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I did this for my Mastercraft and it turned out really well.  Attached is a link (Im sure there are others as well), that provided registration numbers and letters in the same font as the Bennington wordmark on our boats.   Here is the link to the site that I found…

I know, OCD, but what the heck.  Ill probably do the chrome or white letters/numbers against my black panel, or go black/chrome vs. my white lower stripe on my RSFB.  Looks reallly good when all of the fonts match.

If any of yall have already done this to your Bennys, post up a pic and lets see them.2017 23 RSFB with F250 HP VMAX SHO

/monthly_2016_04/large.56fea4596d7ea_DomedNumbersPort.JPG.b087ffe7c43e5f4d86a69431af43205a.JPG/monthly_2016_04/large.56fea45761cc2_DomedNumbersclose-up.JPG.3c670fce91855e8f4ee3297ab9084f59.JPGLast edited by a moderator:Apr 14, 2017

Regatta Blue /Smokey Granite accent – Black Out Package – Napa Beige/Tuscan Dune interior

ESP, Yami F350, center fuel and storage, hybrid/double bimini, Kicker/Wetsounds stereo, lighted cupholders/countertop/speakers, rear washdown, Garmin 53dv FF/Chartplotter, dual Interstate batteries, power distribution center, 52 ski pylon, full seagrass flooring, elevated helm, bow storage, pop-up cleats, Sport Boat trailer (gray)

Sharkhide, Black EZ Fender mounts, ProMariner Pro Elite charger, (2) additional Kicker stereo remotes, additional subwoofer (Pioneer 10 shallow – rear club area), domed boat numbers

I just ordered mine today. I hear good things about this place.

2017 24SSBXP Champagne with Smokey Granite Accent,  curved bimini, curved ladder, Extended aft, RGB lighting, tilt steering, heavy duty rub rail, Striker 4, privacy enclosure, docking lights, Kicker upgrade, 115 Yamaha, Phoenix Tandem Trailer, 13.5×14 Talon prop (12% slippage), 30.1 mph

Click to expand…Looks good….2017 23 RSFB with F250 HP VMAX SHO

I ordered mine last month and they just shipped in recently. Taking them up to my dealership next weekend so they can put them on the new pontoon when they rig it next month. It may be a small detail, but I figured what the heck.  I ordered a beautiful boat, might as well try to coordinate some sharp looking registration numbers on it too to complete the look.

2017 24 SSBXP with SPS package

There not cheap but they look damn good on the boat.

There not cheap but they look damn good on the boat.

My wife just kind of shook her head when she saw I spent $70 on registration numbers for the boat.  Its all good though.  I just blame all of you for these things.  😆

2017 24 SSBXP with SPS package

The Wanderer2azray007andSEMPERFI8387like this.

My wife just kind of shook her head when she saw I spent $70 on registration numbers for the boat.  Its all good though.  I just blame all of you for these things.  😆

If your wife goes to a Hair Salon, just tell her it cost less than her visit, and you dont have to replace them every month or two …..

Comfortably Numb 2017 2375 GCW-Matador Red/Blackout/Black Accent Stripe * Black Canvas * Curved Bimini with White Ice LED * Tuscan Dune Sport G Furniture w/Carbon Insert * Graywood Trim Accent * Beige Seagrass * Elevated Helm * Extra Wide G Recliner * Corvina Wheel * KMC10 Stereo * Kicker Blue LED speakers * Graywood Bow Table * Co Captain Forward Facing Lounge * Stern Lounge Upgrade * Popup Cleats * SS Dock Lights * SS ladder * Dimensional Chrome Logos * Sharkhide * Yamaha 20HP * Simrad GO5

I also got the Bennington swoop as the hypen in the numbers. I will have to post pics tomorrow.

2015 Bennington 2575 QCW I/O- 270 HP Volvo Penta – Champagne with Regatta Blue Accent stripe – In-Floor Storage

Raised Helm – Sony M6 audio – Garmin 100 – Sharkhide – Rough Water Package – Dual Batteries – Rear Lounger changing station

VikingstaffandSEMPERFI8387like this.

Im in the process of designing a boat wrap for my 24SSL.  As Im learning, images for boat wraps need to be VERY HIGH RESOLUTION – 5,000 x 5,000 px or more.  All the designs will include the Bennington swoosh logo, so I reached out to Bennington, who were kind enough to point me to their high-resolution library of all their graphics.

Im also going to be using the raised dome lettering that I did before from for all the relief lettering, boat numbers, etc.  Not sure which color Ill uses this time (last time I used black chrome), but Im still a few weeks away from having to make that decision.  The domed letters are simply amazing.

