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How cute are these itty bitty colored bottles?  The pretty colors screamed summer to me, and one of my favorite summer activities to do with my kids is to blow bubbles.  So I put the two thoughts together and made these adorable DIY bubbles for custom party favors!

Since these are glass bottles, these DIY bubbles are not really appropriate to use with young kids, but they would be beautiful as favors or table decor for an outdoor wedding or maybe even a sweet 16 party.

The bubble wands are easy to make, and while I opted for a heart shape, you could make other designs, too.  Heres how:

Step one:Place the plastic pegs in the Thing-A-Ma-JIG as pictured.  Cut a 15 inch length of craft wire, and loop it around the pegs to make a heart shape.  Start with a loop in the center, go up and to the left, down to the bottom of the heart, up to the right, then loop again in the center.

Twist the ends of the wire together to make a rope-like handle, and clip off the excess.

Insert the handle into the cork by gently twisting it in.  If you have trouble inserting the wire, make a small hole first.

Step three:Make sure the heart fits in the bottle.  You may need to make it narrower so you can insert and remove the bubble wand easily.  Fill the DIY bubbles bottle with bubble solution.

If you want to embellish the cork, use Mod Melts to make a pretty flower or button end cap.  (I have a detailed tutorial on how to use Mod Melts.)  You can press the cork end into the hot glue and let it cool, or glue the cooled Mod Melt embellishment onto the cork.  I decorated my caps with glitter paint.

I used some craft paper and a bit of twine to add a little tag to my adorable DIY bubbles.  The tags could be inscribed with a name, Thanks for Coming, a date, or any other message.

I tested the bubble wands out and yes, they work!  Your party guests can have fun blowing bubbles, taking fun pictures with these as a photo prop, or just taking them home as a cool party favor.  How would you use your custom made bubble bottle?

Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at . Morena is a stay at home mom to four young children, and crafting is what helps her maintain her sanity. Its a wonderful outlet and its how she gets her me time. In a past life, Morena was an elementary school teacher and an assistant principal. She misses teaching, so her blog is in a sense a virtual classroom. Swing by and check out Morenas Corner!

I love these! What a fantastic idea. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

I can see them as a party favor.birthday, wedding or baby shower. As of right this moment the only supply I dont have is the bottles.

[] DIY BUBBLE FAVORS CRAFTS UNLEASHED: You can personalize these favors for any occasion, from birthday parties to weddings! []

[] See a tutorial for making bubble jars. []

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Crafty Fridays How to Make Custom Water Bottle Labels

Those are the water bottles for our daughters2nd birthday party. Cute, huh? And we made them ourselves. Oh, how I do lovePinterest!

We designed the labels in Inkscape, afreeopen source vector graphics program thats similar to Illustrator, and printed them on 80lb white cardstock. Then I used a paper cutter to cut the labels apart and clear packing tape to stick them onto the bottle.

And that was it.(Note: If youre interested in the files for these exact water labels, they are available with the other Cat in the Hat Party printables you can findmore information here.)

The upside: Besides being totally cute and completely customizable to match any partys theme? They werent really labor- or time-intensive. By the time I decided to do water bottle labels, the decorations for the rest of the party were done so I easily converted one of the other pieces into a water bottle label.

The downside: If you use your home printer, the ink on the labels will not stand up to condensation. If youre going to ice down your fancy-labeled water bottles, youll either want to have your files printed professionally (or, um, maybe pay a visit to that lonely printer up on the 4th floor that no one ever uses) or use already-designed paper (like scrapbooking stock).

Custom labels or decorative paper, cut to 8.5 inches x 1.75 inches wide (double-check the circumference of your water bottle to make sure 8.5 inches will suffice)

Water bottles, labels removed (I used store-brand 16.9 oz bottles)

Unroll a long strip of tape on your work surface. (I left the tape connected to the roll at this point but you could go ahead and cut it to 9.5 inches if you have a ruler handy.)

Leaving ~1/2-inch of tape at the end, carefully center your label across the 2-inch width of the packing tape and press into place. Lightly rub the back of the label to remove any air bubbles.

Leave ~1/2-inch of tape on each side of the label and then cut the tape.

Place the label onto the bottle I lined up the top of the label with the first groove on the water bottle and smooth. The ends of the label will slightly overlap.

Inspired by:Glorious TreatsviaPinterest.

Thanks for the tutorital! I might use this for my wedding!

Thanks for posting this! Im thinking of having a Tangled party for my daughters 9th birthday and these would be perfect in pink and purple! Maybe with little lanterns And Im glad to see someone actually USES the things found on Pinterest! Mine is more of a collection that I still havent gotten around to trying

What a fun idea for any party! Ill definitely remember this next time I have a party that goes late Everyone enjoys plenty of cocktails but at the end of the night water bottles would be so appreciated Im sure! Thanks Shawnda.

So cute and simple! Ill have to remember this come summer time.

These look so great! I never would have guessed that you used clear tape. When I made custom water bottle lables for a friends shower, I bought sticker paper, which worked really well, but I like your idea too!

This is such a cute idea! Who knew it would be so easy?!

Such a super idea!! Created Hello Kitty labels for daughters birthday party this past Saturday and they were loved by all. Thank you

Are you able to place the water bottles in cooler with ice without damaging the labels?

Awesome! I love this, Ive been trying to get custom ones from Ebay and looking for quotes, but this is a fantastic idea! and soo much cheaper! Thanks!

how do you use the inkscape website?

Just a thoughtusing the tape on both sides will seal in the paper protecting it.

How do you create this document in inkscape?

Yes, how do you make them using inkscape?

I didnt get any screenshots while doing it, but the quick dirty version: you create a rectangle the size that you want your water bottle label, fill it with the color you want, and then you build the individual components (circles, smaller rectangles for stripes, etc) and place them in the rectangle (after you make the first circle/stripe and get it where you want, View Grid, copy and paste-in-place, and then move it with the arrow keys. And you just build from there. Helps if you have some time to mess with Inkscape to learn where things are. It has TONS of features but I only use a very small fraction of them for the projects I do.

Hi, I ran across a few pins on custom water bottle labels on pinterest. I followed your tutorial to make some of my own for a small workshop Im putting together for my 4H Photography kids. This was just the touch to make the event special and at very little cost. thank you for your great idea.

