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A very popular Domed Numbers Silicone Mould with a rounded curvaceous style, which is perfect for personalising, cakes for ages and occasions.

Create numbers 0 to 9, an equals sign (=), a multiply sign (x), a minus sign (-), a plus sign (+) and an exclamation mark (!) for your cake decorating projects. This Domed Numbers mould is a must for anyone who has difficulty piping messages. It is an incredibly useful mould allowing you to personalise your designs with a message for any occasion.

All Katy Sue moulds are made in their factory in the UK with FDA compliant food grade silicone. Katy Sue Moulds can be used with sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, cold porcelain and salt dough.


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Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars

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Alex Collier Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars 1994

ByAlex Collier dot orgon Thursday, October 25th, 2012No Comments

Alex Collier Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars 1994

I want to thank all of you for coming. Its really nice because if it werent for you coming, we wouldnt be coming up here. And at the same time I want to thank you personally for coming here and allowing me the space to share this with you, so that I dont have to carry it any longer by myself. And I dont have to put the family through craziness either because of not knowing what to do with a lot of this information. And thats what it is, its information. The purpose of the lectures is to inform you specifically of the extraterrestrial intervention and of our development, and the development of mankind from virtually the beginning. To kind of give you an overview of the crisis of our own evolution that we are in, even though some are not aware of it yet. And its interesting how Mars really ties into this. The things that I have learned about Mars are just absolutely fascinating. And in many respects it is a real mirror for us.

So, without further adieu, what we will do is that we will get into it. I just want to say that this information is for you to do with what you need to do with it. Nobody has all of the answers, but collectively we all do have the answers. And we are only going to get it all if we all start communicating with each other. Everything is moving in that direction, even those people who are totally against this. Or whose reality is 9 to 5, Wall Street, CNN news, thats OK. Because whether they realize it or not, they are being pushed along as well. Its just that they are at the back of the bus, while some of us are up at the front driving the bus. Thats the difference. Mankind has been fascinated with Mars ever since time began. The red planet, or god of war as many different cultures and litanies have forth towards our neighbouring planet. I myself had my interest peaked when hearing of the rumours of a colony on Mars built by Earth humans. The story of Mars that has been shared with me from the Andromedans is both compelling and quite fascinating. It is also a story of planets that could pass for sisters in many ways including its apparent history, which I will share with you tonight. The planet Mars is in fact a member of our solar system. Not like Venus or our moon, or some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. It actually was originated here, formed here and is here. It is 6.1 billion years old. The inner sun, which all planets have, or had, is burnt out. So the inside, the very hollow point of Mars is cold, dark and wet. The surface appears to the desolate sandy and windy, thats because it is. But Mars is changing, and it has been changing for the last 30 years. The Andromedans say that Mars is actually getting closer to the Sun every three years. The windstorms of 200 mph are becoming fewer and fewer. Every year the polar caps, the North and South Pole are showing more of a change of seasons.

The technology does exist today for Mars to sustain human life as we know it today. In other words they can make it very similar to what we have here using the technology that they have. Many extraterrestrial races have this. In fact, one of the oldest races in many respects our nemesis race, the Orion group and the Draconians, were actually the leaders at one time in this particular biological engineering, and genealogical engineering. According to the Andromedans, given the correct coordination of events in technology areas of Mars could become fully habitable for human life in only 20 years. Mars offers us this possibility. Also one of the moons of Saturn, Titan offers us this exact same possibility.

Mars has had a past very, very similar to Earth. It has had a history of colonization and life. Mars was the first explored and colonized planet in our solar system according to Moraney, one of the Andromedans. Now as the ETs were coming in to our system they stopped at Mars first. Mars had an ocean, it had atmosphere. It was also in a very different place to where it is now. It had plant life and some very, very basic lifeforms. These lifeforms didnt solely evolve on the planet, but were brought to Mars and the Earth 809 million years ago by traders, explorers, and miners. They came from Alpha Draconis, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Lyra, Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, and Sirius. Predominantly those groups. There have been some others that have passed through here, but those groups have predominantly really worked our solar system. For minerals, ores, biological samples, all kinds of different things. And every time they came, they always left something behind. Whether it was a plant, or an animal or something. Some of the lifeforms that have been and will be discovered on Mars are exactly identical to lifeforms we have here on Earth.

Space travel has existed in our galaxy for 4.4 billion years. So there have been races for over 4 billion years traveling in our galaxy and just playing Johnny Appleseed, literally. According to the Andromedans these earlier space explorers and engineers brought organisms and lifeforms with them as they were exploring other systems. They also seeded these lifeforms along the way. The fossil records of Earth and Mars apparently show that most lifeforms have very little actual evolution. They have here almost fully formed. In other words they were suddenly there, just like man. We almost just suddenly appeared in our form today. Thats because every time the ETs, whoever they were coming through here, they were always doing a little tinkering along the way. Because thats what they do, they tinker with whatever it is. They try to make it better, or make it more their own.