Heres one of the designs that includes the Bennington Swoosh.  That swoosh is about 6 in length, so you cant just use a .jpg image or youll have very fuzzy edges.  The background is a high-resolution Yellowfin Tuna Skin.  The skin image pushes to 15 wide x 3 tall, so I shouldnt have any seams.

The Bennington Swoosh drawings are vector drawings, which allow you to basically push the size as large as you want.

2012 24 SSL w/SPS 150 HP Yamaha 4-stroke w/619 hrs right now.

2012 2275 RL, Matador Red, monochrome interior with palm mocha carpet, Yamaha 115, Bimini lights, underwater LEDs, side lighting LEDs, SS rubrails

Cant you have your wrap guy print out the Reg numbers onto or into the wrap.

The wrap is cool. Can I give you some free advise if its not to late.

And innoticed your using the older B logo innthe center of your boat. The new updated B logo is shorter and longer so it would fit on your wrap and boat better.

Last but not least. The bennington font is very unique. Domed numbers is using a font thats close but pretty far off In my opinion. If bennington would share that font with Domed Numbers that would be awesome.

I thought about simply printing the numbers on the wrap, but really like the domed look.  Same thing for the Bennington lettering; Im spending a couple thousand to pretty up the boat, so I dont mind spending a few hundred more to complete the look.

I like the look of the domed numbers – especially the black chrome – so Im planning on doing it anywhere I put text; if the font isnt an exact match thats OK; it will all be the same throughout the boat.  I like the idea of seeing if I can get Bennington to release the font so that I can use it on the domed letters.

UPDATE: Bennington gave me their font, so I have it.  The font is Aviano Serif Black (Regular, Light, Bold, Black)

2012 24 SSL w/SPS 150 HP Yamaha 4-stroke w/619 hrs right now.

Hopfully Domed Numbers can update as well. I originally had the domed numbers but I switched them out for these. They are raised chrome letters. The font in not right but I thought they matched the stock raised chrome bennington logo better.

here is a Tip. When installing your new numbers. If you raise them to the same height as the stock bennington logo I think it sits 2 inches above the lower rail. If you mount the letters on the same imaginary line it seems to flow better

Of corse the registration numbers need to be 3 inches tall so the stock bennington font is short and wide I wonder how its gonna look after they make them 3 tall.

Of corse the registration numbers need to be 3 inches tall so the stock bennington font is short and wide I wonder how its gonna look after they make them 3 tall.

I thought about simply printing the numbers on the wrap, but really like the domed look. Same thing for the Bennington lettering; Im spending a couple thousand to pretty up the boat, so I dont mind spending a few hundred more to complete the look.

I like the look of the domed numbers – especially the black chrome – so Im planning on doing it anywhere I put text; if the font isnt an exact match thats OK; it will all be the same throughout the boat. I like the idea of seeing if I can get Bennington to release the font so that I can use it on the domed letters.

UPDATE: Bennington gave me their font, so I have it. The font is Aviano Serif Black (Regular, Light, Bold, Black)Click to expand…TCP, I know this is an old post. You have the actual, complete font, from Bennington? Did they place any restrictions on its use? Can you share it?2015 21 SLX * SPS * Extended aft deck * 150 Yamaha * Kenwood KMRD765BT* Dual battery setup * Full Sea Grass * Reliance 14 1/2 x 15 prop

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1940 – 1954

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2016 Nationals Show and Shine Winners

2015 Nationals Show and Shine Winners

Supersprint Supplementary Information 2012

Shannons Car Classic 14 August 2016

Australia is at war. The 6th, 7th and 9th Divisions of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (AIF) are sent to the Middle East against the Italians and the Germans, while the 8th Division is sent to reinforce Singapore against the advancing Japanese. Australia has 250,000 men serving in the armed forces at this dark time.

In North Africa the Australians are soon fighting the advancing German Afrika Korps under the command of field marshal Erwin Rommel. Four brigades of the 7th and 9th, later known as the legendary Rats of Tobruk, hold the Libyan port against Rommels attacking forces for six months. The 6th and 7th are relieved and shipped home to defend Australia in New Guinea, but the 9th stays. After a year of desert fighting, the British 8th Army and the Aussies win the decisive 1942 battle of El Alamein that finally ended German expansion into Africa. Rommels troops are eventually pushed back to Tunisia, and the experienced 9th is sent home.

