Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a great way to upgrade your boats instrument panel. While we do not manufacture custom boat dash panels, we can provide you with the material you need to make your own dash panel if your current panel is completely flat and contains no curves.

If your dash panel has any curves at all, youll want to contact a company that makes custom carbon fiber dash panels like Livorsi Marine at Our products cant be applied to curved surfaces theyre flat, cured sheets and cannot be heated and reshaped. If applied to a curve, theyll resist and pop off.

If you have a flat dash panel, here are some guidelines for choosing the right material for your project:

If youd like to place carbon fiber on top of an existing dash panel, we recommend a .5mm thickness. This is a veneer with the thickness of heavy cardstock paper. It can be applied with contact cement, laminate adhesive, a 2-part epoxy, or our 3M adhesive and cut to size with sharp scissors or a sharp knife. Lightly sand the edges with fine grit sandpaper and youre good to go.

If youre completely replacing a dash panel and need a piece that will support gauges, we recommend buying a panel 2.4mm thick. Cutting this material to size requires a dremel tool. If youd like us to cut it for you, youll need to provide us with a computerized or CAD drawing of the cuts needed (a .dwg or .dxf file.) To obtain one, do a search for 3D Scanning Services in your area.

Everybody likes the high gloss finish of carbon but its important to keep in mind that our out-of-the-box gloss finish can be easily scratched. Theres one way around this apply your own automotive clearcoat prior to installation. Multiple coats are best. This will allow your investment to last longer and resist wear and tear.

The satin finish has an opaque glow its a more understated look. Its much less vulnerable to scratching and wont reflect the glare of the sun as gloss finish can. We dont recommend applying a clear-coat to this material.

Cant decide? Go over to our store and order some samples to get a better idea of what will work for you. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions at .

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