed flesh leaves me realing. I am excited to see what you have to share. I will definitely be coming back to your site for more than just a few free signs.

Thank you for figuring out this crazy techy stuff and being a positive voice.

Hello! Im so glad you are here and found this printable helpful. I think Ive go the link all sorted out, so I hope you had no issues. Im so glad you took time to read my about me section too. Its so great when some of these more fun posts connect me with like-minded people who will enjoy my more heart-felt content. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I can completely relate to the ups and downs you are expressing in parenthood. I try to make Meaningful Mama a real place where I am candid about those ups and downs. I hope its a community where we can all just relate to all that is involved in being a mom. I hope youll be around more! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry it took me a while to reply. Its been a busy month!

Thank you so much for the printables!! It has saved the day!!!

Yay! So glad to hear they were helpful!

Hi there! I am interested in using your word bubbles on a very big bulletin board. Is it possible for you to share the bubbles individually as JPEGs so that I can increase the size and print on large paper?

Sorry for the delaythe word bubbles would be blurry if I sent you JPEG files. The pdf can be printed at higher resolutions. Zoom into the area you want to print and then, when printing, select the option to print current view in Adobe Reader. Here are instructions for Reader X.

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing these for free!! They are going to be great accents to my sons Avenger party next month!

So cool. Im glad they are helping you out. I hope you have a great party!

Thank you for sharing all your tips!! they are great..!!!

You are welcome. 🙂 Thanks for being here. If you love the superhero printable, I bet you will love this one too:

Thank you for free printables! We are throwing my 3 year old son a superhero birthday party and these are going to come in handy. Thanks for the resources and other ideas as well!

So glad they are going to good use. Thanks so much for letting me know. Im always glad to help.

HEllo! Awesome site and so amazingly generous of you to provide these printables free!! What a legend. I love the POP popcorn page, but the boxes I have for the popcorn are green and white striped, so having the blue bit in red would really stand out well. Any idea if I can edit them?? Thanks heaps for your inspiration

Thank you so much. It is a PDF I made so editing them will not be possible, as is. Im pretty sure we have faced this before, and theres no easy solution. I wish I could be more help.

Meaningful mama i am using the leftover word bubble printables and going to mod podge them to my sons furniture.i need one that says shoes and another that says toys. Would you be able to give info so I can recreate or do you think your husband can make these?

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Im going to send a message to your email.

What a wonderful blog! Im a school teacher and just solved one of my hopes for this coming school year (our theme for the school relates to super heroes)! Thank you so very much!!

Im so glad to help! Fun to know theyll be used for your classroom. Blessings on all you do for those kids.

Yay! so glad I could help in your celebrations. Enjoy!

These are amazing! All links working question do you have the Superhero city scape available for download?

Thank so much. Unfortunately, I dont have the cityscape available. I hope all your planning goes well.

Jodi Thanks again for sharing your printable. You definitely made my nephews Batman birthday successful! I am having another super hero party and will re-use it again. Thanks again!

So great to hear. Thank you for letting me know of their use. It makes me so happy!

[] paper to make some wall decorations for pictures.  You could use this dark city idea and add some Free Superhero Printables for any superhero themed []

[] Free Superhero word bubble printables from One Meaningful Mama. []

[] and superhero words.   Thank goodness that we do not need to create it as we found it from this site.  This was such a fun party and Noah loved every minute of it!  Happy 3rd birthday, Batman []

[] word art from Meaningful Mama printed on cardstock (normally it prints 2 to a page but I printed all six on one page by selecting []

[] who were celebrating, so we needed two gifts.   Through a quick search on Pinterest, I found the Meaningful Mama and her awesome free superhero printable. (Her whole Superhero Party is []

[] Vignette a tema stampabili gratis []

[] add color and create even more of a comic book feel you can use these free Superhero word bubbles printables to make everything from a centerpiece to food []

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80+ free wedding printables a huge list of downloadablDIY weddg projects

Ok, first: do you have the ULTIMATE downloadable printable, theOffbeat Bride Checklist? If not, you should

There are hidden free wedding printables all over the web: downloadable wedding program templates, free DIY wedding invitation designs, patterns, fonts, fingerprint trees, and more. I stumble across them all the time while browsing blogs. But now Im attempting to compile a MEGA-SUPER-MONDO list of all kinds of free printables and downloadable templates for wedding DIY projects.