The diggers of the North African campaign become the first Australians to ever come into contact with the German Volkswagen, as Rommels forces used the Kbelwagen as light transport vehicles in the desert campaign. A number of Kbels are captured by Australian soldiers, with some of them used behind the lines by Australian field officers. Unfortunately all of them have to be left behind in the desert when the last Australian forces are withdrawn in early 1943.

Australian soldiers also fought the Vichy French in Syria, but did not serve at all in Western Europe during WW2 (except for Australian airmen in the RAF). They therefore didnt come into contact with the Volkswagen again. After the victorious African campaign (at a cost of 3,500 Australian lives), the Australian forces spend the rest of the war fighting the Japanese in Malaya, Papua and New Guinea, Bougainville, New Britain, Borneo and Tarakan. They have no further contact with the Germans.

At the end of the war the Australian Army ships the first Volkswagen vehicleto Australia,awartime Kbelwagen sourced from the British Army in Wolfsburg. The Australian Army remembered how competent the VWs were in North Africa and wanted to evaluate them for possible Australian use. After being tested in local conditions for several months, the Kbel is retained and stored for some years before being donated to the collection of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. It hassince been restored, with paint scheme and accessories appropriate to the North Africa campaign. Itcan sometimes be seen on display in the North Africa gallery, although the AWM often rotates their huge collection. Check before you visit –

The Australian Scientific and Technical Mission, based at the Embassy in London,applies to the Ministry of Supply to purchase eightVolkswagens. These are intended for usebythe Australian Reparations Plant and Stores Team, located in Germany.The VWspurchase priceis160 each. Six of them stay withthe Reparations Team in Germany, while two are shipped out to Australia as prototypes for testing purposes at no charge. The first VW is shipped from Antwerp in March, with second one following in June, and on arrival in Melbourne they are assigned to the Department of Post-War Reconstruction. A large supply of spare parts is included at an additional cost of340. One of the VWs is a normal 1947 Type 11 Sedan, while the other is a Type 51, a VWSedan with Kbelwagen running gear.

The British Occupying Forces are preparing to hand the Wolfsburg Motor Works back to the Germans as part of the new Federal Republic of West Germany. After considerable delay, the Australian Government appoints automotive engineer Laurence Hartnett to visit Wolfsburg to determine if any equipment can be secured for Australian use, as war reparations. Hartnett inspects the still war-damaged but recovering factory, and discovers that the desirable Kbelwagen is no longer available the former body works (Ambi-Budd) are now in the Soviet Sector of Berlin. He examines and rejects the VW Beetle itself, but requests that the VW press shop equipment be shipped to Australia. The British Army rejects the request and the Australians get nothing.

The Department of Post War Reconstruction has no further use for the two Volkswagens, so they are auctioned off by the Commonwealth Disposals Commission at Tottenham in Victoria. Alarge quantity of Volkswagen spares, many other motor vehicles and a wide range of miscellaneous materialsis also auctioned.The VWs are advertised as 1940 models, which was not correct. One of the VWs had 10,000 miles on it and is sold for 470, while the other had just 500 miles and is sold for580.

One of the VWs has since been lost, but the other one somehow survived the years until eventually found in 1990 on Flinders Island, off Tasmania, by a dedicated group of VW enthusiasts led by Grahame Lees (owner of Brookvale VWSpares, Sydney). It was the Type 51 that was found. The decrepit and semi-complete remains were sent to storage in Sydney, and later put on display. The chassis and bodyshell were later sold and are now in Adelaide, undergoing restoration.

The first privately imported Volkswagen arrives in Australia, a black right-hand drive 1946 model shipped in with arriving German immigrant Therese Hanael. She had purchased the car from a British Officer of the Occupational Forces in Germany just prior to her departure. She arrived by ship from Antwerp with her son (and the VW) to join her husband Ted, who as a German citizen had been interned in Australia during the war. The family decided to spend the rest of their lives in peaceful, prosperous Australia, and settled in Horsham, Victoria. They would use the black 1946 VW for their daily transport for many years, Ted using it to drive to and from his work with the Victorian Electricity Commission. It was the very first Volkswagen to drive freely about on Australian roads.

The boss of Volkswagens South African organization, the German-born Baron Klaus von Oertzen, invites his Melbourne-based friend and car distributor, Lionel W. Spencer, to visit Wolfsburg. Von Oertzen and Spencer had worked together selling two-stroke DKWs in Australia before the war, when the Baron worked for Auto Union – the result of a 1932 merger of German car companies DKW, Audi, Horch and Wanderer. The Baron had actually designed the Auto Union logo of four rings, still used today by Audi. The Baron had also been instrumental in setting up the Auto Union Grand Prix car project, and had personally introduced Ferdinand Porsche to Hitler during initial discussions.

