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How to Create Labels in Microsoft Word

This wikiHow teaches you how to set up and print a template for a single label or multiple labels in Microsoft Word.

Printing a Single Label or a Sheet of the Same Label

Labels come in different sizes and for different purposes, for everything from regular, no. 10 envelopes to legal-sized mailings and CD covers. Get the labels that are best-suited for your project.

Create a new Microsoft Word document.

Double-click the blue app that contains or is shaped like a

in the upper-left part of the opening window.

Its at the far-left of the toolbar.

to grant Word access to your contacts.

Do so by typing a recipients address, name badge text, CD label, etc., in the

field or by clicking the address book icon to the right of the field, selecting a recipient and clicking

This dialog box allows you to customize the look of the labels by selecting a font, text size, text color, and style.

Click the radio button next to your printer type.

Click the Label products drop-down menu.

If your manufacturer isnt listed, examine the label packaging for the label dimensions and the number per sheet. With this information, you can select an equivalent product.

Click the Product number drop down.

Click the product number for your label.

It should be clearly marked on the packaging.

Select the number of labels youre printing.

and then identify the row and the column on the label sheet where youd like the label to be printed.

Insert the blank label sheet into your printer.

Make sure you have them aligned correctly for your printer.

Make sure the print preview of the labels looks the way you want it to.

if you want to save this label template for future use.

Printing Labels from an Address List

Labels come in different sizes and for different purposes, for everything from regular, no. 10 envelopes to legal-sized mailings. Get the labels that are best-suited for your project.

Word can pull names and addresses from an Excel spreadsheet, an Access database, your Outlook contacts, or on Mac, your Apple contacts or a FileMaker Pro database. You can also type a new mailing list during the merge, if you prefer.

Create a new Microsoft Word document.

Double-click the blue app that contains or is shaped like a

in the upper-left part of the opening window.

Its at the far-left of the toolbar.

to grant Word access to your contacts.

Click the radio button next to your printer type.

Click the Label products drop-down menu.

If your manufacturer isnt listed, examine the label packaging for the label dimensions and the number per sheet. With this information, you can select an equivalent product.

Click the Product number drop down.

Click the product number for your label.

It should be clearly marked on the packaging.

Click on the source of the addresses you want to put on the labels.

If you want to create a new list at this point, click

If you dont want to create labels for your entire mailing list, click

and select the recipients you want to include.

On Mac, click a line near the top of the first label, and click

, then select a field you want to include, such as First_Name. Repeat this process for each field you want to include, adding the appropriate spacing and address formatting.

Select the elements you want to include on the labels.

These include name format, business, name, etc.

Its an icon in the toolbar with a green refresh symbol.

Make sure the labels look the way you want them to.

Insert the blank label sheets into your printer.

Make sure you have them aligned correctly for your printer.

Its at the far right of the toolbar.

if you want to save this label template for future use.

How do I print labels that are all different addresses?

Use a mail merge. Add all of the different addresses, then print each one.

How do I make a full page of address labels?

There should be an option called mail merge. You need a mailing list and your document; the list can be a spreadsheet, an Outlook directory etc.

When I type a sheet of labels, sometimes a second blank page appears. How do I remove the second page?

Go to the bottom of the first page, and hit the delete key – it should go away.

How do I create a custom sheet size?

Press Ctrl and p but look up in the right and there you will see the print image. Press that and then a tab will show up there so you can chose the paper size.

How do I add a picture to every label?

How do I create a unique label in MS Word?

How do I create different addresses on one label sheet?

How do I insert a new label between two labels in a row?

When I try to print my labels I get a message telling me that the form is not aligned. What is causing this?

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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I have Microsoft Office 10, so I had to improvise just a bit from your directions, but they got me on the right

track and I now have my address label template. Thanks!

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Independent record label and production company

Ownership:wholly-owned subsidiary of J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd

Albert Productions, founded in 1963, was one of Australias first independent record production companies. It isa subsidiary of the venerable family-owned Sydney publishing company J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd, the oldest independent music publishing house in Australia.Albert Productions was originally established as an independent record production company but in 1970 they launched their own Albert Productions record label and in 1973 they established their own recording studio.

The head of Albert Productions from its foundation in 1963 until his untimely death in 1990 wasTed Albert. He was the great-grandson of Jacques Albert, a Swiss-born music teacher who migrated to Australia in 1884. Jacques and his son Michel Francois (Frank) established established the Albert music business in 1890 when they began to import violins. In the early 1900s Alberts became one of the leading sheet music publishers in Australia. Alberts published theBoomerang Songster, containing lyrics of popular songs, bought the Australian rights to songs by Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and other songwriters of the 1920s to 1940s and acted as the local agent for many overseas publishers.

Left: anAlberts mechanical royalty stamp from the late 1930s. These were issued to verify the payment of composer royalties and were affixed to the labels of records on which the publishing was owned or controlled by Alberts.

The business was carried on by Jacques son Frank, his grandson Alexis (later Sir Alexis) and great-grandsons Ted and Tony (now both deceased) and Robert. Not surprisingly, given their prominence in music publishing, the Albert family has also had a long and close close association with theAustralasian Performing Rights Association (APRA)throughout its history; Frank Albert was one of the signatories to APRAs Articles of Association when the Association was formed in 1926. Until 1995 J. Albert & Son also owned one of Australias largest radio networks, which included2UW, Sydneys top pop station in the 1960s.

When Ted entered the family business he became interested in building an Australian catalogue to complement Alberts international repertoire. The opportunity came when the Beat Boom swept the world in 1963-64. Alberts decided to establish a new division, Albert Productions, to enable them to expand beyond their publishing activities into record production.