The thing is, this list isnt even close to being complete. Thats where you come in. If you know of any awesome free downloads that you used in your wedding and party planning, let me know in the comments and Ill add it. It will grow likeThe Bloband consume all our craft projects with it! Ahem well, you get the idea. But if you start to get overwhelmed and need a breakwe have a printable for that, too.

(Each picture links to its original source.)

Hey DIY-loving fiends: once upon a time, I went on a mad search for a ton of free wedding printables. Weve got another giant batch…Read more

Vintage postcard texturesfrom Bittbox

Free, high-resolution stock photographyat Morguefile

Lots of vintage clip artfrom Graphics Fairy

Invitation templatesfrom Download & Print

Retro and pin-up illustrationsfrom Far Far Hill

Bicycle thank-you cardsfrom The Sweetest Occasion

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsfrom Love vs. Design

Thank you for being my bridesmaid cards

Rustic chalkboard table numbersfrom Love vs. Design

Menu and table number templatefrom Ruffled Blog

Confetti Mad Libsfrom Love vs. Design

Halloween place cardsfrom Fantasy Jr.

Place cards for perforated card stockfrom Martha Stewart

Vintage-look paper placematsfrom The Pretty Blog

Pop-up ribbon award place cardsfrom Love vs. Design

Food allergy-specific place cardsfrom Marry This!

Ice breaker place cardsfrom Marry This!

Tons of mustachesfrom Catch My Party

Bowties, lips, and glassesfrom Sandy Anger Studios

Batman, hats, and glassesandkings, sunglasses, and copsfrom Oh Happy Day

Mardi Gras masksfrom Ellinee Journal

Superhero masks (PDF)from Ambrosia Girl

Photo booth signfrom Wedding Chicks

Totally free, totally rockinDIY vinyl record wedding invitationfrom Download & Print.

Decor patterns and paper craft templates

Striped flag buntingfrom Love vs. Design

Fabric bunting patternfrom Chickabug

Yay flagsfrom Offbeat Bride

Retro mini flagsfrom Love vs. Design

Just Married paper bannerfrom DIY Fanatic

Recipe cards from The Sweetest Occasion

Spooky spell book cover(that would make an awesome book for an officiant to hold!) from Chickabug

Vintage-look labels (PDF)from Ruche

Vintage-style admission ticketsfrom Miss Cutiepie

Cute recipe cardsfor a recipe guest book from The Sweetest Occasion

Letter banner cutoutsfrom This Mommy Loves

Superhero logo patternsfrom Sugar Tot Designs

Pirate flags for drinksfrom Paging Supermom

Customizable labels for jars and bottlesfrom The Idea Room

Faux chalkboard labelsandApothecary jar labelsfrom World Label

Paper straw flagsfrom Polka Dot Made

Ornate six-petal flowersfrom UCreate

Recyled paper flowersfrom How About Orange

Paper rose templatefrom Ellinee Journal

Paper flower backdrop garlandfrom Ellinee Journal

Paper rose templatefrom Martha Stewart

Needle-felted flower pinsfrom FaveCrafts

Tissue paper flowersfrom The Craftinomicon

Crepe paper daffodilsfrom Martha Stewart

Printable thank you jam labelsfrom Offbeat Bride

Vintage-look lunch bag printables(that would be super cute as favor or welcome bags) from Funkytime

Seed packet graphicsfrom Just Something I Made

Paper petal/confetti/rice conesfrom Scrapbooks Etc.

Made with Love jar labelsfrom eighteen25

Paper fortune cookiesfrom Kind Over Matter

Cootie catcher/fortune tellerfrom Skip to My Lou

Printable favor boxfrom I Still Love You

Paper bookmark gift tagfrom Simply Modern Mom

Bird bookmarksfrom How About Orange

DIY wedding program printablesfrom Minted

Colorful interactive program wheelsfrom Offbeat Bride

So youre going to sit through a wedding(funny wedding program) from Offbeat Bride

Tree personality type wedding programfrom Martha Stewart

Program booklet templatefrom Chica and Jo

Guest book posterfrom Love vs. Design

Wedding hankies templatefrom Eat Drink Chic

Guest book advice cardsfrom Marry This! (Alert: heteronormative!)

Ready for more? Check out some of these posts:

Weve got a whole archive FULL ofunique wedding programs. Here are a few of our faves:

See even morenontraditional wedding programs!

Did we miss any good ones? Link your favorite freebie printables in the comments!

You can add a note for the editor here.

Catherine Clark is Offbeat Brides Senior Editor. In her spare time she loiters at her local library, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur baby, and blogs .