After the war the Baron worked for the Volkswagenwerk and organised the first VW imports into his new home, South Africa, in 1951. Now he wanted to expand Volkswagen into Australia. His pre-war DKW partner Spencer was now a Land Rover agent, but he agreed to visit Germany and tour Wolfsburg with von Oertzen. Spencer is very impressed with the huge, thriving Volkswagenwerk and the tens of thousands of VWs on German roads.

Lionel Spencers Melbourne Rover distribution company, Regent Motors (Holdings) Ltd, is appointed the sole Australian import and distribution rights for Volkswagen. He arranges for the first shipment of cars to be arrivein October. On27th October the Melbourne Age newspaper announces that the German Peoples Car will be availableinmid-November, priced at about 900,and would be the new Export Deluxe version, not the domestic German standard version.

The Victorian and Federal Governments of the time offered tax concessions for locally-made cars, which would make any Australian-assembled VWs cheaper than full imports, as well as increasing the number of cars available for sale. On the advice of Baron von Oertzen, Spencer therefore arranges toimport the first Completely Knocked Down (CKD) packs, in order to investigate the logistics of locally assembling the Volkswagen. The Melbourne Age newpaper reports that the first CKD packs will arrive in January, for assembly at Regent Motorss Flemington workshops.

Regent Motorsfirst order for Export Deluxe VWs finally arrive in Melbourne.Lionel Spencer and Baron Von Oertzen arrange for anofficial launch of the new German Volkswagen at the Regent Motors showroom at 86 Sturt St South Melbourne, on Friday 11 December. Several black sedans are on display, including one with a sunroof. Baroness Irene von Oertzen is also on hand to talk to the Melbourne newspapers andradio, andis interviewed by Walter Schaublefrom a German radio network.The Melbourne Age reports on the Regent Motors launch the next day.

The new car met with mixed reviews, but Athol Yeomans of Wheels, John W. Hall of the Melbourne Ageand Laurie Whitehead of the Melbourne Herald, were positive. John Hall and Laurie Whitehead would both go on to drive Volkswagens in reliability trials in the years ahead.

By the years end Regent Motors have received around 30Volkswagensfor evaluation, but none have yet gone on sale to the publilc.

Spencers Regent Motors Roveragency at 82-92 Sturt St in South Melbourne (a Land Rover dealership), is confirmed as the Victorian VW distributor and main Melbourne Volkswagen sales agency, with parts and service at 93-103 Clarendon St South Melbourne. Spencer soon decides to create a separate VW retail sales/service outlet called Spencer Motors, with himself as dealer principal.

Victorian race driver Eddie Perkins (who normally drove Rovers for Regent Motors) and his brother-in-law George Reynolds set a Perth-to-Melbourne driving record in one of the new 30-bhp 1131cc VWs. They drive 3,300 km of mostly dirt highway in 38 hours and 57 minutes,averaging 87 km/h, nine minutes quicker than the previous record. Their run finishes in Melbourne on Tuesday 30 March, coinciding with the opening of the Melbourne Motor Show.

The Volkswagen range is given its first largepublic showing and official release at the Melbourne Motor Show in March, held at the domed Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens. Two weeks later, from 12 April,NSW have their official VW launch at the Sydney Royal Easter Show at Moore Park, when a light brown Sunroof Sedan and a light green Cabriolet are placed on display. In those days Sydney did not have a separate Motor Show; it was simply a part of the Royal Easter Show. One of the VIPs to show off the new Volkswagen in Sydney was Miss Inge Hess, young daughter of the German Ambassador (who normally drove a luxury Mercedes-Benz).

The first Volkswagens are officially sold in March. The Sydney Morning Herald reports (on Thursday 22 April) that the small German car, the Volkswagen, was listed on the registration information for the first time. The statistics showed that 13 Volkswagens were registered in March 1954; nine of them in Victoria, two in Tasmania, and one each in New South Wales, and South Australia.

Spencer awards the VW distribution rights for NSW to Larke, Neave and Carter Pty Ltd (later called LNC Industries), an existing Sydney Rover distributor through their subsidiary, Grenville Motors Pty Ltd. LNC sets up a new subsidiary called Lanock Motors (from the surnames of two LNC directors, Eric Lane and William Locke), to handle VWs. The first VWs arrive by ship at Woolloomooloo in May. Other state distributors are also established – Annand and Thompson in QLD, Light Motors in SA, Western Motors in WA and Greg Cusack Pty Ltd in ACT. Most are already Rover distributors, resulting in many new joint Land Rover / Volkswagen agencies, especially in country areas. Other new VW agencies are farm supply stores and tractor / farm equipment dealers.