In June 1964 Teds father Alexis wrote to their New York lawyer (who had looked after Alberts publishing interests in the USA for many years). The letter said in part:

… the time is at hand for a real boom in local compositions and recordings and we have therefore entered this field with much more drive than ever before. We have formed an A&R Department and have inaugurated a recording subsidiary we have called Albert Productions.

Ted became the managing director of the new company, Albert Productions. In the mid-Sixties, working with A&R man and co-producer Tony Geary, Ted produced a string of hit records for top acts includingBilly Thorpe & The AztecsandThe Easybeats(and Ted also played on some of the Easybeats records). Ted was also a driving force behind the Albert Productions record label andAlbert Studios, which he established in the early Seventies in partnership with former EasybeatsHarry Vanda and George Young. Together they were either the producers or executive producers of the entire Alberts roster, which dominated Australian pop in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

The formation of companies like Albert Productions was made possible by the changes that swept over the music industry in the 1950s, which led to the emergence of a new category within the music business — the independent freelance record producer. Albert Productions was one of several such companies operating in Australia in the Sixties, includingLeopold Productions, owned byFestivalhouse producerRobert Iredale, andJune Productions, run by formerW&GandAstorstaff producer (andFable Recordsfounder)Ron Tudor.

The catalyst for these changes was the invention that revolutionised recording in the years after WWII — magnetic tape, which was developed by BASF audio engineers in Germany in the mid-1930s. Before tape recorders were introduced in the early 1950s, the primary means of recording music was to record it live, direct-to-disc, in a single take. As the musicians played and sang, the sound was fed from the studio to a specially designed disc-cutting lathe (operated by trained engineers) which physically cut the audio track into the surface of an acetate master disc. This is the reason that the recording process is still sometimes referred to as cutting a record.

Recording engineers were limited in what they could achieve with the available technology — the aural character of a recording was largely dependent on studio acoustics and microphone placement — e.g. the distinctive sound of Bill Haley & The Comets records like Rock Around The Clock was achieved by recording them in converted church with a domed ceiling. Mixing desks in those days had very limited tone controls and the only production effects were echo and reverberation. Before tape, this had to be created acoustically, by sending the sound to speaker placed at one end of aspecially-constructed echo chamber; the echo-laden sound was picked up by a microphone at the other end of the chamber and relayed back into the control panel, where it could be mixed in with the dry sound of the performers playing in the anechoic studio.

Prior to the introduction of magnetic tape, studio recording was a capital-intensive industry dominated by a handful of huge multinational record companies likeEMI. Typically, such companies were organised as vertically-integrated businesses that owned every level of the record-making and selling process — the studios (e.g. Abbey Rd) where the recordings were made, the factories where they were pressed, the warehouses from which they were distributed. Companies like CBS and RCA also owned major interests in radio broadcasting and/or they also manufactured gramophones and radio receivers, and EMI owned theHMV record store chain to retail its own recordings.

Studios represented a sizeable capital investment in real estate, plant and personnel. They had to be large enough to accommodate many musicians (even an orchestra) and they needed additional rooms including echo chambers, control rooms, a cutting rooms and storerooms, and a permanent staff of trained recording engineers. They were expensive to run and expensive to hire. In general, only those performers who had a contract with a major company got to use the company studio. The only other high-quality studios available were those belonging to radio stations or to the independent production companies that made radio programmes under contract.

In the Fifties, the introduction of magnetic tape, multi-track recorders and vinyl records led to major changes in the structure of the music industry. The growth of independent recording studios, facilitated by the new technology and powered by the huge boom in the sale of rocknroll records, created created new strata within the industry within which the independent record labels and independent record producers could operate.The advent of the commercial recordings studio — where facilities could be hired at an hourly or daily rate by anyone who could afford the fees — meant that independent production companies and small labels could now gain regular access to quality recording facilities for the first time. It also meant that the large record companies were no longer limited by what their house producers and engineers could record in their own studios. Major labels could supply the growing demand for rocknroll records by outsourcing recordings to independent producers, who were able to hire these commercial studios. The most famous independent studios — like Olympic Studios in London or Goldstar in Los Angeles — came to rival or even surpass the large corporate studios in terms of both prestige and the number of hits they produced.

Technically too, tape revolutionised the industry. Compared to the cumbersome old lathes and fragile acetate discs, tape recorders were small and easy to operate; tape offered superior fidelity, longer duration and enormously increased flexibility. Tape could also be used to create echo and reverberation electronically, eliminating the need for large echo chambers, thus reducing both the size of studios and the cost of studio construction. Indeed, many of Joe Meeks landmark productions were done in his home-made studio in Holloway Rd using basic single-track tape recorders.

More tape effects were developed during the mid-Sixties. In 1966, Abbey Rd engineer Ken Townshend invented the Automatic Double Tracking (ADT) technique, first used on The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows in late 1966. Legend has it that Townshend devised the technique in response to John Lennons frequent complaints about the tedium of having to double-track his vocals.This clever development of tape echo enabled engineers to double a lead vocal using a fractional tape delay. It took the industry by storm and instantly became a fundamental of popular music recording, as well as saving countless hours of session time previously taken by time-consuming vocal overdubs. Not long after, Olympic Studio engineer George Chkiantz developed the ADT technique further by inventing the famous flanging effect, a phase-shift effect, first used on The Small Faces Itchycoo Park in 1967, which created the striking swoshing sound that can also be heard on records like Russell Morris The Real Thing.