According to Vasais, if you were to look at our geological history and the different periods of development of life on the planet, it is identical to Mars. And we will discover that if it ever comes out, or if civilians from Earth get there and it is not this top secret space program. That is an indication of the visitations by biological engineers in extraterrestrial form. Every time they cane here, they tinkered. They brought the dinosaurs here, they brought the primates here, they brought plant life, mammals, everything was brought here from somewhere else. And then other races would come in, following behind, and tinker and try to make it better. One of the best examples of that is us. My understanding is from the Andromedans that the primates were created by the Draconians. Monkeys, they are from somewhere else and the Draconians brought them here. They tinkered with them. They genetically changed them just enough so that they could thrive on Earth, and apparently on Mars for a time. Then other civilizations came in and tinkered more with

The Earth was mined forgoldand other minerals. The ETs themselves didnt want to go in the holes and do it. They didnt want to go into the mines, so they tinkered with us, little by little until we are now fully formed to where we are today. But they did such a good job, some of these ET races, that some of the other races and Ill get more specific here, the Draconians and Orions were very threatened by our ability to think for ourselves and to create for ourselves. So they stepped back in after creating the original primates and they took away some of our DNA strands. They took them out of us. Which is why all of us are still searching for what is, and wondering where the hell it is. Knowing it is in here but just elusively not being able to touch it just yet. A lot of it has to do with the DNA.

The Andromedans have stressed that Earth and Mars were biological and genetic experiments. The different periods of lifeforms reflect the genetic seeding of organisms on our planet and Mars. The sudden appearance of fully formed reptiles, birds, mammals etc, indicate the seeding and colonization of Earth and Mars by the different extraterrestrial groups mentioned earlier. The primates or monkeys were brought to Mars and then to Earth by the Draconians and Orion explorers. They were genetically created in laboratories on their space arks or motherships or whatever you want to call it.

What happened to Mars? Apparently 69.3 million years ago a very large planetary asteroid came through our solar system, and was also pulling with it a lot of debris. This asteroid, from what Vasais told me, was so magnetically powerful, that as it came through Mars and Saturn; what it did because of Mars size, it ripped Mars from its original orbit and pulled it out 19 million miles further within 24 hours. As the asteroid was coming through, Mars was apparently moving this way, and it just pulled it out of its orbit 19 million miles. Which of course devastated anything that was on it. Its atmosphere, the lifeforms etc. This cosmic war devastated Mars and the lifeforms that were in existence on it. It also caused Mars to pole shift three times in as many days. Just picture if you can this happening to the Earth. For something that literally rips us from its orbit, we are being pulled this way. But as we are being pulled towards this magnetic thing, the Earth is rolling like a ball towards it. Moving water, dirt, sand, everything. Thats what happened to Mars. Mars was moved into its new orbit which is where it is today.

All of these little marks here which we will talk about just a little bit later with the exception of the blues, but even the blue areas, these are ruins of civilizations that had existed on Mars where life was thriving just as it is thriving here. But we are talking about millions and millions and millions of years ago. At the same time that this was occurring to Mars, apparently one of the pieces of debris that was in the tail section of this asteroid broke free and somehow just went off on its own and was captured by the Earths gravitational pull. Apparently it hit the Earth, this asteroid or this comet, whatever you want to call it, hit the Earth somewhere around Central America in the Atlantic Ocean causing the planet to do a pole shift as well. It hit it so hard. This was 69.3 million years ago. According to the Andromedans this is what killed off all the dinosaurs. This was going on at Mars and on the Earth at the same time except Mars really. Thank goodness or we wouldnt be here talking about it today.

Our pole shift was a complete Thats how hard it hit. Which means it moved everything. All the oceans, some of the continents, everything moved in a very short time. Its filled our atmosphere apparently with so much dust and clouds that it created our ice age, our last ice age.

Moraney has said that the Martian atmosphere was devastated, but the Earths atmosphere was intact and only required time to clear. Mars however would take tens of millions of years to be able to harbour the most basic life organisms again. And apparently there is life there in some way shape or form other than us. There is life there again. According to the Andromedans, Mars also had dinosaurs on it. The ruins of them have been found by the teams that are there, and eventually we will hear about it ourselves when things start to become more open. When we start to explore it ourselves. Theyve also said that along with vegetation, lifeforms etc., that the Martian ocean, which was 2000 feet at its deepest point, is completely trapped inside the surface of the planet itself, underground, all underground. It was just sucked in. It was fresh water.

The Andromedans also say that Mars has been inhabited off and on for 3.8 billion years. They also add that there are ruins all over Mars. Much of the ruins are buried under the sands of Mars as well. You had 60 some odd million years of sandstorms, just covering things over and over and over and over again. Its like the Gobi desert. It is an excellent example of what is going on here. Underneath the Gobi desert there is ruins, tremendous ruins from a very sophisticated city that existed during the time of Lemuria. Its there, and its still there, buried under hundreds of feet of sand.