Couldnt you put clear duct tape on the back as well as the front to keep the ink from running?

This site rocks thePearsonifiedSkin forThesis.

10 Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

Taking a bath is so relaxing and wonderful for the body and mind. But a bubble bath? That is next level awesomeness! The kids love it, you love it, so theres no reason why you shouldnt include it in your weekly/monthly/whenever you can routine. Like all things around the house, we like to make our own bubbles. And this is how you can make your own!

1.Honey vanilla bubble bath. Vanilla is a very relaxing scent that also stirs up feelings of intimacy. Valentines Day, anyone?

2.How to make a bubble bath at home. This recipe from Kittenhood mixes basic ingredients like honey andorange essential oil, but the secret to getting the bubbles lies in the egg white.

3.DIY natural bubble bath. Try this recipe from Paula Parrish uses glycerin for big bubbles andlavender essential oilfor a calming effect.

4.Homemade honey bubble bath. Live Laugh Rowes recipe for honey bubble bath comes with pretty printable labels!

5.Calming homemade bubble bath. Made with essential oils, this recipe is calming and perfect for little ones to have before bed.

6.Calming lavender bubble bath. This bubble bath from Our Holly Days is made with moisturizing coconut oil, bubbly vegetable glycerin and calming drops oflavender essentials oils.

7.Make your own homemade bubble bath. Our favorite thing about this recipe from Make and Takes is the container: an olive oil dispenser! It keeps well, makes it easy to pour and it looks nice!

8.Calming homemade bubble bath for kids. Theres no child that can resist a bubble bath, is there? Try this recipe from Dwelling Happiness right before sleepy time.

9.Bubbling bath salts. A 2 in 1 bath product thats a bath salt as well as a bubble bath. Get the recipe on The Idea Room.

10.Relaxing bubbly bath soak. Made withEpsom salt, peppermint and chamomile tea, this bath soak is relaxing it looks absolutely lovely.

I was more than happy to discover this site.

I want to to thank you for your time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely savored every part of it and I have you bookmarked to look at new information on your site.

Hi, do you know of any suitable preservative that would make the egg-white based bubble bath less perishable? Would lavender oil and citric acid do it?

I know this is late, but theres nothing you can do about the egg whites. They simply *are* perishable. You just need to keep and bubble bath that uses egg whites in the fridge.

Oh I love these projects. It seems like such a great idea to make a bubble bath yourself instead of buying stuff. This way you can add whatever you like. Love it.

I love this idea! If it has honey in the name, Im always in. Thank you for the great idea for myself and gifts for the girls!

This is such a wonderful post! I think I am going to try the bubble bat salt first. Or maybe the calming lavender, it seems a bit easier.

Thanks for this! Its really helpful and will be a good reference for later. I am a high stress person who retreats to bubble baths. And doing a natural DIY mix versus my $16 bottle of natural stuff from the store down the street in Brooklyn would be awesome!

Love from lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog

I loved it, Im going to apply some of these tips in the bath, I loved this post.

I love this! Its a reminder to take some time out of the day to hit the refresh button.

Oh the lavender one must be amazing!!! Im going to have to try that one day!! =)

I definitely need to do this. I already make my own scrubs and stuff, so this is definitely a step up.

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Homemade Bubble Bath

Who doesnt enjoy a homemade gift or two?  I recently saw a foaming bath soap on Paula Deens website and did a little tweaking to bring thisrecipe to you.  Have you ever made a bubble bath?  This was the first time for me and Im excited as to how well it turned out.   So, what do you say? Lets make some

1/2 cup hand soap or shampoo (preferably unscented)

In a bowl, add the oil and stir in the remaining ingredients until well blended.  Pour mixture into plastic squeezable bottle.  Be sure to shake before us, as ingredients will separate and settle a bit in the bottle.

A couple of things to note.  I hunted for unscented shampoo and hand soap, but had a difficult time finding it.  So, I found a Honey Vanilla hand wash and it worked perfectly, complimenting the current ingredients.    I usedhomemade vanilla extract, courtesy of Tidy Mom.  Myplastic bottlesmeasure 2 in diameter and 6-1/2 in height (purchased atThe Container Store).  The bubble bath smells delightful and your skin will feel moisturized after you soak in the bath relaxing!

If youd like to  dress up your homemade bubble bath before gifting, head on over to the World Label blog where Im sharing theFREE Honey Bubble Bath printable labels!

Visit with WorldLabel to download theHoney Bubble Bath labels.

I hope youre feeling relaxed just thinking about this fabulous bubble bath I have my bath water running as we speak! giggle.

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Filed Under:DIY ProjectsTagged With:bubble bathhomemadehomemade gifts

A DIY fanatic, Kelly shares her journey through her blog, Live Laugh Rowe, where she showcases her recipes, tutorials, crafts, home projects, and all things DIY. This East Coast Girl at heart believes family is number one as she finds the perfect balance of being a daughter, wife, sister, entrepreneur, writer and woman of God. Be sure to follow along as she shares her passion for life, love and family!Google+

Love, love, love this. I cant wait to try it!! Thanks for the tutorial and recipe!

My son loves bubble bath, I should definitely try to make him one!

You know I love me some bee stuff. 😉 Love this Kelly!

Sounds divine!!! Pinning and adding to my BufferApp now to share!! Great idea! xoxo

Love it Kelly- I love soaking my feet in the summer months. This will be perfect.

What a fun (and beautiful!) homemade product, would be super fun to gift to girlfriends!!

Has anyone tried this with something like Dr. Bonners Liquid Castile soap (unscented)?

I made a lavender bubble bath with Bonners last year. It doesnt suds enough.

Avon makes an unscented bubblebath. If you dont know a local Avon Lady, you can order online.

LOVE my bubble baths! Ive made bath salts before but never tried bubble bath. Can you think of any other flavors that would work besides honey?

Oh I love this idea 🙂 Im always wanting to try new things. You think you could add sugar to make it a scrub?