Above all, tape meant that recordings could now be precisely edited, or enhanced by overdubbing to or from other tapes. Tape made it possible for the first time to assemble the best possible performances, piece by piece, over time and even in different locations. Producers could now pick and choose the best (or the cheapest) studio, or as Brian Wilson did onGood Vibrations, they could use the distinctive sound of different studios for different sections of a song. By the late Fifties, multi-track tape was making it possible to record voices and instruments separately, resulting in vastly improved fidelity and clarity, and it also allowed producers to create distinct aural environments for each element, rather than having one sound for the entire ensemble.

In Australia, independent commercial studios began to appear in the late Fifties and early Sixties. In the mid-to-late Sixties and early Seventies, the upper end of this new market was occupied by studios likeArmstrongs,United Sound,Natec,TelelfilandTCS, but there were also many small operators likeOzzie Byrne. His tinySt Clairstudio in the Sydney suburb of Hurstville was a home-made, two-room studio, set up in a former butchers shop, and equipped with second-hand mono recorders — but it was the site of some very significant Australian recordings, including The Bee Gees breakthrough hit Spicks and Specks.

Thus, producers like Mickie Most, Burt Bacharach, Shel Talmy and Ted Albert created a new niche in the music industry — production subcontractors who, for a fee and/or a percentage of the record sales, would sign performers to a production contract and then make a deal to supply the record company with finished recordings ready for mastering, manufacture and release. For those who were able to produce successful records, it proved to be a hugely lucrative enterprise — the late Mickie Most, producer of The Animals, Donovan, Jeff Beck, The Seekers and founder of RAK Studios in London, was reported to have been worth more than $50 million dollars by the time he died in May 2003.

Before Albert Productions built their own recording studio in 1973, they recorded at the2UWstudios and the old 2UW Radio Theatre in George St, Sydney as well as other studios such as the EMI and Phillips studios in Sydney andArmstrongs Studiosin Melbourne.Typically, Alberts would sign new acts to a production contract; then,once the performer/s had secured a recording contract, Albert would hire a studio where they would record and produce songs. The finished tapes were then leased to the record company, which would master, press, distribute and (hopefully) promote the records. Alberts could benefit further if they signed their acts to a publishing contract with J. Albert & Son, which would generate more income from royalties and sheet music sales if the records sold well.

This arrangement was similar to those between major British independent producers like Mickie Most and Shel Talmy and the companies who released the acts they produced, e.g. The Animals and The Who. Albert Production set up a deal with the Australian division ofEMI, which leased the tapes from Alberts to manufacture and distribute the records on theirParlophonelabel.Albert Productions first signing was leading Sydney bandBilly Thorpe & The Aztecs.They shot to the top of the Australian charts in June 1964 — right in the middle of The Beatles tour of Australia — with their beat version of Poison Ivy. After signing with Albert they scored a top ten hit with Mashed Potato in August 1964,the beginning of an eleven-hit run that included Sick & Tired (2) and Over The Rainbow (1).

Alberts next signing made Australian music history. Ted was friends with a former real estate agent, Mike Vaughan, who had recently become the manager of a new Sydney band,The Easybeats. Vaughan was on the lookout for a label who was interested in recording them. Vaughan convinced Ted to attend a private performance, and one listen was enough to convince Ted that he had a hot property on his hands. Although he was a novice producer, Ted had an intuitive gift for selecting material, finding the right sound and honing the feel of a song — skills later highly praised by The Easybeats main writer, George Young.

Within the week The Easys were signed to a recording contract with Albert Productions. Their first single made a minor impact in Sydney but their second release, Shes So Fine (May 1965) broke them nationally. Recorded at the soon-to-be-famousArmstrongs Studiosin Melbourne, with a backing track produced by the legendaryRoger Savage, the song shot to 1 in Sydney and 5 in Melbourne. It was the first of eight consecutive Australian top ten hits in just 18 months and all their classic Australian recordings were produced by Ted.

By 1966 The Easybeats were the top group in the country, and there were high hopes for overseas success after manager Mike Vaughan managed to secure a contract with United Artists in mid-1966 to release their records internatinally. The band arranged to go to the UK in hopes of breaking into the charts internationally and Ted accompanied the group when they moved there UK in late 1966. He produced a number of tracks for them at Abbey Rd (most still offically unrelased to this day) but they were rejected by the record company and Ted returned home. Alberts enjoyed continued success in Australia with The Easybeats — Friday On My Mind topped the Ausstralian charts late in 1966 and also reached 6 in the U.K and 16 in the U.S.A. At the 2001 APRA awards, Friday On My Mind was named as the most influential Australian song of the past 75 years.

1965-66 was a peak period for Alberts. As well as The Easybeats, Alberts also signed and recorded two other now-legendary (if shortlived) Sydney bands,The Missing LinksandThe Throb. They scored an unexpected coup in 1966 when they signed Melbourne duoBobby & Laurie, who had been the one of the first Beat acts to make the charts in Australia in 1964. Thought to have been past their prime, they came to Alberts after leaving theGo!!label and confounded critics by scoring three more Top 20 hits including Sweet & Tender Romance, and their 1 hit Hitchhiker.

The late Sixties seems to have been a relatively quiet period for Alberts; The Missing Links, The Throb and Bobby & Laurie had all split up by the end of 1967 and the company appears to have produced few original recordings during this time. The Easybeats stayed on in England until they broke up end of the decade after a farewell Australian tour. Although Alberts continued to release their records, including their swansongSt Louisin 1969, these were all produced overseas, recorded mostly in London and produced most by Vanda and Young.