Most of us have heard about the Cydonia region of Mars and the discovery of the city, the face and the pyramids. There are also more ruins in the Cydonia region that havent been found yet according to the Andromedans. They say what we have found there is just the tip of the iceberg. The Egyptian word: Al-Quhria means to conquer. It also means Cairo, which is the capital city of Egypt. The root of this Egyptian word is: Al-Qahir. This word means Mars, and it has been in the Egyptian language for thousands and thousands of years. Strange coincidence.

Mars also offers us a look at a world whose atmosphere was destroyed by cosmic events. We could create the same desert planet and atmosphere if we continue to pollute the planet. Look at your maps. If there is anybody that does not have a map I realize the printing is small, but a really good Mars map is next to impossible to find. I have taken the liberty of marking the places that I am going to the talking about here on the map. So when the lecture is over and you want to come up and mark it with your own pen then thats fine. These are the areas that I am going to the talking about that are marked here. This is not the whole planet. There are other things that have been explored or photographed that simply have not seen the light of day, and probably wont buy the governments.

We are going to talk about the some of the ruined areas, and I will tell you where they are, whats there, our old they are and exactly the information that I have here is exactly the information that I have. The area known as Tharsis Ridge contains ruins of an ancient city approximately 69 million years old. Utopia Region, that this large area here; these two significant areas here holds ruins of an ancient city that is again 69 million years old.

These are the Latin names that we give to them. I cant even pronounce their names for them, so I didnt even bother. This next area that we are going to deal with is right here, this blue area. It is also called Eve. It is called: Vallus Mariners, or Mariners Valley. It hides the ruins of an ancient Lyran city hidden under hundreds of feet of sand. It is approximately 113 million years old. This is the largest of the Lyran and later Pleiadian ruins. There is a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns under this area. In other words this is a very large canyon here, a valley. And all through in here, in this area here, they say there are huge caverns and tunnels.

Q: Did these people die, or were they invaded?

A: No theyve all left when they knew what was happening. Some of them actually came here, but they didnt fare much better. But save your questions for the end.

This is where the Earth base Eve is located. Now I am going to describe to you what they have told me is there. It is a vast complex originally built millions of years ago that was reactivated with the help of the Greys for the Earth world government. In other words, the Greys brought them there, showed them what to do and assisted them in reopening it, reactivating it. It stretches over and area of 118 miles, and is in some areas three levels deep underground. In other words the underground base of Eve covers and area of 118 square miles. It houses approximately 300,000 human beings. The deepest portion is 6200 feet with complete support systems as they would have if they were up on the surface. Its exactly like walking around here inside. Thats how sophisticated the technology is now. It has four openings to the surface. Two are compressed elevator type shafts, and two are pressurized hanger type entrances complete with elevators. If you are flying a ship, you fly into the hanger. The hanger closes, you are pressurized, and then you are brought down into the living quarters. If you are walking around on the surface, its the same thing. You walk into an elevator, it pressurizes you, and then you are taken down in to the.. Much of the hardware taken to Mars came from the Moon first via Russia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean. And if you havent heard about that, thats in an earlier lecture. Some of the machinery was taken by the Greys and the Orion group for the Earths black government. They helped us for whatever their reasons. They helped create this and make it work. This facility houses most of the 300,000 Terrans that are on the planet. Now we are talking abouthere, this area here.

Hellas Planitia, or for those of you who prefer to speak English; The Plains of Gold. This is the location of the Earth colony Adam, along the Western ridge of the mountains.

East of this area is called Hellas Puntas Montas(?SP) Thats this area here. This is where the Andromedans say Adam is located. This area here, the Plains of Gold used to be a very large fresh water lake. And all that water is still sitting underneath the sand. There are three domed structures that are built into the mountain range there. The largest of these three domes stretches 2.6 miles. I havent been there, this is what theyve said. And if you think about the fact that the gravity is 1/8th of what it is here, then it is very easy to build something and not have to worry about it falling down. The other two are approximately one mile each as well. All three domes are built into a triangular pattern. The largest of the domes is a military complex. The 2.6-mile dome is a military complex. All three domes are connected by underground tunnels, and all three domed cities are connected to Eve using three separate underground tunnels as well.

This is Adam, and this will be Eve. There are three domed structures here, built into the mountain range, and here is Eve. Each of the domed structures is connected to each other by a tunnel. Each one of these separate domed structures is connected to Eve separately as well. My understanding is if there is ever problems in one tunnel or two tunnels, there is always a way home no matter what happens. If there is a problem in all three tunnels, I dont know about that. I guess they will probably wish they were back on Earth. Underneath the largest of the domed structures apparently comes up like this. It is built 1000 feet into the surface of Mars itself. Now they said underneath the mountain range where Adam is located, they also have another connecting tunnel. They built this tunnel and area specifically so that they can reach this other area that I am about to tell you about. And apparently what they have found is a huge series of underground caverns that they can connect with under the military area that is approximately seven square miles. Seven square miles of caverns underneath this mountain range right here thats connected to the larger dome. They dont have any idea whats in that seven square mile area because of the technology that the Orions have, they cant see in to what is there. They dont know whats there. There is a force field, a shield where the Andromedans and nobody else can see what is going on in there. So this is all underground here. This was there, it has been there. They just tapped into it, and then of course there is the other domed structures as well.