I need to make this we have a HUGE tub in the new house!! I bet it smells amazing!!

amazing! I cant believe how easy it was 🙂

Great idea, Kelly! The first thing I do when Im visiting my folks in the US is schedule in some tub time. Here in Costa Rica showers dominate, but thankfully I do have a friend whos invited me over a couple of times during this pregnancy to enjoy the bliss of her tub. Love bubbles!

I like the design of the labels. It makes the bottles look like they came from a posh store 🙂

Ackbaby oil is a huge no-no you think itd work with natural oils?

Yeah baby oil is no good. But coconut oil would work fabulously.

I love this idea! I go through a lot of bubble bath. Cant wait to try out this recipe! Ill be sure to link back to you 🙂

Thanks for sharing this recipe for homemade bubble bath. Ill be giving it a try and if it works will be pairing it with some homemade washcloths for a lovely gift.

I wonder if you could use an unscented liquid castile soap, or if that would be too harsh. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I do so love bubble baths! New follower from Manic Monday. Have a great week!

This is great! I have been starting on my list of DIY gifts for our Christmas baskets and these look like something kiddo can help me with. And thanks so much for sharing the printable,too.

Kelly this sounds amazing! What a wonderful treat, I may actually use our soaking tub now! Thanks for linking up to the Inspiration Monday party 🙂 xo

Do you think I could substitute coconut oil for the baby oil?

Hi Meg! Im not sure about that substitution. I guess you could give it a try. Sorry I cant be of more help.

Coconut oil is not good for the plumbing. If it solidifies it will stick in the pipes like grease. Better to use a light oil like peanut oil or grape seed oil, or maybe even olive oil would work.

Hi! Stopping by from pinterest. I LOVE your label and your setup that you photographed. This would be a great gift for my mom who lives off of bath products!

So glad to come by, your bio on your front page is ridiculously cute and SO true, life is hard, but God is SO good! look forward to following you!

This is awesome and I cant wait to try it. I love a bubble bath and this sounds like it would be really good on your skin. Thank you so much and blessings to you. Patti

I think I will try this with just a few modifications. Instead of baby oil, I will use olive oil and instead of hand soap or shampoo, I will use Dr. Bronners liquid castile soap 🙂

and i also have a question about this recipe.

i am wondering if you think liquid castile soap would work as well as the hang soap did for this recipe?

or did you use a hand soap on purpose because theres already a percentage of water in hand soap?

thanks for any answers , this looks like a super cool recipe by the way!

Hi there! THanks so much for stopping by. I would think liquid castile soap would work. Ive never worked with it before and hand soap seemed to be a good fit. You might have to experiment, but its worth a try. Let me know how it goes if you dont mind 🙂 Have a lovely day!

what hand soap/ shampoo did you use? im doing a beauty stall so I need cheap/ easily accessible ingredientsany recommendations? (I live in the uk if that helps?)

Hi Beth! I hunted for unscented shampoo and hand soap, but had a difficult time finding it. So, I found a Honey Vanilla hand wash and it worked perfectly. Hope that helps 🙂

I guarantee Dr. Bronners, or any soap made of actual soap, wont work as bubble bath except in the softest of waters or largest of amounts. One person who tried a similar recipe using it & coconut oil not only got no foam, but the coconut oil froze in the drain pipe, clogging it! So make sure the soap you use is NOT real soap.

And dont use an oil whose melting point the temperature in your drain pipe is likely to go below.

I have had this pinned for awhile and decided I need to make it asap! Ill be sharing on my blog this week, thanks so much!

Yay! Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy. xo

If I were to add evaporated milk to this recipe for a milk and honey bubble bath, how much evaporated milk do you think I should add?

Hi Libby 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I honestly have no idea being that Ive not done it myself. Im sorry I cant be of more help.

I dont know the exact answer, but I know the consideration that limits it. What we have here is a honey-preserved solution. The alcohol in the vanilla extract wont be enough to preserve it, and the baby oil practically doesnt count in figuring the dilution of the sugars from the honey. If we trust the original formulator of this recipe (which may or may not be a good idea), it would seem a 1:1 mixture of honey and liquid soap is adequately stable. At some point the addl water from the evaporated milk will be enough to set the mixture on the path to spoilage; I just dont know how close to that path you are already without it. If you were to use dry milk powder thered be no such drawback.

I love a bubble bath and this sounds like it would be really lot of fun.

Can you use anything in place of baby oil? Im allergic.

Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by! Unfortunately, I dont know the answer to that question. You might google for substitutions and see what you find. Sorry I cant be of more help. Cheers!

Can this be used as a Body Wash as well? Thanks for a great recipe!

Hi Susan. Thanks so much for stopping by! I dont think its thick enough to be used as a body wash, but you could give it a try 🙂 Enjoy!

So, I am in love with this recipe. I typically cant afford buying veggie glycerin over just buying bar soap, but this is all stuff that I already have at home! Yay! I will definitely be making this soon (like yesterday); it seems so calming and goodness knows I need to do more of this relaxing you speak of. Thank you so much!

I dont see what is so homemade about that. You are mixing several pre-made ingredients. When I think homemade I think pure and natural ingredients . Maybe thats just me.

Try vegetable glycerin instead of the baby oil.

Hi can you substitute the vanilla for anything else? Or leave it out completely? I literally cannot smell the stuff without feeling nauseous but this looks amazing 🙂

Hi Kristy. Im sure you could leave it out completely. You might try an almond extract too. Let me know what you decide and how it turns out. Cheers!

Great recipe, I like it! Can I add baking soda here?

I stumbled across your article. Thanks for sharing this, I adore the smell of honey 🙂 Cheers, Helen

I loved it Kelly because earlier i havent listen about this and now when I found this article I cant stop myself to try this. Thanks for sharing dear.

I loved it so much Kelly I cant wait to try this. WOW so excited and happy to see that blog. Thanks for sharing .

So excited to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

I like this blog because my daughter love this bubble bath. Thanks for sharing.

