Cheapest Prices for High Quality Custom Vinyl Stickers – STICKER GUY

Since 1993, the Sticker Guy has been stickin it to The Man with


Get a stack of 250 for as little as $18 BUCKS!!

Get a stack of 250 for as little as $27 BUCKS!

Choose your shape & colors! Starting at around $150 for 500 stickers, custom inks & specialty vinyls become available to you. Die cutting into circles, ovals, and special shapes starts at $75 additional.

Got a full color design? For as low as $20*, you can get as few as just one sticker made , cut into any shape!

Printed on paper, for indoor use. Delivered on a roll, easy to peel & apply (for human or machine).  Your choice of paper & ink colors.  Minimum order 500 (for as low as $55)

Click to download our classic pricelist, which shows pricing for B&W, R&B, and BULK orders in our standard sizes.