Q: So what are those, those arent military?

A: They havent said. My guess would be that one would be scientific and one would be engineering.

Tempe Terra, that the area is here. Its the purple area here. In March 1989, the Russian Phobos took pictures of motherships landing on the surface of Mars. It also took pictures of one of the scout craft shooting at the Phobos just before it blew up.

Comment from audience: It showed a cigar thing on the photo with a big shadow on it and that was the last one before it blacked out.

Thats one of them. There is also another one that was 250 square miles that also had landed on the surface. This is a very old ancient Orion base from their old colonial days that has been fully reactivated. This base is over one million years old and is completely underground. This particular base, the one we are talking about here stretches sixty-four square miles underground. I dont want to tell you anymore, oh God. It goes five levels deep. The first floor is 900 feet below the surface, and its deepest is 8500 feet. That is the fifth level or the bottom of the fifth level. It is apparently fully operational as of June of 1994. It contains the 2111 scout craft, Orion and Draconian scout craft. What we call UFOs at this particular base. There are over 100,000 Orion group and Draconian troops there right now along with 300,000 Terrans, us. The Andromedans are real specific when they say troops. They didnt say aliens, they didnt say beings, they said troops.

The Cydonia region, ruins were the last base that the Pleiadians, Lyrans, and Sirians had on Mars. When our solar system fell to the Orion group, which was approximately 317,000 B.C., and that base was partially destroyed in the attack. Now I am going to go back and do a little history. The first Martian landing by the NSA black government was in March 1959. The black government sent three craft from the Moon to the area known as Cydonia. There was a total of 29 military and scientific personnel in all that went on this first expedition there. The fortress area in Cydonia housed the craft and the workers while Eve was being reopened with the Greys assistance. I dont know any more than that, as to how they did it I dont know. It was completely refitted for Earth life. The construction for this was performed by a very select group trained on the Moon. The personnel were recruited from the Army Corps of Engineers, naval engineering units, the Bechtel Corporation, A.A. Matthews Corporation, the Robbins Corp., PSI Corporation, and scientists and engineers from J. P. L. They are just real specific. I ask them specific questions and they give me specific answers. I didnt ask for social security numbers. All of the personnel of this project have virtually no family and have been wiped off all records or references to their existence on Earth. Birth certificates, diplomas, drivers licenses, income tax records were seized and erased. This was carried out by the Ultra, and The Blue Moon Unit inside the NSA. Ultra is one of the top-secret units in the NSA, which the CIA just found out about two years ago. Thats how secret it is, when the CIA cant find out about it. Alpha one and Alpha two units; now the Alpha two unit according to the Andromedans actually are MJ-12. But all of us get hyped up about MJ-12 as the leaders of the government. Apparently they are at the bottom rung of this ladder. So thats how little we really do know. Thats Alpha two; investigated and recruited the personnel for this particular mission. This was done all on the premise that the Earth was going to self-destruct due to pollution, population and our quickly disappearing natural resources.

Bases were completed in 1968. Very little information is available regarding the day-to-day activities of the base occupants. The Andromedans have said that the Black government will do anything to maintain secrecy of this matter. In March 1989, 30 years to the month of the landing on Mars, a group from Orion and Draconis invaded the Martian colonies and all communication between Mars and the Moon have ceased. In other words the Black government is no longer talking to their buddies on Mars. There is no communication. The trap was laid, and now it has been sprung. Some of the greatest minds and talents on the planet, on our planet, are now stuck on Mars. We cant help them, and they cant help us. To do what they did is a phenomenal feat. Whether they did it behind our backs or not, it is still an incredible feat. And they could have helped us to do other things. Maybe apply some of that technology here. Well now we are both totally cut off from each other.

The Phobos and American probes were sent to discover what could be observed on Mars. They are gone, they are destroyed, they are history. They are no longer flying. They are nothing but pieces of scrap metal. NASA only at its very highest levels knows about Adam and Eve and the lunar bases. They do know. They also understand the power and motivation of those in the loop of world government power. In other words they cant rock the boat because they have nowhere to go, so they have to play the game. So on one level. , and on the other level it isnt. So you have to decide for yourself which end of the stick you want, really.