From 1963 and 1970 Albert Productions recordings were released under the lease deal with EMI and released on theirParlophoneimprint — the same label as The Beatles. When Alberts resumed record production in 1970 they launched their own label, also called Albert Productions; this time the records were pressed, released and distributed byEMI.After the end of the Easybeats, the groups songwriting and production teamHarry Vanda and George Young, had stayed in England, working to pay off the debts they (and their management) had run up during their UK sojourn. They wrote and recorded demos for other artists; and they released their own records under a variety of pseudonyms. Some of the songs they wrote were recorded by Australian performers, includingMike Furber(Im On Fire and Watch Me Burn) andAlison MacCallum, who had a Top Ten hit in 1972 with the Vanda-Young composition Superman (released onRCA).

The first record released on the new Albert label was by British-born singer-songwriterTed Mulry. It was an auspicious beginning — Teds version of Vanda & Youngs Falling In Love Again was a Top Ten hit on several capital city charts. Ted had already scored a top five hit with his self penned track, Julia, earlier that year. Ted went on to form a group, TMG (the Ted Mulry Gang) they scored an Australian national 1 hit in 1975 Teds Jump In My Car, which was followed by their remake of the 1917 jazz standard Darktown Strutters Ball which reached 2 in 1976.

The event that began the re-birth of Albert Productions as a force in the Australian record industry was the signing of John Paul Young, the former lead singer of Sydney bandElm Tree, who was then featuring inJesus Christ Superstar. Early that year British producer and impresario Simon Napier-Bell had come to Australia to scout for new talent and produce records for Alberts. The first single he recorded was Pasadena, a song sent from England by Vanda & Young with lyrics co-written by British actor David Hemming. It was a Top Ten hit in Sydney in April 1972 and its success enabled Ted Albert to persude George Young and Harry Vanda to return to Australia to run a recording studio for Albert records. Napier-Bell also produced Excuse Me, which was a moderate hit (29) in 1974 forAlison MacCallum.

In late 1973 Harry and George returned from the UK and re-established themselves in Australia in partnership with Ted Albert; this was facilitated by the fact that in the mid-Sixties, they had opted to take a share in Albert Productions in lieu of cash. Their immense production and songwriting talents were instrumental in making the Albert label one of Australias most successful record companies. Vanda & Young went on to produce hit records for many Australian acts as well as working on various side projects themselves.

With Harry and Georges on board, Albert Productions then established their own recording studio. Albert Studios was located in the heart of the Sydney CBD on the fifth floor of a building in King St, Sydney, between the MLC Centre and Centrepoint tower. Originally known as Studio 139, Alberts Studio 1 soon becametherock studio in Sydney. To cope with the demand Alberts Studio 2 was constructed in 1976 and Studio 3 was added in 1979. The King St complex was closed and the studios relocated to Cremorne in 1986.

Albert Studios became the hit factory of Australian pop from 1974 onwards; . For almost a decade from 1974 until the mid-Eighties, Vanda & Young productions dominated the Australian charts. One of their first projects was forStevie Wright, for whom they wrote and produced the epic 11-minute, three-part single Evie and his debut solo albumHard Road. Evie was a 1 smash hit and was also named 1974 Song Of The Year. Other Vanda & Young productions during this period inlcudedGraham Lowndes, Bartholemew John,Bobbi Marchini, Jackie Christian & Target and S.J.C. Powell.

At the same time as reviving Stevies career, Vanda & Young were also playing a key role launching the careers of Georges two younger brothers, Angus and Malcolm, and their new bandAC/DC. Georges younger brothers Angus and Malcolm were given their first taste of the recording industry whilst working on theMarcus Hook Roll Bandproject in early 1974 and it was shortly after that they formed AC/DC. With Harry and Georges guidance, and the skills of Alberts house engineer Bruce Brown, AC/DC scored hit after hit in Australia between 1975 and 1980, including rock classic like High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Jailbreak and the immortal Its A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll) which shot straight into the top five followed by their first national 1, TNT. In 1977, after relocating to London, AC/DC had a British top twenty album withLet There Be Rock. Despite the tragic death of Bon Scott in February 1980 the band soldiered on, recruiting a new vocalist, Brian Johnson. Their next album,Back In Blackbecame their biggest record to date with You Shook Me All Night Long. AC/DC were recently named by RIAA as the fifth-highest-selling recording act in American music history. Their worldwide sales now total almost 100 million, with over 60 million records sold in the USA alone.

Many producers would have been content with AC/DCs tremendous success, but Vanda & Young never rested on their laurels. Adept at almost every style of popular music, they churned out hit after hit for the ever-growing Alberts stable of artists.William Shakespearescored two consecutive number one hits in 1974 with Cant Stop Myself From Loving You and My Little 1975 Vanda & Young took over the production ofJohn Paul Young, and their song Yesterdays Hero gave John his first national 1. Under Vanda & Youngs guidance he became the most successful Australian solo singer of the late 70s. After several major Australian and South African hits including The Love Game and I Hate The Music, JPY broke into the European charts for the first time with Standing In The Rain. In 1978 Johns classic rendition of Love Is In The Air gave him and Vanda & Young a success to rival Friday On My Mind — it reached 3 in Australia, 5 in the U.K and 7 in the U.S. It has since become the most covered Vanda & Young composition of all time.