Cool, I will try this for a weekend, thx, Erin

I absolutely adore honey and vanilla smell. This will be a great gift! Thanks

[] with WorldLabel today. Im going to share a fabulous printable label that will compliment the Homemade Honey Bubble Bath recipe Im sharing over on my blog. Im in two places at once or you could think of it as a []

[] 2.  Homemade Honey Bubble Bath free printable ~ A chic DIY gift idea relaxing homemade bubble bath with a honey bubble bath recipe and free printable labels! []


[] Homemade Honey Bubble Bath live.laugh.rowe []

[] appreciate her by giving her a set of items she can use to relax and unwind. For example make some bubble bath, scented candles, and add soft slippers and a robe. The robe and slippers can be purchased rather []

[] addition, we made Ultimate Bubble Bath, which is kind of a combination of this with the Worlds Best Bubble Recipe from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions by John E. []

[] Homemade Bubble Bath Live Laugh Rowe []

[] Homemade Honey Bubble Bath []

[] Homemade Bubble Bath from Life Laugh Rowe []

[] Honey Bubble Bath []

[] Homemade Honey Bubble Bath from : I think we can all admit to craving a long, hot, scneted bath once in a while, especially in the freezing winter months. This recipe is super simple, and I think honey is a great scent for gifts, given that its a pretty neutral, easy scent. Its also really good for your skin, being a natural antioxidant, moisturizer and acne treatment, and is also a great aging reducer. This recipe also comes with a cute, free, downloadable label for your bubble bath bottles. []

[] it! This recipe from Live Laugh Rowe sounds super luxe! With easy ingredients and directions, this would make a perfect gift for []

[] 6. Honey Bubble Bath from Live Love Laugh Rowe []

[] Honey Bubble Bath []

[] Homemade Honey Bubble Bath from Live Laugh Rowe []

[] Homemade Bubble Bath Lets make some easy Homemade Honey Bubble Bath. []

[] Homemade Honey Bubble Bath []

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DIY Bridesmaid Gifts Homemade Bubbleath- Free Labels

Website design and all post layouts are © Amy Moss for Eat Drink Chic. You are welcome to share as long as you credit and link back to the original post and/or .

If you see an image on this site that has been credited incorrectly or you wish for your image to be removed, please contact me.

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My name is Amy Moss. Im a graphic designer obsessed with cute and colourful details for parties, weddings, entertaining, fashion, gifts, the home and everyday life

Reward your bridesmaids for all their hard work with this feminine and chic DIY gift idea- relaxing homemade bubble bath! Read on for some bubble bath recipe links, packaging ideas and free printable labels!

Ive received some feedback that there have been issues with the previous recipe that I linked to for homemade bubble bath so Ive searched for some alternatives. I havent tried these out but if you do, please let me know how well they turn out.  I find that when it comes to recipes, no matter how trusted the source I think its always best to do a small test batch first before committing to making any large quantities.

– a video recipe for homemade bubble bath for sensitive skin fromhere

For packaging I hunted down a frosted glass bottle (Ive recycled a bottle previously used for a Japanese spirit) and used a cork fromRiot Art and Craft. Alternatively, you can use a screw top- this would probably also look good. I did some digging and found this great frosted glass bottle with a cork online atSave on Crafts. They have quite a range ofglass bottlesand they also sellcorksin various sizes.  A good way to hunt down glass bottles online is to do a search onKaboodle. For the labels Ive chosen a very light brown recycled paper to print onto for a slightly vintage feel, however you can also print onto white to get a very striking, high contrast image.


Print out your labels on your colour printer.

Carefully cut around the edges of your back and front labels with a scissors.

Cut out your round seal. I found that cutting carefully around the seal with a scissors was sufficient but if you want to be really precise try using a circle punch of a similar size or an adjustable rotary circle cutter.

Cut a thin rectangular strip of paper for the top seal- the dimensions of this depend on your bottle. Experiment and see what looks best.

Use double-sided tape to stick your labels and seal in place on bottle.

posted under:Do It YourselfFree StuffGift IdeasVintage StyleWeddings

How fantastic! Ive already done the wedding thing, but have been rounding up homemade beauty/bath things to make for Christmas.

Oh my–as a self-proclaimed packaging whore (sorry) I am in love with this! Gorgeous!

This is GORGEOUS. I am definitely doing this!

Thank you for these fabulous labels!

These are gorgeous. Everyone likes receiving gifts but ones which are individual and home-made, hold something special, nothing you could buy in a shop could match it!

This are soooo fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Im having trouble with these downloading. any suggestions? i printed and did fine with some of your other FABULOUS labels but these arent showing up when pdf opens. please help, these are amazing labels!

Ive had a couple of people say theyve had issues with the pdf and it basically came down to the fact that its quite a big file and takes awhile to download- you may just have to wait awhile before the image appears. Alternatively, right click on the link and save the file on your computer and then open it when its completely downloaded. Hope this was of help! Let me know if there are still issues.

I love these too! They look so classy — and what a creative gift! Im also having trouble downloading as well… I did try to save it to my computer but it was stuck at 13%. Would you email it to me?

Nevermind. I got it to work! (Just took a couple of tries.) Thanks so much for your beautiful work! It really is lovely!

These are so gorgeous!!! I came over from the iDIY site…Ive got to try your bubble bath recipe.

Oh how perfect, I will definitely be using this recipe and thanks SO much for the labels, these will be brilliant for my bridesmaids! 🙂

I tried to make this for holiday gifts this year and encountered some difficulty. I looked for other recipes, but this seems to be the prevailing recipe, and most people dont seem to comment on the outcome.

The first batch I made with a bar of Kirks castille soap. This batch turned solid in the bottles.

The second batch I made with liquid Dr. Bronners. This batch was like water.

Neither of them bubbled at all. I tried thinning the first batch with coconut oil and water, hoping to add some foaming action. It thinned, but became a slime reminiscent of various body excretions. Still no bubbles.

I added half a bar of Dr. Bronners and some coconut oil to the second batch, and it was still liquid. Added the rest of the bar, and this batch became almost solid.

Now both batches are slime. I spent $30 on supplies for this project, and I have a gallon or so of slime in my kitchen…does not bubble at all. Not even a little bit.

Im disappointed with the recipe. I couldve purchased bubble bath from any number of places for that $30 and had 3 evenings of my life available to make projects that actually do what they are supposed to do. 🙁

The packaging design is amazing, but the project did not work for me at all.