I dont have a complete list of the best ones, but man alive are papercraft projects pretty much the most awesome way to have theme centerpieces, flower accents, decor really, anything you can think of for any type of interest, geekery, nerdy video games, whatever and yeah, they take a little time, but you can have a 4-foot World of Warcraft centerpieces for the cost of a piece of paper. (Plus they make AWESOME getting-to-know-you/bring the bridal party together activities)

HmmI wish the guest book advice cards didnt say Bride and Groom or would let users change that. Oh well. Nice idea.

We designed and used one of the free monograms from Wedding Chicks on our invites: They also have free invite suites, but the text on those wasnt customizable enough for my liking.

some great title page borders and assorted clip art from old books(shocker!) for free. thats where we found our save the date and rsvp card borders!

I love you right now for that MorgueFile link. Not as a bride (though I am one) but as an architecture student who has to frequently make posters and can never find high res photos to use!

Its a great resource. Youll run into selection issues sometimes, but you cant beat the price!

SO MUCH that is absolutely mega in just one post busy downloading some of the great fonts right now. THANK YOU!!!!!

How about cut-out dolls as a favour? We made scrolls tied up in ribbon as a favour for an 80th birthday party using Betty Boop. Went down a treat! Cant find the page we used but heres a link to LOADS of free paper doll downloads also

Here are a few that Ive done which included templates/access to artwork used.

Bat garland updated at

Silhouette candleholders

I always use this website when I want to do any vintage-y projects. She uses a lot of recycled paper and old books and such from thrift stores. Plus, she sent me supplies from her own crafting supplies to make my bridesmaids gifts.


She also provides downlaods for about 80% of her projects, so its a good site to checkout.

many wedding invitation printables for free. Downloaded my invitation from there. 🙂

Free wedding project printables. Not super offbeat but pretty, and customizeable. If nothing else, theyre free!

The wedding chicks invitation suites saved my procrastinating self. They are customizable but all the formatting is already done for you. I lucked out and they had one that fit with us and the feel of our wedding. I uploaded them to vistaprint on postcards and oversized postcards and they were super affordable and turned out perfect!

There is a site called they have bridal shower invites and wedding invtes, cards, games and activities and coloring pages, and lots lots more. im using this site for most of the paper projects in my wedding!

Hey! Thank so much for linking to my blog! You have an amazing list of stuff here and Im going to share it 😉

This website has really cute seed packets and an adorable label for really cute favors. (Its different from the one you already have.)

Thank you for sharing all the links!

I just stumbled upon a free open-sourced program that mirrors CorelDraw or PhotoShop:

(For those of us who would like to design our own templates)

Hello! Does anyone knows where I can find the damask patterned paper shown on the invitation on this link? I really need help because I cant find it

Catharine this is a fabulous resources & I will be blogging and pinning it like crazy!

Thanks for going to so much effort to collate and share it.

Unfortunately I discovered the AMAZING Wedding Chicks after I spent $60 on Save the Dates that I thought were OK, but I now use their products for 90% of my printable needs.

I fill out and download what I need, and its amazingly easy to open up the image in Microsoft Paint and edit the layout and colors. My invitations (which almost everyone loved) are a combination of 2 invitations, formatted to have the RSVP card attached at the bottom so that I could fold the card up and mail it without using an envelope. I didnt have to pay anything for my invites!

Hello, Just found this one. Very cute!

This is more for home decor, but Ive seen a lot of these displayed on the welcome table at Disney weddings! Disney Couples Printable:

This page would be really awesome if it said by the title if it was in fact free (e.g free download, free templates). Just a thought.

Printable wedding table games designs from Bride & Groom can even ask for your own colour!

This post is still one of my all time favorites even post wedding. Every time I need something printable (& free) I always come back to this post as a starting point in my search. Love it! It would cool to see a similar post on home & life for either holidays or just because home decor links 😀

This is just perfect for DIY wedding planning.

A brilliant post and everything in one place. My afternoon will now be spent going through all of these!

Wow, this is a fantastic collection! Thank you. Im going to have to spend some proper time going through all the links exciting!! 🙂

Well, I must say its too nice and highly useful as well.

These are lovely to watch and use for sure as well. I loved all the shares mentioned in the post very much and these can be used by several DIY lovable people for many purposed along with wedding.

Im looking for a guest photo book template for our wedding do you know where i can download one?

Originally from South America, alpacas are now raised on farms all over the world.