In the last lecture we talked about the Moon, and all of the military hardware that is on the Moon. ..because not even our government wants 100,000 Orion or Draconians coming here, because basically there is no game at that time. At least there is some mobility with the Greys. The Greys dont like the Orions or the Draconians either becau



A linear current regulator used in many drivers. SeeDriverarticle.

an industry standard for measuring the performance of flashlights. Seearticle.

anti-reflective coating. A coating on a lens that lets more light through the lens instead of being reflected back towards the light source. Seelensesarticle andWikipedia articlefor more information.

a lens designed to offer better throw. Aspheric because it does not have the classic lens shape, the shape of the lens is not spherical. This dramatically increases costs. Most affordable ones are injection moulded optical plastic. Aspheric means not a part of a sphere

a well-regarded brand of rechargeable battery sold on CPF Marketplace. See articleRechargeable.

a picture of the beam of a flashlight, usually on a white wall, or outside on plants.

the front of a flashlight; the part containing/surrounding the lens.

an LED classification that describes the performance of a particularLEDmodel – flux (brightness), tint, and Vf. Example: UV1J.Creeuses bin numbers P4, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, R2, R3, R4, R5, S2 each denoting a roughly 5% increase in output. As LEDs come out of the factory, they are tested and put in actual bins based on their performance.

Budget Light Forum, an online forum dedicated tobudget lights.

a type of electronic circuit that increases voltage. See articleDriver.

a type of electronic circuit that reduces voltage. See articleDriver.

capacity – the charge/discharge rate in an hour. For instance discharging a cell rated 1000mAh at 1C means drawing 1000mA and it should last 1 hour; at 0.1C it would draw 100mA and last 10 hours.

a budget flashlight model originally made byUltraFirebut widely copied. Has a bigger, deeper reflector than a P60 type of light for better throw and the pill usually screws into the throat for better heat management.

constant current / constant voltage – a method of charging lithium-ion batteries where a constant current is applied until the battery reaches 4.2V, then a constant voltage is applied as the current draw drops. Charging terminates when the current drops to 5% or 10% of the initial charging value.

Correlated Color Temperature, a number in Kelvins that represents color of light. A temperature of 2,700 to 3,000 is warm while while cool colors are 5,000+. See Wikipedia articleColor Temperature.

candela – a measurement oflight intensityin lumens per steradian (a solid angle. A whole sphere is 12.57 steradian). Can be measured with a lux meter at a distance of 1 meter from the light source. See throw, lumens.

Compact Fluorescent, an efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs.

the area of transition between a beams central hotspot and the area of spill. The corona becomes more prominent as the reflector surface is made rougher or more heavily textured, and also as the distance of the light emitting surface from the reflector focal point increases.

Cool White, a bluish LED tint. See articleANSI White.

CandlePower ForumsA large flashlight discussion board and marketplace.

a manufacturer of high-power, high-efficiency LEDs; particularly the XP-E2, XP-G2, XM-L2, and XP-L. See articleCree.

scalloped bezel at the front of a light, to 1) help prevent accidentally leaving the light on when stood on its head; 2) increase utility as a weapon, especially on larger lights (tail is sometimes crenelated too). Sometimes spelled crenulated.

Color Rendering Index – a value indicating how well a light source will show colors, with 100 being a perfect representation. A typical cool white LED might have a CRI as high as 70. The term High CRI seems to apply with a value of 80, but some LEDs have values in the low 90s. SeeWikipedia article.

1. direct drive. See articleDriver.

to remove the round plastic dome over the die on an LED; if the beam is properly focused by a reflector, the overall throw can be increased since the reflector sees a smaller die. Overall output typically goes down and the tint will probably change with good or bad results. Domes are not usually meant to be removed and it can be tricky removing one without damaging the LED. One method is soaking the LED in gasoline for 24 hours which makes the dome fall off.

the part of the LED that actually produces light. It is usually yellow and protected by a clear dome.

1. a method of softening the beam of a flashlight, usually to reduce beam artifacts, via a translucent film or material placed over the lens

2. a translucent attachment to make a flashlight serve as a camping lantern.

When the batteries power the LED directly without any regulation in the driver, or without a driver at all. See articleDriver.

Digital MultiMeter. Measures volts, amps, ohms, etc. You can spend anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred on a DMM. For flashlights it is helpful to be able to measure current (amps) in addition to volts.

a dark spot in the center of the flashlight beam. This is a common problem with multi-die emitters (can also appear as a plus-sign in the beam reflecting the layout of the 4 dice) but can also be the result of a poorly matched reflector.

the electronics in between the battery and LED. This usually consists of a circuit board in the pill. It regulates the voltage to the LED as well as provides the various modes and memory of the light. See articleDriver.

nickname for a Duracell precharged NiMH battery with a white top, made in Japan, and thought to be anEneloopin Duracell wrapping. See articleRechargeable.