In June, Martin and King Pty Ltd of Clayton, Victoria, a railway carriage manufacturer and car body works, begins assembly of the first VW CKD packs under contract to Regent Motors. They were Baron von Oertzens choice of assembler, with a good reputation for assembling steel rail carriages and British car bodies. Martin and King are owned by Clyde Industries Ltd (a major builder of railway equipment in NSW), and their new workshops are in an industrial estate adjoining the rail spur at Westall (Clayton) in southeast Melbourne. Martin and King soon discover that unlike the UK-built Riley and Wolseley bodies they had used (which needed considerable extra modification work and hand fabrication to assemble), the Volkswagen CKD kits were the most precise fit they had ever seen and fitted together perfectly. Volkswagens are assembled and completed at the rate of 5 cars per day.

The first Australian-sold VWs are oval window with the original 30-bhp 1131cc engine, with single tailpipe. Early models have push-button starter. In June 1954 the new Australian-assembled CKD VW is upgraded to the new 36-bhp 1192cc engine, and this is the version tested by most of the newspapers and magazines of the day.

Regent Motors general manager, Allan V. Gray, decides that endurance trials are a good way to publicise the new VW and its strength and reliability. The first Redex Trial of 1953 (won by Ken Tubmans Peugeot) had been front-page news last year. Therefore, four VWs are entered in the 15,450 km Redex Trial of 1954, two backed by Regent Motors and two by Lanock Motors. Two VWs finished the event, in 13th and 95th place outright, the best of them driven by Melbourne journalist Laurie Whitehead, while the other was driven by Ralph Wilson. The other two VWs driven by Keith Carmody and Jack Jeffrey retired with accident damage. This Redex was famously won by Gelignite Jack Murray and Bill no relation Murray in a 1948 Ford V8.

Australias first Volkswagen owners club (and one of the first in the world) is established in Melbourne when Don Bowd of Regent Motors writes to their new VW buyers, inviting them to join. The first VW Club of Victoria meeting is held at the workshops of Alvee Park Autos in Mt Waverley. VW racer George Reynolds is a founding member. Fellow VW racer and journalist Laurie Whitehead donates the first perpetual trophy.

The Volkswagens retail price on release is 972. Todays historical wisdom is that the Volkswagen was a cheap and cheerful budget-priced economy car. That may be correct for the USA, where the VW was indeed cheap compared with the big US cars of the time, but the VW was NOT cheap in Australia (a British country in the 1950s and 1960s). In 1954, a Standard Ten was 924; a Renault 750 Deluxe was 861; a Morris Minor 2-door was 848 and a 4-door was 897; a Ford Anglia was 922; a Fiat 600 was 838; and an Austin A30 was 846. In Australia the Volkswagen was an expensive car for its size and power output. In fact it was not much less than a six-cylinder FJ Holden Standard (1142).

In VWs first year on the Australian car market, they debut in 13th sales position, behind Holden, Ford, Austin, Standard, Morris, Vauxhall, Hillman, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Humber, Dodge and Wolseley.

2,080 Volkswagens are sold – 1,746 VW 1200s and 334 Transporters.

Domed Lettering Domed Numbers 3-inch Boat PWC Registration Numb 16 Pcs Carbon FirtTexture Mae GradBo Letteg

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3D Lettering Domed Lettering Domed Numbers

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Domed Lettering & Domed Numbers 3-inch Boat & PWC Registration Number 16 Pcs Carbon Fiber Printed Texture Marine Grade Boat Lettering

Ships from and sold by3D Lettering Domed Lettering Domed Numbers.

High Quality 3-Dimensional Domed in Super Bright Chrome Carbon Fiber Textured

Font: Carbon style Color: Carbon Fiber Center / Chrome Outline

of pcs: 16 pcs total – Registration numbers come as a set of two – one for each side of the boat/jetski

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Kwik Tek HH-P1B Hull Hugr PWC Fender (Black)

Flowt Type IV Throwable Foam Cushion

Extreme Max 3006.2165 BoatTector 3/8 x 6 Premium Double Braid Nylon Fender Line Pair, White & Gold

Taylor Made Products Low Freeboard Boat Fender (5 x 14)

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454 g (View shipping rates and policies)