I also tried this recipe using a bar of castile soap grated, not for gifts but for my own personal use. I use alot of bubble bath and thought i would try to make my own. I followed the recipe exactly. Overnight it turned into a solid clump of slimey goo in the bottle. I know they make solid bubble bath so I tried to scoop it out and and use it that way. It may have bubbled for 30 seconds then nothing. I used half of the bottle in one bath trying to make some bubbles, which was to no avail. I wish I had the money I spent on the ingredients, I could buy some bubble bath that actually works.

I tried whipping it with a hand-mixer for 3 hours. It is still stringy and slimy. It foamed up some, I bottled it, but then the air left the bubbles, so it reverted back to slime.

A friend of mine makes her own laundry detergent and she says it has the same consistency, but she didnt have a solution for it.

Gave it to my sisters for x-mas anyway. The youngest thought it was very cool. I told them it was moisturizing bath slime. And it is very moisturizing, but it is definitely not bubble bath.

I infused some with tea and gave it to my fiance. He threw up a little in his mouth, which was hilarious. Not $30 hilarious, but it eased the pain a little.

Im organising a wedding and this is the best site Ive come across. Its quite an emotional time for everyone, so Im embarrassed to say I had a wee tear in my eye when I came to your site!

Im not really sure why, its just good to know things will be lovely and not cost much.

Im going to use everything! Its so kind that you put these ideas up for free, if youre ever in Glasgow and fancy a tour of the whiskeys, music and amazing cheese (yes really!) please get in touch as a karma-ish way of re-paying for your kind freebies!

All over the Internet are recipes for soap-based bubble baths, and all over the Internet are stories like the above about how all they produce is scum. As near as I can figure, its because the person who came up with the recipe:

1) had water so soft it actually works,

2) just assumed it would make bubbles when dilute because it does when concentrated, or

Yes, soap has been used to make a foamy tub, but only when enough was used to overcome water hardness (which can be an awful lot — like a big boxful of flakes in a decent sized tub where water is very hard), and using enough soap to do that can make your skin itch afterward.

If you want to make the real thing, you need the real ingredients — see my link, for example.

Omigod these are so cute! Will be perfect for Christmas!!!!!

I love this idea! Functional and decorative, self printed labels are lot more cheap and look attractive.

Love it! Beautifully done, I am definitely going to do this. And as I am getting married in France the little merci is perfect for my English bridesmaids. Thanks!

Love this but the labels down down load. can you email them or re-post?

This is such a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing, it looks so pretty!

These are just beautiful! Thank you so much. Theyll be perfect for the gifts Im planning for this years Christmas!

Love these! Homemade gifts are such a great way to say thank you or show someone how special they are to you.

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What cute labels, they are absolutely perfect. =)

Thank you Amy for the gorgeous label. That must have been a labor of love, it shows. 🙂

Amy, you responded to people until the slime comments. Im so curious as to why you dont tell them how to fix it, or maybe you dont know how, because you didnt make it, you just put together the beautiful bottle and gorgeous labels, because they are awesome and would look good for to put something in them. You picked this arena, for what ever personal reasons you had, needed a recipe, grabbed it, and blogged it all up. Is that why you wont answer? If you dont approve this message and delete it, Ill know that I was right. Im hoping you will choose to help(, or at least have a snappy comeback.)

Karen, its not uncommon for bloggers to just passively approve comments on a blog post thats been up for a long time. I wouldnt infer anything from your comments being put up. Ive seen the same thing happen to comment threads elsewhere on this very recipe or a closely related one. For instance, at Apartment Therapy, where this recipe got wide play, even though the comments all complain and some have asked the blogger to retract or disclaim the recipe, the comments just sit there. I cant attach much blame to Amy any more than to anyone else out there doing the same thing.

As to Cynthias request for bath products with a long shelf life thatd work in a bottle like this, Id suggest oils.

Karen, I actually edited the post awhile back in response to this. Check under the heading Homemade bubble bath. Cheers.

I havent seen any one person being attacked so viciously…(especially, for giving away free printables she could easily have charged alot of cash for!!) And then the poor woman gets practically threatened by you guys and you have the nerve to try to guilt her into giving you the money that you paid to purchase items for said recipe that she was generous enough to include in the blog. And , F.Y.I. I made the bubble bath and it is great. Maybe you shouldnt change the recipe, how can you fault her when you added extra ingredients to her recipe?

By the way….she said she HADNT tried the recipe so why is it necessary to be bullies?? Shame on all of you ridiculous haters. Remember the subject of this entire section?? Free printables!!!

* L* a* b* e* l* s*•••••••not bubble bath!

?Amy… are awesome! Keep it up because we do appreciate all you do here.

*notice that you got a positive comment from The Soap Queen? (I would be soooo excited because she is truly the queen of all soaping)

Gorgeous! Those labels are truly classic and elegant. Perfect as a gift. I will definitely share this tutorial. Thanks for your effort and time. Keep it up!

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Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

Love these! Homemade gifts are such a great way to say thank you or show someone how special they are to you.

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i dont think that i can make it like this anyway in my lifetime 🙁 it is saddening but i will do try all my best. thank you for teaching.

How long does it take to complete this article? I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing. I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone!

How long does it take to complete this article? I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing. I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be surprised to read this article!

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Super-Duper Homemade Bubbles

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Spring is here and that means longer days and more time for the kids to play outside. And theres nothing like bubbles to inspire fun.  Try our homemade recipe for a natural, non-toxic, and inexpensive solution that is guaranteed to have your kids running, jumping, and giggling for hours. You can take the activity indoors, too, by using the bubble wands in the bathtub or creating a DIY station at a birthday party.

Colorful pipe cleaners (Bubble wands)

Liquid Vegetable Glycerin  (or White Sugar)

Wide mouth jar with an airtight lid (baby food or old spice jars are great choices)

Start by combining 1 cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon of white sugar. Stir in the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Next stir in the teaspoon of glycerin. Gently stir in 2 tablespoons of Honest Liquid Dish Soap.

Pipe cleaners can be found at most craft stores. To create a bubble wand take one end of the pipe cleaner and bend it to form a circle approximately the size of a quarter or whatever size you desire. Just make sure it will fit inside the jar you selected for your bubble solution.  Once you are happy with the size and the shape twist it together tightly so it stays locked in place.  You can use the top or neck of the Honest dish soap bottle as a guide to form a perfect circle. Get creative with your shapes. Have fun with it!