DealExtreme, a direct ship seller of budget brands of flashlights and parts based in China.

everyday carry. A flashlight someone keeps on their person all the time. Seems to have been borrowed from handgun forums.

the amount of light output divided by the power consumption. Usually measured in lumens per watt (a watt being volts times amps). For an LED, this value varies with power consumption, becoming less efficient as power increases. Although efficacy is a measure of how efficient an LED is, true efficiency would be a percentage calculated by dividing the light output energy divided by the energy consumed.

instead of running power through the switch, the electronic switch just tells the driver when to let power through. This setup allows for a more versatile interface by allowing double clicks, click and hold, etc. Also an electronic switch can work better in a high power light since the switch controls the driver instead of all of the current having to flow through the switch itself. Electronic switches also require a small amount of current even when turned off so the driver can monitor the switch. This is called parasitic drain and can eventually deplete the battery when not in use.

the actual light-emitting part of an LED assembly. e.g. a Luxeon star comprises a Luxeon emitter mounted to a star circuit board. Also can be used to describe where lumens are measured, for instance whether lumen output is measured at the emitter or OTF (out the front). See articleLight Output Measurements.

field effect transistor. Basically a digitally controlled switch, these are used in high currentdriversoffering less resistance to current than other designs and therefore higher output.

scattered light emitted from a flashlight. Good for indoor use to light up a room or short-range use outdoors to light up an area. Compare withthrow.

a switch that turns the light on with the button partially depressed and then locks into on once it is fully depressed and clicked. This allows momentary on by halfway depressing the switch and then releasing to turn it off. A forward clicky is not as good for switching modes. Compare withreverse clicky.

hard anodized. A tough, scratch-resistant treatment applied to aluminum, e.g. for flashlight bodies. See article onAnodizing.

High-Intensity Discharge, a type of bright and efficient lighting.

a battery charger designed to be used with different battery chemistries and numbers of cells, used by radio control hobbyists. SeeChargersarticle.

High Output Lamp Assembly, typically a bulb/Light Emitting Diode module that is an upgrade and not standard, providing greater output at the expense of battery life.

The central and most intense portion of a flashlight beam. Intensity of a hotspot is governed by surface brightness of the light emitter, and the shape, depth, diameter, smoothness and reflective efficiency of the reflector surface. i.e. the hotspot is produced by light coming directly from the emitter, PLUS light reflected by the reflector. The more intense the hotspot, the greater the flashlights throw.

Generally, aMaglitethat has been modified with special bulbs and batteries to be significantly brighter

Lithium-Cobalt, the most common type of lithium ion rechargeable battery.

Lithium-Manganese, a type of lithium ion rechargeable battery able to sustain high power draws without overheating or exploding like a lithium cobalt battery might.

a rating for water resistance in flashlights. See different ratings on theANSI/NEMA FL-1page.

Light Emitting Diode. An electronic component (including the die, lens, PCB, etc.) that produces light. See articleLED.

technically a piece of glass or plastic with curved faces that shapes light, but in flashlights the lens can also be the flat piece of glass or plastic at the front of the light that protects the light source. See articleLenses.

flashlights/parts that facilitate mix and match of bezels/heads, battery tubes, tail caps, switches, pills, and so forth.

Law Enforcement Officer (these people often carry flashlights)

Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. See articleRechargeable.

Lithium polymer rechargeable battery. See articleRechargeable.

Light Orange Peel – used to describe a type of texture on a reflector.

Lock Out Tail Cap, a type of tailcap (primarily onSureFirelights) that when pushed slightly, the light will momentarily engage until released. When pushed harder, the light will engage to constant on until depressed again. The Lock Out feature prevents accidental activation by breaking the electrical circuit by separating the tailcap and the conductive body.

Low Self-Discharge – a type of NiMh cell that holds its charge longer than regular NiMh cells. See articleRechargeable.

(abbrev: lm) a measurement oflight output. Lumens measure all of the light output (compare to lux).

1. a measurement of light intensity. Lux refers to the number of lumens falling on a square meter. See articleLight Output Measurements.

2. short for LuxeonLED, an early high-power LED (also Lux I, Lux III, LuxV for different versions of this LED). SeePhilips Lumileds.

milliampere-hours – a rating ofbattery capacityin thousandths of an ampere in an hour. A 1000mAh battery should be able to discharge 1000mA for 1 hour or 500mA for 2 hours.

millicandela, 1/1000 of a candela (cd) – a measurement oflight intensity.

1. The memory effect in some cell types, see articleRechargeable.

2. The ability for a flashlight capable of multiple levels of output to remember the last-used level and return to that level the next time it is switched on.

metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, the most common type of FET. SeeFET.

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board. This is the type of board on which LEDs are usually mounted. They are metal to help transfer heat and are then attached to a pill or heat sink. Sometimes called a star or just a board.

a CPF member who makes high power P60 and other drop-ins for host lights.

a brand name of copper LED MCPCB that is designed to conduct heat away from an LED more efficiently than typical aluminum boards, therefore keeping the LED cooler, increasing brightness and LED life. Also seeSinkPAD.

Neutral White, an LED tint. Should be just pure white, but realistically may have a vanilla, or light yellow or orange tint. See articleANSI White.