* These 3D Domed Raised 3 registration numbers are pre-made and pre-spaced on one single transfer tape — ready to apply! * Pre-spacing is offered at no extra charge. Forget the headache of trying to space and stick each individual number and letter, or do it yourself dome products * These are High Quality 3-Dimensional Domed in Super Bright Chrome *These Letters are not paper or Vinyl decals! All Letters are domed with a very thick urethane Super Clear coating which is the same material many manufacturers use for factory emblems * These Letters and Numbers are Marine Grade, high adhesive, completely Smooth and have a Super High Gloss domed Urethane Finish, which makes them very durable, weather proof, and UV resistant. They are Very flexible and have a High Aggressive Bond Waterproof mounting adhesive, highest quality available in the market. Used as the factory emblems on all major boat manufacturers. Easy Installation, just clean mounting surface, then peel off the back, and place your sticker in desired place. * Can be used on interior or exterior flat surfaces only. For more high quality 3D domed lettering and numbering decals.

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Excellent quality. The side of the dock caught the …

Excellent quality. The side of the dock caught the side of the lettering and they looked all scratched up, wiped them down and you cant even tell. The urethane is thick and provides a good amount of protection. The only thing I would have liked to see is a little better-looking carbon fiber but all in all, great price for the product.

These are beautiful and came with easy to follow instructions regarding surface cleaning/preperation.

Amazing product! Highly recommend! Came so fast and thank you so much for lining them up perfectly for us so all we do is take back off and apply to the boat! Thank you thank you thank you

Very very nice! These letters look 100% better than standard letters

Very very nice! These letters look 100% better than standard letters. Really easy to install and letters are spaced perfectly.

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German Shepherd Dog

The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to act as a guide for judges. Breeders and judges have the responsibility to avoid any conditions or exaggerations that are detrimental to the health, welfare, essence and soundness of this breed, and must take the responsibility to see that these are not perpetuated.

Any departure from the following should be considered a fault, and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog and on the dogs ability to perform its traditional work.

The tendencies toward exaggeration and steep angles are unacceptable. German Shepherd Dogs with unstable temperaments, sharply angulated croups, overly long front and rear pasterns, and hocks that are weak and wobbly are poor representations of this working breed. UKC is unwilling to condone the validity of using exaggerated specimens of this breed in a breeding program and, to preserve its health and vibrancy, cautions judges about awarding wins to these representatives.

The German Shepherd Dog is a relatively young breed, developed almost single-handedly in the first half of the twentieth century by a German cavalry officer, Max von Stephanitz, president of the Verein far Deutsche Schaferhunde S.V. Using a variety of German sheepdogs as his foundation stock, von Stephanitz developed a distinctive breed in a very short period of time, due in large part to the authoritarian practices of the German dog fancy at that time. Von Stephanitz emphasized utility and intelligence in his breeding program, enabling the German Shepherd Dog to switch easily from herding duties to other fields of work, particularly military and police work. The breed was just gaining notice in the United States when World War I broke out. All things German were shunned and popularity slumped. After the war, however, movie star Rin-Tin-Tin stimulated interest in the breed again. The striking good looks of this breed, combined with its remarkable intelligence and loyalty, have made it a favorite working and companion dog.

The German Shepherd Dog was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1924.

The German Shepherd Dog is a medium-sized, well-balanced, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a medium length coat, erect ears, and a low-set natural tail that normally reaches to the hock and is carried in a slight curve like a saber. The outline of the German Shepherd Dog is made up of smooth curves rather than angles.

The head is in proportion to the size of the body, strong without appearing coarse or fine. Gender differences are readily apparent. The German Shepherd Dog should be evaluated as an all-around working dog, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dogs ability to work.

Disqualifications: Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid.

The German Shepherd Dog is confident and fearless, willing to be approached, yet a certain level of aloofness towards strangers is acceptable. When working, the German Shepherd is alert and eager, adapting well to new tasks. Lack of confidence is a serious defect in the character of a German Shepherd. The structure of this breed was designed for efficient locomotion, particularly at the trot, so poor movement is another serious fault.

Disqualifications: Viciousness or extreme shyness.

The head is proportional to the size of the dog, and cleanly chiseled. Males should appear masculine without coarseness; and females feminine without being overly fine. The skull and muzzle are of equal length, parallel to one another, and joined at a very slight stop. There is little or no median furrow.

The skull is broad and only very slightly domed. In males, the skull is slightly wider than it is long; in females, the skull is slightly narrower. Viewed from the front, the skull tapers evenly from the ears toward the muzzle. The cheeks are just slightly rounded but do not protrude.