The Owl Library card link doesnt seem to work anymore. 🙁

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DIY Bubble Refill Station With Free PrintablSigns HomemadBubRecipe

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The snow has finally melted and my kids have been outside as much as possible. The grass inst green yet but the temperature has risen and they are loving it! One sure sign of Spring here is bubbles! What kid doesnt love blowing bubbles? We made our own DIY Bubble Refill Station complete with homemade bubbles and DIY bubble wands which took all of ten minutes to whip together. The kids had a blast! Do this for your kids and they will love it! Such an easy activity that is inexpensive and keeps them occupied.

I have even made thisfree bubble station printable signthat you can print off and attach to your bubble solution and bubble wand jar! Just click the link and print it oncardstock paper. Then cut out each sign and use tape to attach them to the jars. I used a drink dispenser jar for the bubbles and a mason jar for the wands.

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Next youll need some excited kids! All four of mine were thrilled to go outside and play with the homemade bubbles! They were all decked out in their new duds from the Gymboree Hop N Roll collection! Arent they adorable? I love the Gymboree so when I saw their new line of play friendly kids clothes I had to get some for my kids. The prices are fantastic so it was easy to outfit all of them without breaking the bank!

Next make up a batch of homemade bubble solution (recipe below) using water, dish soap and corn syrup. Then use pipe cleaners and twist them into a circle on top with a wand shape for blowing bubbles.

Then let the kids fill up plastic cups with the bubble solution, grab a wand and start blowing bubbles!!

I love watching them enjoy playtime outside!

From playdates to picnics in the park,is proud to help dress the cutest kids in the sandbox.

I absolutely loveGymborees Hop N Rollline of mix and match outfits. It allows me to give Danika the freedom to choose her outfits while still looking put together! They are comfortable enough to play in too!

Check outGymborees new Hop N Roll collectionand then dont forget to print off thefree bubble station signand make some bubbles for the kids! Grab the homemade bubble recipe below or pin it for later!

Put in cups or a dispensing jar and start blowing bubbles!

Make your own bubble wands by twisting pipe cleaners into a wand shape with a circle on top.

What a great idea! I never thought of using pipe cleaners for bubbles. I love that you can throw them out when youre finished. Our bubble wand always gets all filthy from being dropped and then my daughter puts it back in the bottle. Cant wait to try this!

Oh how fun! I will have to do this for my daughters birthday party next month. She will love it.

Its definitely a great idea for a party!

I never thought of using pipe cleaners to blow bubbles. This is a great idea!

My kids LOVE bubbles. And now with these printable signs, the kids will have fun labeling their bubbles as well. Thank you for these!!

Youre welcome! Time to get to blowing those bubbles!!

What a great idea!!! This is perfect for those days that kids spend a lot of time outside! My kids would love this!

What a great idea for bubbles. I love that they can get their own.

And those clothes are adorable. I need to check out this line.

Ah you just brought back wonderful memories of my childhood, we used to love playing bubbles and I can not remember if we ever bought any as mum always made them for us. Your kids look so cute and adorable

Homemade bubbles are the best kind! Thanks for the sweet comment.

This idea is brilliant! I wish I had thought to use this when my son was little and we had bubble solutions EVERYWHERE!!

I remember when we were kids, we used gumamela flower and detergent soap to make bubbles. Its much easier now and it would really be fun for kids.

I used to be so addicted to blowing bubbles as a kid. I remember trying to fill my backyard with bubbles haha. Brings back good memories. 🙂

Those sound like the BEST kind of memories!

Oh man there is nothing as annoying as those bubbles spilling all over the place. This is an epic idea.

Lol necessity is the mother of invention!

I love this. So simple yet something the kids will always rememeber. I like the idea of using pipecleaners too. and the refil station is just brilliant!

My kids love the refill station and I love that it helps them help themselves!

This is a fantastic idea with the refill and the piper cleaners for the bubble wands. I never heard of using corn syrup in the bubbles so I will have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, the corn syrup makes them stronger so you get bigger bubbles!

I really like gymborees girls clothes that she is modeling. so colorful and cheerful!

Yes, I am loving the bright colors this season!

My kids and I love playing outside with bubbles! This is such a great idea and would definitely be great for the budget.

Yes, it is definitely an inexpensive activity for the kiddos!

The recipe for bubble solution I know of, is similar but uses 4 oz of Glycerine instead of corn syrup. It extends the life of the bubble before popping, probably the same thing corn syrup does but less likely to attract bugs IMO.

What a fun idea! Your kids are too cute! Looks like they had blast with the bubbles.

Bubbles are always fun. Not having to refill bottles all day makes it even better.

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