The addition of the glycerin or sugar makes the bubbles last longer before popping. Glycerin can be purchased at most health food stores. We found a 4 oz. bottle of vegetable glycerin at Whole Foods for $3.99.  If you cant find glycerin, just double the amount of white sugar in your recipe.

Store your bubble solution in an airtight container and make sure it is clearly labeled. If you dont have any cute labels lying around, grab some masking tape (or duct tape) and a black marker and create your own label. The bubble solution should store nicely for at least 1 month. Just make sure to stir, dont shake, the solution before every use.

© 2012-2015 The Honest Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

Content on this site is not a substitute for professional medical or healthcare advice, diagnosis, treatment, dietary, or safety advice, and may not be used for such purposes. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified expert with any questions you may have regarding a medical question, condition, or safety concern. Reliance on information presented on this site is at your own risk. This site contains the opinions and views of others and does not represent the opinions and views of The Honest Company. Given the interactive nature of this site, we cannot endorse, guarantee, or be responsible for the accuracy or efficacy of any content generated by our users or bloggers.

Audreys Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles

Abby fromStyle Me Prettyrecently created the most adorablefor her daughter Audreys first birthday! From pink balloons & cupcakes to pink margaritas for the adults, you can check out all the pink-a-licious detailsover at Cookie magazine.

Shes also generously offered to share theDIY tipsfor these adorableBubble Tin Favorswith us, so read on for all the how-to info, plus a downloadable template for the labels and a few more detail shots from the party!

•6 Tin Cans, found at Specialty Bottle

•Craft Sealant (such asLoctiteorAmazing Goop) for inside/base of canto help prevent leaking & rusting

•Pink Pipe Cleaners, found at Michaels

•Full Sheet Label Paper, found at Office Depot

1.Treat the inside of the cans with craft sealant to help prevent leaking or rusting.

(Note:This is anupdate to the instructionsas per December 2011 after seeing via the comments that some readers had trouble with leaky cans.)

2.Downloadand print out the template for the bubble labels and trim just under and above the pink lines (so that the lines show) and horizontally at the end of the pink lines.

3.Adhere to the tins using as light of a tough as possible so you dont leave fingerprints.

4.To create the pipe cleaner wands, shape the top of the wand into a circle, then twist the end around the handle.

5.Measure your raffia to about 18. Holding the pipe cleaner in place, wrap the raffia around the wand and the tin, tying in a bow at the front.

6.Fill the tins about 3/4 full with the bubble solution (can be found at party stores).

A few more party details are pictured below I just love the look of thesepink drinkswith the YUM! drink stirrers & pretty straws!

Thanks again toAbbyfor sharing these lovely details with us!

JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

Kentucky Derby + Cinco de Mayo Party Printables!

Woodland Bunny Party Ideas Enchantimals

Colorful Cacti and Candy Summer Soire

Playful Party Like a Panda Birthday Party

106 responses to Audreys Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles

What a beautiful party. We are doing a balloon theme later this year and I LOVED seeing the picture of the large pink balloons. Well done.

I just loved all the ngrats! Loved the bubbles.thanks for sharing..I am going to use it for my wedding!!!

This idea is really nice.. I love it!!

I love the petal cupcakes. The pipecleaner bubble wands are unique, too. Great ideas!

Beautiful! I love the pink rose cupcakes.

How cute are those bubble tins? And the cupcakes are gorgeous!

Oh *this* is *lovely*!! Oooh, I so heart pink, and this is truly delightful.

Where can I find that cute little cupcake dome tray?

absolutely adored the bubble tins and wands! gorgeously creative idea!

If you are referring to the glass cloche that that one cupcake is sitting under, you can get them here:

I got the glass dome at Pottery Barn:) xoxo

The cupcakes are gorgeous! Always looking for new decor for my cupcakes, I hope to use this one & tell everyone where I saw it first!

What a cute party! Love the bubble tins. 🙂

Those cupcakes are precious, and I love the bubble tinsthose might be a cool wedding favor??

Oh my goodness does it get any sweeter! I wouldnt change a thing; this is a wonderful party design/layout etc.! Love!

this is a cute pink party!! im curious to know what the water balloons were for?

I really wanted to have a balloon toss but my seven year old nephew couldnt contain his excitement and wanted to just throw them. So, I told the kids to have at it. They basically just threw them up in the air to watch them splatterthey loved every minute of it!

I love the water balloons. I love your site!

Unbelievable! What an inspiration. 🙂

the pink drserts abd marshmellow pops fab. great jdea

Darling! What great detailsit is killing mewhat is in the white goodie bags?

they look tasty and awesome. Pink color added makes it more beautiful

Love this!! Its my favourite so far! These are great ideas! The cupcakes are gorgeous!

What a cute party! Honestly, I would love to have had that for myself :).

So many adorable details 🙂 I would never have thought of making my own bubbles fun idea.

What a stunning party, I jsut love all these little details, the rose fairy cakes and the bubbles so sweet !

I really like how the buttercream was piped to look like roses on the cupcakes nice touch!

That looks like an awesome birthday party, with fabulous details. I love the water balloons and the beautiful cupcakes!

If anyone was curious the photography is from Paul and Krystal of Studio Foto. The party was a lot of fun and little Audrey LOVED the cupcakes:)

What did you do for invitations? Really Curious. THANKS

What did you put on table tablecloth or runner? And how did you print sign for water balloons and drink stirrers?

Pipe cleaner wandsbrilliant!! Thank you for sharing.

I love the homemade bubbles. They would be great for wedding favours. So much more unique than the typical small plastic bottle. The labels could be made with pictures of the bride and groom.

Does anyone know the balloons size??.Are they 36??Thank You

Do the pipe cleaners really work for the bubbles? I tried it and I cant seem to form the bubbles in the wandsolution just sticks to chenelle?

Yes the balloons are 36. Nona Im not sure about the pipe cleaners since I havent tried it myself, but Ill ask Abby about it for you. stay tuned!

I am making these favors for my daughters bday but I am worried because the pipes dont work, no bubbles are coming out. Am I doing something wrong?? Did anyone have this problem??