The muzzle is long and wedge-shaped, with strong, well-developed jaws. In profile, the bridge of the muzzle is straight and parallel to the topline of the skull. Lips are tight and darkly pigmented.

Faults: Muzzle too short, blunt, weak, pointed, or overlong.

The German Shepherd Dog has a complete set of evenly spaced, white teeth meeting in a scissors bite.

Faults: Overshot or level mouth; missing first premolars.

Serious Fault: Missing teeth other than first premolars.

Disqualifications: Undershot; wry mouth.

The nose must be black, or self-colored in a liver or blue dog. A snow nose is acceptable but not preferred.

Disqualification: Total lack of nose pigment.

The eyes are as dark as possible, of medium size, almond-shaped, and set slightly obliquely. Expression is alert, calm, and intelligent. Eye rims are dark.

Ears are erect, moderately pointed, of medium size, broad at the base, and set high. Ear leather is firm. When the dog is alert, the centerlines of the ears, viewed from the front, are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Disqualifications: Cropped ears; drop or tipped ears.

The neck is relatively long but strong and muscular. The skin is tight. The German Shepherd Dog normally carries the head just a little higher than the shoulders, particularly when moving.

The shoulder blades are long, well muscled, well laid back, and laid flat to the body. The upper arms, also long and well muscled, join the shoulder blade at nearly a right angle. A straight line drawn from the withers to the ground should pass just behind the back of the foreleg.

From the pasterns to the elbows, the forelegs are straight and strong with oval-shaped bones. The pasterns are strong and supple, sloping no more than 25 degrees. The elbows are neither close to the body nor out, but are set on a plane parallel to the body. The length of the forelegs should be just slightly more than half the height of the dog, measured at the withers.

Serious Faults: Pasterns slanted more than 25 degrees. Pasterns so long and weak that proper movement is compromised.

A properly proportioned German Shepherd Dog is longer (measured from prosternum to point of buttocks) than tall (measured from the withers to the ground) in a ratio of 10 to 9. The length is derived from proper construction of forequarters and hindquarters and not from length of back.

The line of the back slopes downward from the withers into a straight, strongly developed, and relatively short back. Ribs are long and extend well back, resulting in a short, broad loin. The croup is long and slightly sloping.

Viewed from the front, the chest is deep and well filled. From the side, the forechest extends in front of the forelegs and the brisket down to the elbows. Tuck-up is moderate.

Faults: Barrel ribs; ribs too flat; long loin.

Serious Faults: Any measure of a roached back. Shelly appearance.

Viewed from the side, the hindquarters are broad and muscular. The angulation of the hindquarters is in balance with the angulation of the forequarters. The rear pastern is short and strong, and should remain upright and functional. Powerful hindquarters are necessary to enable the effortless movement that is an essential feature of this breed. Rear pasterns should remain upright and functional.

Serious Faults: Over-angulated rear, with anything exaggerated beyond a mild slope. Rear pasterns so long and weak that proper movement is compromised.

Feet are round and tight, with toes well arched. Pads are thick and hard. Nails are strong and dark. Front dewclaws may be removed but are normally left intact. Removal of rear dewclaws is preferred but not mandatory. The feet should recoil cleanly from each stride.

Serious Fault: Feet that drag along the ground on recoil.

The tail is set on low in a natural extension of the unexaggerated, slightly sloping croup. The tail extends at least to the hock joint. When the dog is relaxed, the tail hangs in a slight curve, like a saber. When the dog is excited or moving, the tail may be raised and the curve accentuated but the tail is never carried above a vertical line extending from its base. The coat on the tail stands outward, giving the tail a bushy appearance.

Dogs with docked or altered tails resulting from working injuries are not to be penalized.

Faults: A slight hook in the tail to the extent it mars the dogs general appearance.

Serious Faults: Tail too short; ankylosis.

The German Shepherd Dog is double coated. The outer coat lies close to the body and is dense and straight with harsh texture. A slight wave is acceptable in a particularly harsh coat. The undercoat is short, dense, and fine-textured. The coat on the body is of medium length but not so long as to detract from the dogs ability to withstand bad weather conditions. The coat is shorter on the head (including the inside of the ear), the legs, and the feet. The coat on the neck is longer and thicker, forming a slight ruff, particularly on some males. The hair on the back of the legs is longer and thicker, forming trousers on the hindquarters, and extending to the pasterns in front and the hock joint behind.

Serious Faults: Short, mole type coat; long coat that stands away from the body; soft coat; absence of undercoat.