Vanda & Young also recorded themselves. During studio down-time they recorded Hey St. Peter (an old Easybeats-era song) and issued it under the pseudonym Flash & The Pan. With support fromCountdown, it hurtled up the charts, reaching 2 in January 1977. The follow-up Down Among The Dead Men went Top Ten in Australia and also charted in the UK. Possibly aided by fact that The Easybeats had always enjoyed a strong following in Europe, Flash & The Pan scored several more Top Forty European hits, including the U.K Top Ten hit Waiting For A Train in 1983; another Flash & The Pan song, Walking In The Rain, was covered by Grace Jones.In the late Seventies, Alberts consolidated their position by signing inportant new acts including The Angels, Rose Tattoo, Heroes, Cheetah and Choirboys. The Angels first Alberts release, the 1976 classic single Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again is one of the best-known and most popular Aussie rock songs never to have charted, as was another Angels standard, Coming Down. But in 1978 the band finally hit the Australian charts withTake A Long Lineand also amde inroads in Europe.

Female vocal duo Cheetah (sisters Chrissie and Lyndsay Hammond) scored a Top 20 hit in 1980 and also enjoyed European success with the single Spend The Night from the albumRock And Roll Women. The Hammonds worked extensively with Vanda & Young, and provided backing vocals on many Alberts recordings. Now based in the UK, Chrissie Hammond has recorded extensively with keyboard maestro Rick Wakeman.Rose Tattoo were another important signing. Their first single for Alberts, produced by Harry and George, was Bad Boy For Love. It reached 10 and over the next six years Rose Tattoo became one of the top bands in Australia,scoring five Top Forty hits, including the 1983 classic We Cant Be Beaten.Choirboysformed in 1979 they became a major draw at Sydneys Royal Antler Hotel (formerly the unofficial HQ for Midnight Oil) and in 1983 went into the studio with producer (and former Ol 55 member) Jim Manzie to record their self-titled album and single Never Gonna Die. Manzie also worked with Vanda and Young on several Flash & the Pan recordings.

The connection between NZ-born singer Mark Williams and Vanda and Young went back to Marks NZ 1 hit in 1970 with his version of the V&Y track Yesterday Was Just The Beginning. In 1990 Mark was signed by Alberts and scored a Top 5 hit withShow No Mercy. This was followed by theZNZalbum and a second albumMind Over Matterwhich featured not only tracks writtten by Mark but also the Vanda / Young composition We Can Dream.

In 1989 Ted moved into film, forming M&A Productions (Miall & Albert) and commissioned a young theatrical director, Baz Luhrman, to write and direct their first project. Tragically, Ted Albert didnt live to see the huge success of his first film — he died suddenly from a heart attack during 1990. The film wasStrictly Ballroom.It of course went on to win eight AFI Awards and the coveted Priz De La Jeunesse at the Cannes film festival. It was the 1 box office hit in Australia in 1992 and the centrepiece of the movies soundtrack, the remake of Love is in the Air, reached 2 on the Australian charts, and had considerable worldwide success.

In recognition of his huge contributions to the Australian music industry, Ted Albert was granted a posthumous Lifetime Achievement award at the 1990 ARIA Awards, and in his honour the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) established the annual Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Music.

In 1999 J. Albert & Son signed an exclusive print agreement with the major UK publisher Music Sales. The two companies had worked together since 1972, when Music Sales UK and Albert & Son set up Music Sales Australia as a joint venture. Later the Albert group took over distribution while Music Sales supplied most of the international product from London and New York. The new agreement was timely: earlier that year Sydney was hit by the most destructive hailstorm in the nations history, and most of the stock in Music Sales Australias warehouse was destroyed, and their warehouse was closed for two months.

Today the Albert empire is run quietly and conservatively by Teds younger brother Robert Albert, who is now in his late 60s. Albert Productions is run by CEO Fifa Riccobono. Alberts long-serving A&R manager Sam Horsburgh is also a member of the Young clan — he is married to Margaret Young (who named AC/DC) and in the Sixties he was The Easybeats road manager.

As well as owning a large share and property portfolio, the Albert family maintains its 118-year involvement with the Australian music industry. The Alberts have for some years been included in Business Review Weeklys Rich 200, their annual list of Australias 200 richest families and in 2002 BRW estimated the familys worth at AU$190 million (up by $20 million from the previous year).

Interviewed by BRW in 2002, Robert said: Music is my first love. It is my family heritage and we will always be involved in music.It is hard for a family company to compete in the international music industry these days. We are good at spotting talent, working up talent, and vetting new songs. But the minute a new talent is identified, a big recording company steps in.

Albert Studios recently diversified into the writing and production of music for television commercials, and the Albert family are also partners in a joint venture withStuart & Sons, the Newcastle-based company that is making a new generation of innovative Australian-designed, Australian-made concert grand pianos which have been hailed as the biggest advance in piano design for more than 200 years.

In recent years Albert Productions established an office and a recording studio in London, and in June 2002 they signed a new marketing and distribution agreement with Festival Mushroom Records, but thislapsed when the Festival Mushroom group was wound up in late 2005. In 2006, following the liquidation of FMR, Alberts signed anew distribution deal with Sony-BMG Australia.

Glenn A. Baker(edited by Fifa Riccobono, 2001)

Presentation speech, 2003 Ted Albert Award For Outstanding Service To Australian Music

Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Inc.

J. Albert & Son Mechanical Royalty Stamps

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About Us

Dome Labels Ltd is a small business operating in Christchurch manufacturing High Profile Domed resin labels for the business sector

Lynne, the owner has been involved in the printing industry for over 20 years now and has had significant experience in both the industrial and general digital printing fields.

Our focus is on supplying  your company with a high quality branding domed label that enhances your product and offers that point of difference.

The doming effect comes from a polyurethaneresin coatingthat is poured onto the labels this gel like material is extremely durable and UV resistant providing longevity  leaving your name out there for many years.