I am going to try and be a copycat! My question is, what was in the goodie bags??? AND, what other recommendations might you have on how to pull this off??

The goodie bags were filled with homemade chocolate chip cookies and you can get all the details on the rest of this party over at Cookie Magazine and Style Me Pretty here are the direct links:

Hi! Could i know how did u make pink drink? . they look amazing !!!

[] dress up those bubbles!  (I love this inspiration from Abby of Style Me Pretty daughters birthday party) Custom labels or ribbons will do the []

What a great party! I am planning my granddaughters first birthday and wondering where the swizzlers came from. Did you make them or can you tell me where I could order? Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

Abby actually made the bubble wands herself using pink pipe cleaners 🙂

(See full tutorial near the bottom of the post for more details!)

Where did the pink YUM! sticks come from?

The stir sticks are a DIY project from Style Me Pretty! Heres the link:

Thank you for sharing, my little one turns one this september and I plan on using some of your great ideas!! Just beautifulwould you be able to share what time of day you had your party and what else you served your guests as way of food? I cant get the story from Cookie anymore, as its been awhile..thank you!

Love the pictures so bright and tasty 🙂

Adorable! Love the drinks, cupcakes, and bubbles!

*sigh* Ladies, I have something to say about the tins. I followed the instructions, bought the same tins and made my own bubble solution BTW the pipe cleaners worked perfectly when you use a strong homemade solution (I chose one from the internet and got big bubbles, a lot of fun!).

However the tins LEAK. I filled then up the night before my sons first birthday and left them on the console table together with my other favors CDs in a nice red envelope. The morning after, the horror! 19 of the 20 evelopes were soaked and destroyed, I managed to save one and took a picture of it. I was so upset because I had no idea the tins were not water tight. Please, comment that on the post. After what happened my husband said that we could have used wax, or something like this to make it water tight, but it was too late for us. You can see my pictures at look awesome, but I couldnt give out the soap bubbles to the kids or the cds to the adults.. The idea is beautiful though, just make sure you test it before! Luciana Svilpa

[] Photo from Style Me Pretty via Hostess with the Mostess []

[] guests went home with DIY bubbles I first saw In a HWTM post with DIY instructions provided by Abby from Style Me []

[] Hostess Blog DIY Bubbles Every kid loves bubbles and these DIY canisters gives them a personal spin. You can print out []

[] Bouquet  Cake and DIY Yarn Poofs Bridesmaid Dress Centerpieces Cocktails Place Setting Shoes Wedding []

[] If your daughter loves the color pink, then this board and the accompanying invite are for you. We created these adorable Balloon Time invitations for a sweet six year old for her desired pink birthday party! From pink balloons & cupcakes to pink margaritas for the adults, you can check out all the pink-a-licious details at hostessblog. []

[] Ruche Blog/ Birdseed: Nature Favor Co./ Plants: Elizabeth Anne Designs/ Bubbles: Hostess with the Mostess/ Biscuits:  Martha Stewart Weddings/ Donut Hole favors: Ruffled Blog /In lieu of favors: Ever Ours []

DO NOT BUY TINS FROM SPECIALTY BOTTLES for this purpose!!!! 75% of the tins are leaking and rusting 3 days after putting the bubble solution in! My client had me recreate these for her wedding and it is an expensive disaster if you use these tins. The company is NOT working with me on expediting new tins. They wont be here in time.

The party turned out awesome! If I can ask a question, the tin cans that you used for the bubbles, I went on the website and can not find them. Can You help me??? Thanks so much!

Hi Jennifer Looks like the link is different on the site for some reason, so I just updated it in the post. You can find them here:6 Tin Cans

Also Im just now seeing that some people are having trouble with these cans leaking, so Id suggest trying to add some silicone craft sealant to the inside and base of the cans before filling them with bubble solution. Since this was a guest DIY feature I havent tried them out myself, but after reading some of the comments I think Ill order some and test them out with the silicone sealant too! Here are a couple options I found online, but Im sure they carry them at craft stores too:Eclectic Amazing Goopor Loctite Clear Silicone Sealant

Thank you SO much for replying back to me! I SO appreciate your time responding to me! Thanks again!

[] keep the kids busy, we had bubbles out (inspiration) and gave everyone goodie bags with toys inside!  The goodie bags were simple white bags from []

[] source: 1 Posted by militza 0 comments Click here to cancel []

I love this and I plan to make them for my daughters birthday. I tried downloading the label template and it opens as an Adobe read only file and I cant customize it. Is there any way I could get the template so that I can customize it with our party info? I do have photoshop. If you need my info so you can make it and then send me the read only file, Im totally cool with that. I understand the need to keep your own creations in-house. Thanks for your help!

Since Style Me Pretty originally created these labels, we only have access to the PDF file that you downloaded and not the original native file. However, you should be able to open pdfs in photoshop and type over certain elements in new layers, so you might try customizing them that way. Sorry I cant be of more help!

[] you could totally customize them to fit your own wedding theme. Instructions available at Hostess with the Mostess. Image courtesy of Hostess with the Mostess Posted inInspire Me Bride- Bridal []

[] bubbles // ribbon wands // confetti // fireworks // sparkler cards and matching matches // wedding bells // []

[] How precious are these party favors! Genie packaged bubble solution into tea tin containers, wrapped each tin in scrapbooking paper, then added free printable circles that I designed. The bubbles card is also a free printable its available at Hostess with the Mostess. []

So pretty! It makes me want to host (or attend) a pink party 🙂

[] guests will really love? BUBBLES! I got this idea from Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty. See her feature on Hostess With The Mostess here where she created these bubble favors for her daughters birthday party one year. I []

nice! i love them all!! i love parties! actually my forte are balloons 🙂 i admire your work here!! nice! 🙂

[] Hostess with the Mostest []

[] Wedding Shoes // Gold cake photo from Vicky Starz via Style Me Pretty // DIY bubble favours via Hostess With The Mostess // Cupcake photo from Lee Bird via Amy Atlas // Wedding party photo from Steven Michael via Ruffled []

[] a hacer la compra para dar con esos botes, pero no consegu encontrarlos. Finalmente descubr en este tutorial que son tarros de t de venta nada menos que en []