1. orange-peel. A textured surface, e.g. for a reflector, used to smooth out beam imperfections. Compare toSMO. Also sometimes LOP for light orange peel (lighter texturing) or MOP for medium orange peel.

2. on conference posts can refer to original poster, the person who originally started the thread.

usually a total-internal-reflection (see TIR) reflector/refractor, as opposed to a metal-coated reflector. See articleLenses.

Usually placed in the assembly parts of the torch on the back and front. Helps to prevent dirt and dust to enter the torch.

Out-the-front. The amount of light that is actually emitted out of the front of the light, usually measured in lumens. This number is always lower than lumens measured at the emitter (at the LED itself). Some manufacturers quote OTF lumens and others use emitter lumens. Usually the OTF value is around a third less than the rated output of the light-producing device. SeeLight Output Measurements.

an assembly of the reflector, bulb, and driver originally introduced bySureFire, but now an industry standard. See articleP60.

Printed Circuit Board. A circuit board with electronics soldered to it. Usually it has a plastic base printed with ink, solder pads, and wire paths, but MCPCBs have a metal core.

a housing for the driver and a mounting point for the LED. In smaller lights it is threaded on the outside and screws into the throat of the flashlight body.

when the pill or electronics of a flashlight are filled or coated with epoxy or other hardening material. The advantage is this prevents corrosion and increases impact resistance since parts cant be dislodged. The disadvantage is it makes any modifications much more difficult.

when a light is turned on and emits a short burst of brighter light before settling down to the correct output level.

When a circuit board is included in aLi-Ionbattery that prevents cell damage caused by excessive discharge or current. Some flashlights sense low cell voltage and turn off, thereby providing protection as well.

Pulse Width Modulation. A technique of varying the brightness of a LED by flashing it on and off very quickly, making it appear to the eye that the LED is dimmer. Good PWM is at such a high rate that you cant notice it. But if you wave your hand in front of the light and get a strobe effect, the PWM is getting too low. Some use current regulation which makes the light dimmer without PWM and is also more efficient.

Quantum Tunneling Composite – a spongy material that provides decreasing resistance as it is compressed. It lends itself to being used in twisty flashlights, providing infinitely variable brightness as the head is pushed down onto the battery. BLF posts show it in action in aTank007 E07and aMini Maglite. Pictures of the stuff arehere.Wikipedia article

When measuringcolor rendering indexof a light source, 8 different colors (R1-R8) are used, but none of those are pure red. R9 is red and therefore is a supplemental measurement to CRI that indicates how well a light source renders red.

a mode in some flashlights where the brightness varies (ramps up or ramps down) and you select the brightness level you want. Sometimes this level is then memorized, but in the originalNiteCoreD10 it is only used until you turn the light off again.

or recoil thrower is a flashlight design where the LED is mounted on an arm just under the center of the lens, facing backwards into the reflector. Such a light can produce a very intense hotspot with great throw and very little spill. One downside is there is not much heatsinking to carry heat away from the LED.

or reflow soldering, a technique used to solder surface mount devices to pads on circuit boards. The pads have a little solder, then the device to be mounted is put in place and the entire board is heated until the solder melts. This is how LEDs are usually attached to their star or board. The heating can be done on the stove, in an oven, or with a hot air gun. SeeWikipedia article.

in a flashlight, a circuit that takes energy from a battery and converts it to a (usually) constant current or voltage to feed the flashlights light element (either an LED or bulb). Using a regulator, the flashlights brightness usually stays constant for the majority of the lifetime of the battery, and then output drops quickly and significantly as the battery is no longer able to supply the required energy. Non-regulated flashlights (also called direct-drive) usually start out at a high output, and then the output diminishes gradually over the lifetime of the battery. See articleDriver.

a switch that must be fully depressed, clicked, and released before the light comes on. Once the light is on, a half-press will turn the light off momentarily and/or change modes once released. It is good for multi-mode lights, but does not allow momentary on. Almost all budget lights have a reverse clicky, even if they are single mode. Compare toforward clicky.

Roar of the Pelican, a flashlight manufactured by Pelican, but currently more often the name of modified maglites using the ROP bulb.

a measurement of how long a flashlight will last on a set of batteries of a particular type, usually measured to 50% of the initial output (10% forANSI/NEMA FL-1). Multi-mode lights have a different runtime for each mode.

Seoul Semiconductor, a Korean LED manufacturer. See articleSeoul Semiconductor.

SureFireor sometimesSolarforce, two flashlight manufacturers.

a flashlight with a cluster of low-powered LEDs. Generally these are very inexpensive lights (9 LEDs seems common), but some have hundreds of LEDs and actually give off a decent amount of floody light.

a brand name of aluminum or copper LED MCPCB that is designed to conduct heat away from an LED more efficiently than typical aluminum boards, therefore keeping the LED cooler, increasing brightness and LED life. Also seeNoctigon.