Our printing system incorporates a high-resolution four colour process digital output with eco-solvent UV inks.

As we are specialists in manufacturing domed labels and general self-adhesive labels, Dome Labels Ltd  is committed to delivering quality, cost effective solutions for your labelling requirements through innovative utilisation of the latest digital technology.

Sample Request

I just wanted to say that I got my labels today and I am very impressed with your companys work. You did an excellent job on my dome labels I ordered, I will definitely order again from your company. Thank you so much!

In a hurry? 2-3 weeks not fit your schedule? Most orders are shipped within 5 days. Expedited 24-hr and 48-hr services are available, call for details.

How would you like us to contact you?

International Requests subject to a $3.95 shipping charge.

(outside of the Americas);WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions(ctl00$Content$btnCancel, , true, , , false, false)) id=Content_btnCancel class=submitbutton />

Dash Labels

is a proudly South African industry leading manufacturer of custom labels, barcoding, media materials and design. We manufacture small, medium and large volume self-adhesive labels on all materials, namely, labels to all industries, promotional labels, promotional and advertising media.

We believe that by providing you with complete product exposure options we can assist in making your product a brand. From basic startup concepts through to high-end labelling and branding, we offer you a complete turnkey solution. Not only can you count on us to deliver the highest quality labels, but excellent manufacturing from the start. In fact, our goal is to give you the best possible label for your application and needs! We achieve this by using state of the art printing and finishing technology to ensure your products are of the highest possible quality.

services all types of industries for both local and international businesses. We provide services to all African and European countries and over the years we have proudly worked with companies all over the world.

We have experience in providing solutions for a variety of industries, which include the following, but are not limited, to these industries:

Distributors, resellers and agencies

Dash Labels not only produce labels in South Africa, we have a variety of additional printing solutions to offer your business.

Short, medium and long run label prints Self-adhesive labels Custom Labels Promotional Labels Produce Labels

Specialised Barcoding Barcode Set Up Commercial Barcoding

Doming Decal Wall decal prints Promotional poster prints

Magnetic signage Warning signage Display signage Safety signage

Eyelet banners Pull Up banners Stand banners Hoist banners Pole banners

Snap frames Canvas frames A-Frames X-Frames

Our Team is service driven, our quality is unmatched and our turnaround time is unsurpassed.

The best way to direct your way through the numerous service options offered at Dash Labels is to call us or send us an enquiry so we can better assist and fit your needs. Dash Labels is a worldwide leader in label printing backed by over 100 years of combined printing and technical experience.

Custom printed labels are used everyday with almost every product available on the market. This is easily proven by just visiting your local supermarket, all you have to do is walk up any isle and see for yourself. Likewise, this is displayed on many online marketing

For more info on our products and services, contact us here!TwitterFirst Name*Last Name*Email Address*Comments / Questions*

Click Hereto submit your quote request

Buy doming tray resin and get free shippg on

Epoxy Countertops VS Other Count Top Options

DIY Non-Slip Resin Doming Tray Idea

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Custom Wedding Labels

wedding return address labelsare great for your invitations to the wedding, bridal shower, bridegrooms party, thank you notes, and all other wedding stationery. To get started, just select a label style below to match your wedding theme.

for small bags, favor boxes, small jars

for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags

for small canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars

for large canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars

for envelope & bag seals, secondary labels, bottle caps, poker chips

for envelope seals, secondary labels, small favor boxes, bags

for envelope seals, secondary labels, small favor boxes, bags

for envelope seals, small favor boxes & bags, small jars

for favor boxes, quart jars, beer bottles, bags

for small bags, favor boxes, small jars

for lip gloss, chapstick, secondary label, small favor boxes & bags

for lip gloss, chapstick, secondary label, small favor boxes & bags

for pint jars, small jars, small favor boxes & bags

for pint jars, small jars, small favor boxes & bags

for splits, tall liqueur bottles, tall bags

for beer bottles, quart jars, includes side text

for wine & beer bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags

for wine bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags

for wine & beer bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags

for wine bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags

for beer bottle necks, cigar wraps, lip gloss, chapstick

for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags

for small bags, favor boxes, small jars

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions, wine bottles, quart jars

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions

Use your words with our styles, shapes and colors. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

You personalize the labels with your own words the text on the labels above are for example only. Small quantities are what we are all about so you can get just the amount you need, and ordering is fast and easy. Plus, you are sure to be happy with your custom personalized labels we are the only place we know that offers a money-back guarantee on personalized products (our guarantee covers all products, off-the-shelf and personalized, except special change requests including color or font changes).

Our custom wedding labels, stickers, seals and return address stickers have been lovingly designed and given a palette of colors that make them perfect for weddings, showers, anniversaries, and other romantic events. Transform your wedding, bridal shower, CDs, wine or homemade favors into unforgettable memories with personalized custom labels, stickers and seals, as well as matching favor tags, note cards, place cards, coasters and beer mats from . All of our products are customizable and personalized. Create unforgettable keepsakes with custom-designed labels on your wedding champagne, CDs or DVDs for wedding music favors, seals on your invitations, or stickers on your wedding favors. Well provide the labels, and you can also get ideas for wedding songs, favors, bridal shower ideas and free recipes. Adding a personal touch to your wedding, shower, anniversary or other special occasion has never been so easy or beautiful!

Labels, stickers and seals are pre-cut and come on peel-and-stick sheets with 6-48 per sheet; designer address labels are also available. Matching text labels are available for your story, names of participants, instructions, etc. Matching personalized favor tags, note cards, return address labels, place cards and coasters are also available. Be unforgettable with your very own personalized labels, stickers and seals from Evermine. Looking good has never been easier!