[] and matching outfits for the birthday girl and boy Detailed pinwheel cookies on a stick DIY Bubbles courtesy of HWTM Simple, yet sweet Pinwheel Girl and Boy Cake Smash Cakes Stylish Pinwheel []

[] Our Excitement is Bubbling Over via []

[] row 1 Mini champagne bottles, Pink tissue flowers, Ombre ruffle cake row 2 Pink table setting, Bubble containers, Corset cookies row 3 Pink margarita, Are You Ready to Party photo, Sweet Stuff []

[] efter vielsen er det en god ide selv at medbringe og uddele boblerne til gæsterne. Du finder her en DIY på disse super fine sæbeboblebøtter. Jeg synes også at de vil være helt perfekte til en []

[] efter vielsen, er det en god id selv at medbringe og uddele boblerne til gæsterne. Du finder her en DIY på disse super fine sæbeboblebøtter. Jeg synes også, at de vil være helt perfekte til []

[] Audreys 1st birthday (and here and here). We debuted it here on SMP and over on the Hostess Blog with fun DIY projects sprinkled in for good measure. We determined early on that Audrey was []

[] BUBBLES The bubbles were inspired by a blog post I saw on Hostess With The Mostess.  There are instructions on how to create your own here. []

[]  I love these bubble tins! These were used for a girls birthday, but they would be perfect to . []

[] Kids Parties Left The Party Dress  Center Pocketful of Poppies  Right Hostess with the Mostess []

[] Hostess with the Mostess Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Bookmark the permalink. []

[] and they can work well for both childrens parties and for fancy weddings. Check out hwtm for Audreys DIY tutorial and for printable templates. This entry was posted in Wedding []

[] via Gorgeousosity on []

[] Bubble tin favors, including printables, from Abby Larson via Hostess with the Mostess. Two: Bubbles in a jar with skeleton keys, from Emmaline Bride. Three: Festive bubbles in console []

[] / balloons / cupcakes / big balloons / streamers / decor / cake / table / candy / cupcakes / []

[] I always say, use what you have and Kristen already owned a collection of red outdoor partyware, so she decided that red had to be incorporated into this party. The whale inspiration came from a Pottery Barn Kids bedding collection. The stripe, gingham and polka dot patterns were inspired by pennant bunting from Etsy. Many other details were found on Pinterest! (For example, the homemade bubble containers that were originally posted by Hostess with the Mostess here.) []

[] the guests can take them home after as a favor. Check out the tutorial for the tins pictured above here. (photo credits, left to right: Kahwink Khronicles, Hostess with the []

Hello ladies, has anyone tried the bubbles in a tin using the sealant idea yet? I would like to see if anyone succeeded before buying the tins. Thanks!!

[] DIY Wedding Favors Bubble Tins at Hostess with the Mostess []

[] Table: Chelsea Brown Photography via Love & Lavender, Bubbles: Hostess with The Mostess, Table Setting: Rebecca Arthurs Photography via SMP, Table Decor: AK Studio Design via Wedding []

[] Source: []

[] left: bubble decor, DIY bubble tin favors, bubble lollipops, bubble []

[] via Gorgeousosity on []

[] What kid doesnt like bubble. Cute bubble tin favors are perfect for kids who will be little guests on the wedding day. See tutorial and free printable labels here []

[] What kid doesnt like bubble. Cute bubble tin favors are perfect for kids who will be little guests on the wedding day. See tutorial and free printable labels here []

Hi! May I ask where you got the tin cans for the bubbles thats displayed in the picture? I ordered the tin cans from the Specialty bottle link that you provided. I was aware they were 6 inches but when they arrived, the cans were much bigger than I expected for what was shown in the pictures.

At Hostess with the Mostess®, creativity is always the life of the party! Here, youll find stylish entertaining ideas & resources for everyone from the first-time hostess to the seasoned pro. We share imaginative events, DIY tutorials, recipes products, and a passion for great design that also makes people happy. 🙂

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DIY Tutorial: Colorful Plastic Ball Party Garland

DIY Tutorial: Colorful Tissue Fringe Garland

Kentucky Derby® DIY 2: Crepe Paper Roses Tutorial

Watch our new Rainbow Balloon Tassels Video!

A Bubbly Life

follow @ABUBBLYLIFE over on instagram

Hello there! I am Laurel- DIYer, party crafter, foodie,

red wine lover, Mom to 2 precious littles

Kalia, like most toddlers, absolutely adores bubbles. So, when it came to making favors for her birthday party- bubbles was an easy choice. It was so easy to make the bubbles, wand and jar for the favor!

If bubbles are not your thing, you can fill the jars with candies instead for a sweet treat favor!

Spray paint or craft paint(it iseasierto use spray paint if you need a lot of favors)

Liquid Nails(my preferred strong glue choice)

Ballerina Topper Plastic doll, animal, soldier (whatever goes with your theme!)

* I was lucky enough to get a huge box of empty baby food jars off of Freecycle! (I LOVE Freecycle &planningahead for the party allowed me ample stalking time)

However, no fear if you do not have a baby or get lucky on Freecycle- You can find empty baby jars oneBayor purchase jarswholesale

If your lids have writing and stamped dates- remove with rubbing alcohol or use primer before painting.

Glue plastic figure to the lid.

Cut pipe cleaner down to size for bottle. (Since I used baby food jars, I cut a third off)

Shape the top of the pipe cleaner into a heart or circle.

(I chose a heart for Kalias party)

How to Make your Own Bubble Solution

2 parts Dawn Soap (I used Clear & Free because I wanted the color to be clear)

Mix all together and they make AWESOME bubbles. Much better than the store bought ones I have purchased. There were a lot of recipes on web for bubbles, but I found all used too little glycerin for me

You can change the color of the bubbles to match your party with any food coloring.

Each guest went home with a ballerina topped bubble jar!

A homage to Nicks Army days and Kalias love of dinosaurs- you can use any figure for any party theme!

How they looked at the party!Photo by Tay Glazner Photography

A Bubbly Life is onFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram Iwould love for you to join me there!

Please share and pin if you enjoy this DIY! Thank you!!

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

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