The German Shepherd Dog comes in many colors and white. In evaluating colored dogs, strong, deep colors are preferred. Nose, lips, and eye rims must have dark pigment, regardless of coat color. Color faults are minor in comparison to defects of type and structure.

Serious Faults: Pale, washed-out colors; blue; liver.

Desirable height at maturity for males is 24 to 26 inches; for females, 22 to 24 inches.

Absolute soundness of movement is paramount. Correct gait is an essential feature of the German Shepherd Dog. When trotting, it moves with a long, effortless, efficient stride that is driven by a powerful forward thrust from the hindquarters.

The rear leg, moving forward, swings under the foreleg and touches down in front of the point where the forefoot left an imprint. The result is that one rear leg passes outside its corresponding front leg and the other passes inside its corresponding front leg. This is a breed characteristic and should not be penalized as long as the body is straight in relationship to the direction of movement.

As the rear leg moves backward, the body is propelled forward. The front and rear feet remain close to the ground throughout. When trotting, the back remains firm and level with no superfluous vertical movement. Hocks should be strong and straight, turning neither in nor out as the dog moves. There should be no visible wobble to the hock. Neither front nor rear pasterns should strike the ground; this is an unacceptable exaggeration and an indication of incorrect movement. As the speed of the trot increases, there is a tendency to single track. Correct movement and soundness must be evaluated from front and rear as well as the side.

Serious Faults: Any fault that affects correct movement.

(A dog with a Disqualification must not be considered for placement in a conformation event, and must be reported to UKC.)

Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid.

Find a dog that will fit your family.

Note: The breeders on this list are not endorsed by UKC.

We are currently processing registration applications that were receivedas of June 4, 2018.

Processing can take 7-10 days from receipt.

The United Kennel Club (UKC) is an international all-breed dog registry providing credibility for pedigrees and offering family-friendly events to celebrate dog abilities and the human/canine bond.

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Registration Numbers- Moomba Font- Nice Deal

Registration Numbers- Moomba Font- Nice Deal

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the

by clicking the link above. You may have to

before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

Registration Numbers- Moomba Font- Nice Deal

Registration Numbers- Moomba Font- Nice Deal

I have been working with a fabricator/supplier to try to get the registration numbers available to everybody in the Moomba font in Chrome color. I told several of you privately that I thought this would be forthcoming and end up being a nice deal. I think it is and am happy so far with how things have gone.

The difficulty with the Masque font is that it did not have numbers and I have still never seen a TTF file that has them. But JMVotto was kind enough to share a couple of other file types and they were able to use one of them. So these should be available now and Ill be posting pics of mine as soon as they get here; my order went in today.

The cost is $18.50 for single color chrome and includes both sides. Shipping was about $8 for priority mail so the total was around $26.50. (Two colors or effects are a little more but available.)

My contact is James and he has been extremely patient and helpful. Im sure you can e-mail him at the site and get an order in now but I have asked him for specific instructions about how to place an order. Ill post his instructions as soon as I get them. In the meantime, if you are in a hurry, I think subject moombachrome is a good start if you e-mail him. I also think all the other colors will be available as well.

So, Ill post up pics as soon as I receive them– out of the box and then installed so you know what you are getting. This should be a nice deal and available for everyone that wants them.

EDIT: Pic is now available in post 12 below.Last edited by kaneboats; 03-12-2012 at02:45 PM.My Mom said Im not allowed to get wet!

Hey Pat, Id be interested in these now that they have the numbers figured out. I tapped one of my current 3D Chrome reg (not Masque font) with the buffer last fall and polished the chrome off where it hit… opps

Kane, thanks will look to order the chrome mirror two color.

You can have them email me here or they can choose any font but in the customer comment box on the last page they type in Moomba font and we will design it in that for them.

Again, Ill post pics as soon as I get these.My Mom said Im not allowed to get wet!

2017 Moomba Mojo Max Surf Edition, 2 Pair Wetsounds Rev10s powered by an SD2, 6 pair Wetsounds XS650M and Wetsounds XS12 powered by SD6 all controlled by a WS420.

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You are on your own on that one. But I wish you good luck!

My Mom said Im not allowed to get wet!

Its all about the dash – enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates

life is about finding the balance between being a responsible adult and staying young at heart

Its worked out. They came in yesterday. They look great. They are just your basic registration numbers but they are in the masque font and chrome. Very cool looking. Id post a pic but with the transfer paper on them you cant tell anything. As soon as I get them installed– maybe over the weekend– Ill try to post.

My Mom said Im not allowed to get wet!

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