© 2000-18 Evermine.Personalized Custom Sticker LabelsAll rights reserved.

Evermine and My Own Labels are registered trademarks of The Williamson Group, Inc.

Buy doming tray resin and get free shippg on

Epoxy Countertops VS Other Count Top Options

DIY Non-Slip Resin Doming Tray Idea

The more promotions gifts areSilicone Wristbands USSilicone Bracelets UKcustom bracelets

Domed Urethane Labels Suppliers

Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Labels: Domed, Urethane directory on the Internet. A broad range of Labels: Domed, Urethane resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Labels: Domed, Urethane industry.

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ISO/TS 16949:2009 registered custom manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, decals, nameplates & die cut adhesives for the automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical, pharmaceutical, transportation & appliance industries. UL/CSA approvals. Proprietary technology includes plate less & die less capabilities, order any size – any shape without the die or plate costs. Prototype labels to full production runs. Wide array of materials. Withstand exposure to harsh environments, outside elements, adhere to abrasive surfaces. Other products include thermal imprintable, thermal transfer labels, ribbons & equipment & die cut adhesive components. 3M® preferred converter. Products are made in the USA.

Custom manufacturer of urethane domed labels. Types include pressure sensitive, sheet fed, cut and stack labels. Foil paper, polypropylene film, laser paper, clear and white film and vinyl materials used. Comes in glossy, matte, metallic and textured finishes. Printing processes such as digital, offset and screen printing, hot stamping and laminating provided. Low, medium and high volume production offered. Suitable for bottles, tubes, cartons, cans, tins, ceramics and glass applications. Serves the advertising, automation, food, military, pharmaceutical and other industries. AutoCAD, SolidWorks® files and blanket orders accepted. Emergency and rush services available. Meets ANSI, ASME, ASTM, AWS, QS and TS standards. CSA approved. RoHS compliant.

ISO 9000:2008 certified custom manufacturer of labels including urethane dumbbell, dome or domed labels for jewelry applications. Types of labels also include bar code, logo, thermal transfer, packing, UL listed, CSA certified, safety, warning, identification, warranty, marking, security & instruction labels. Markets served include retail, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, airline, video/entertainment, appliances & electronics/toys. QS-9000 (ISO/TS 16949) compliant. JIT delivery.

Custom manufacturer of dome or domed labels including urethane domed labels. UL labels, manufacturing industry labels, digital/color process labels, food/product labels, blank labels, barcode labels & recycling labels can be fabricated. Labels can be customized as per size, material, number of colors printed & usage with UL recognized product. Options include consecutive numbering, special/permanent adhesive backing, protective over laminate, rounded or squared corners & single cutting/roll finishing. Labels are made in the USA. UL recognized. JIT delivery available.

Manufacturer*, Distributor, Custom Manufacturer

Manufacturer and distributor of standard and custom domed labels made from urethane. Labels are screen printed for color vibrancy and covered in protective and polyurethane dome.

Custom Manufacturer*, Distributor, Manufacturer

Custom manufacturer & distributor of labels including dome or domed labels in urethane material. Labels are available in different sizes, shapes & colors.

Custom manufacturer of domed urethane labels for markets such as finance, media, real estate, medical and healthcare, and manufacturing and OEMs. Digitally printed products such as nameplates and overlays are also available. UL listed. Provides prototypes and 10-day and rush delivery services.

Custom manufacturer of labels including polyester & vinyl laser labels & urethane domed labels. Types of labels include 4 color process, asset, automotive, barcode, blank, blind embossed, bumper, clear, computer, consecutive numbering, data, destructible, digital, direct thermal transfer, domed, EDP, embossed, Fasclear®, heat activated, holographic, hot foil, hot stamp, ID, imprintable & indoor labels. Kraft labels, laser sheet labels, litho labels, magnetic labels, pallet stock labels, tamperproof labels, warning labels & repositional labels are available. UL® listed & CSA® approved.

Custom manufacturer of high temperature urethane domed, die cut, and laminated labels. Types include consecutive barcode and HR, security, and OEM machinery labels. Made from aluminum, Lexan®, polyester, Mylar®, polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyester, and vinyl. AL, BMP, EPS, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF graphic file formats are accepted. Serves aerospace, military, emergency vehicles, retail, transportation, waste, and recycling industries. Prototype to short or long production runs offered. CSA approved. UL listed.

Distributor*, Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer

Manufacturer of standard and custom polyurethane dome or domed labels. Direct thermal, shipping and safety, inkjet and laser, pin feed, DOT shipping, color printer, preprinted custom, RFID, fabric, jewelry, clothing size, blank, color, address, laser, permanent, aggressive, freezer grade and removable adhesive labels are also available. Capabilities include digital and flexo printing, digital die cutting, date coding and data file printing. Same day shipping available.

Custom manufacturer of domed & doming labels in a variety of materials including urethane to create three-dimensional labels in any size or shape. Domed & doming labels are laser & inkjet printable & custom cut to any size or shape.

Manufacture & supply all types of custom domed, urethane labels. Any quantity, size, or shape. Individual, sheets or rolls. Single to full color process. Materials include indoor/outdoor vinyl, Mylar®, Lexan®, paper & others with adhesives for all applications. Printing services include screen, digital, flexographic & lithographic. Other services include die cutting, serialization, embossing, lamination, bar coding & doming.

Full scale, multi-press flexo print facility for pressure sensitive labels. Printing on all types of film and paper including thermal transfer, IR coupon, piggyback, tamper evident, pinfed, bar code, fan-folding, embossing, numbering plus laminating and UV varnish.

Custom manufacturer of domed labels including urethane domed labels. Domed labels can be fabricated in different typestyles with printing, color, film lamination & protective coating options. Types of labels include pressure sensitive labels, packaging labels, printed labels, consecutive numbered labels, weatherproof/ laminated labels, hot stamping labels, process color labels, asset control labels, barcode labels, product identification labels, tamper-proof/security labels & UL®/CSA® labels.

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of decals: dome or domed (doming of decals), urethane labels: dome or domed (doming of labels) & nameplates: dome or domed (doming of nameplates) for exterior & interior applications. Features include three dimensional appearances, weather resistant, impervious to harsh solvents, resistant to fading & temperature ranges from 50 degrees F to 250 degrees F. Full range of printing colors available including transparent or opaque. Embossed die-cut shapes available. Small sizes are furnished in strips or on sheets. UL approved.

Manufacturer of durable polyurethane domed labels. Applicable for material handling, hand tools, power equipment, medical equipment, and other equipment and devices used in tough or challenging environments. Available styles include green and recycled, thermal scale, digital, roll wrap, piggyback, foil, clean release, barcode, scratch-off, hot stamp, and thermal transfer. Design assistance, computer-generated graphics, multi-color film separations, color proofs, and plate-making services are also provided.

Custom manufacturer of urethane domed labels. Aluminum, vinyl, polycarbonate, polyester, paper, foil and destructable vinyl materials used. Medical, food, construction, defense and electronics industries served. On-time delivery.

Custom manufacturer of decals, labels, nameplates, tags, data-rating plates, graphic overlays and deadfronts, control panels, and signs. Materials worked with include metals, flexibles, and adhesives. Capabilities are aluminum etching, digital printing, imaging, screen printing, thermal transfer, die and digital cutting, embossing, laminating, machining, and forming. Other services are kitting, label setting, graphic designing, and tooling. Industries served include construction, mining, farming and forestry, transportation, medical, electronics, appliance, off-highway, consumer goods, and specialty advertising.

Custom Manufacturer*, Distributor, Manufacturer

Custom label manufacturer to customer specifications. Thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels, laser cut sheet labels, production identification labels, barcode labels & computer printable. Pin feed labels, chemical drum labels, medical, pharmacy & lab labels. 4-color process or spot color labels, freezer & cold temp. Storage labels, harsh environment labels, food product labels, bakery labels, deli labels & scale labels. Any type of material from paper to film, permanent or removable, labels will be made for your needs. Rolls, cut sheet or fan folded with or without pinfeed. Small to large quantities. Tags, thermal transfer/direct thermal with or without notches, (paper or synthetic). Rolls, fan folded, single cut & door hangers. Continuous for dot matrix printers, rolls, fan folded, with or without pin feed. White paper or any color under the rainbow, coated or uncoated, its your call. Small to large quantities. Commercial printing: items from envelopes, brochures, booklets, manuals, employee handbooks, hospital flow sheets, multi part forms & scratch pads. Saddle stitching, GBC binding, scoring, perfing, hole drilling & consecutive numbering. Small to large quantities.

Woman-owned custom manufacturer of domed urethane labels. Compliant to Hazmat. GSA Contract GS-03F-0010W, GSA SmartPay 2 in addition to other payment methods & appear on GSA Advantage ( the Federal Governments purchasing portal.

Manufacturer of standard and custom polyurethane dome or domed labels. Capabilities include packaging, engineering, designing, logistics, die cutting and printing. RoHS and REACH compliant. Meets ANSI standards. UL and cUL listed. Stock items available. Made in USA.

Custom manufacturer of domed urethane labels. Features include a printed base material covered with a thick, transparent polyurethane coating to give a 3-D look. Capabilities include labels printed on a variety of substrates including white, clear, chrome and gold. Pressure sensitive labels, barcode labels, coupon labels, booklet labels, expanded information labels, durable labels, tamper evident labels, rotary screen, variable information, consecutive numbering, roll fed wrap labels, and RFID labels are available. Shrink products include shrink sleeves, multi-pack banding, neck bands, and preforms. Printing methods are digital, flexographic, and thermal printing. Full line of labeling equipment.

Service Company*, Distributor, Manufacturer

Woman-owned. Manufacturer & stocking distributor of standard & custom dome or domed decals made from urethane. Capabilities include screen, flexographic & offset printing, digital imaging, hot stamping, bar coding, sequential numbering, metal etching & stamping, die cutting, cold adhesive lamination, over laminating, eyeleting & engraving. ASME, NEC, OSHA, ANSI, NEMA & ADA compliant. On-time delivery.

Manufacturer of urethane domed labels, nameplates, dials, panels; pressure sensitive, die cut, pin feed, barcode, piece form, sheets or rolls, anodized aluminum, Mylar®, Lexan®, Tedlar®, Kapton®, vinyl & paper. Military specs. & standards, complete in-house facilities.

3M, Kapton, Lexan, Metalphoto, Tedlar, Tyvek

Custom manufacturer of dome or domed labels including domed urethane labels. Types of domed labels include promotional labels, packaging labels, bumper stickers, anniversary labels, domed labels, weatherproof labels, PC case badges, inventory labels, shipping labels, tamper evident labels, mailing address labels & campaign labels. Products can be manufactured to any shape, size & color & can also be printed in languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish & Dutch. Industries served include food & beverage, health & beauty, retail, household chemicals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, apparel, transportation & distribution, automotive, consumer durables, medical & airlines.

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