Surface Mount Device – most high-power LEDs used in flashlights are mounted this way where legs of a component (LED, capacitor, resitor, diodes, etc.) are soldered to pads on the surface of the circuit board (as opposed to through-hole soldering where the legs of the LEDs go into holes on the circuit board which are then soldered on the underside with the excess leg length clipped off).

a reflector with a smooth finish. Designed for better throw, but also shows imperfections in the LED (e.g. rings). Compare toOP.

the area of a flashlight beam outside of the hotspot and corona. Light intensity in the spill area is typically low and even, and comes directly from the light emitting surface with little or no contribution from the reflector.

a modification to the battery springs in a flashlight to reduce resistance and increase current. The typical spring bypass involves soldering braided copper wire from the tip of the spring to the base where the spring attaches to the switch and/or driver.

Seoul Semiconductor, a Korean LED manufacturer. See articleSeoul Semiconductor.

a star-shaped circuit board that an LED emitter is often mounted to. The star board provides easy-to-access solder pads, and some degree of heat-sinking.

more of a marketing term than anything. Often refers to a light with fewer modes and a forward clicky, designed to take some abuse and possibly be mounted to a weapon. SeeCPF discussion.

the ability of a flashlight to place light onto a distant defined area of surface, i.e how well the light is collimated. The throw of a light source of fixed power will be defined by the surface brightness of the light emitter, and the shape, diameter, depth, smoothness, and reflective efficiency of the reflector surface. A flashlight with good throw characteristics is called a thrower and generally has a narrow beam that is best for illuminating objects at a distance (hundreds of feet). Compare withflood. TheANSI/NEMA FL-1standard states throw two ways: candela and meters.

Titanium – metal used to construct higher end flashlights. Like stainless steel, it can have a variety of surface finishes and resists corrosion, but it is stronger and lighter weight. See articleTitanium.

total internal reflection. A glass or plastic lens that collimates light rays from the light emitter, both by reflecting them and by refracting them. Theoretically, ALL of the light produced by the emitter is gathered by the TIR optic. See articleLenses.

tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Packed in small vials or cubes where the emitted electrons will strike phosphor and emit light, a vial can be attached to a flashlight so that you can find it in the dark. The brightness fades over time, reducing fifty percent during a half-life of 12.3 years. Different colors are available depending on the phosphor used.

a method of controlling a flashlight – loosening or tightening the head, control ring, or tailcap turns the light on or off or changes its level or mode. Many lights turn on with the head tightened, but some turn on with the head loosened.

Ultra Clear Lens, a trademarked glass lens with anti-reflective coating sold by .

user interface. The button presses, head twists, and whatever else is required to operate the flashlight, get to various modes, etc.

Forward Voltage (a property of anLED). The voltage drop across a LED at a given current. If two LEDs are identical except one has a lower Vf, the one with the lower Vf will draw a higher current from a battery and will also be brighter.

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Omega Crystals Are Ordered By Case Numbers.

So then, open up the back case an look for the number on the inside of the case back, which is called the case number. Once you have the case number you search for it on this page.The Swatch group has discontinued all selling of all Omega parts to independent parts distributors and to all independent watch repair persons worldwide.


Listed on this page are the last of the Omega crystals we can provide.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5223

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ 5112L With White Tension Ring And Date Window

This crystal is also know as Bestfit CRY-2539 and has a white(siver) tension ring for case 168.018 and 168.053 as found on a case number to Omega number listing. The 168.018 and 168.053 cases used crystals both with and without date windows. The size is 31.6 mm in diameter and height is about 3.3 to 3.5 mm. This same crystal is available without a date window as Bestfit Cry-2174, Omega PZ5112

Omega Railmaster Wide Ring Crystal 063PZ5098 Case 2914

Isnt it time to change the crystal on your Railmaster? Genuine wide ring new old stock Omega railmaster crystals. Shouldnt you order two pieces now that you have found them?

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5140LR With Round Mag Lens and Yellow Ring

This crystal is also available two other ways. This one PX5140LR has the special round shape date window. This same crystal is available with normal rectangular date window as number PX5140LC and without any window at all as PX5140. Omega list the diameter as 29.62 with height 4.7 mm.

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5140LR With Round Mag Lens and White Ring

This crystal is also available two other ways. This one PZ5140LR has the special round shape date window. This same crystal is available with normal rectangular date window as number PZ5140LC and without any window at all as PZ5140. Omega list the diameter as 29.62 with height 4.7 mm.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring

Omega Domed Anti-Reflect Sapphire Crystal

Fits cases 175.0081, 175.0082, 175.0083 some of the models number are 3513.53.00, 3513.82.00, 3613.30.01, 3613.30.02, 3613.30.11, 3613.30.12, 3613.53.01, 3613.53.02, 3613.53.11, 3613.53.12, 3813.30.01, 3813.30.02, 3813.30.11, 3830.30.12, 3813.50.01, 3813.50.02, 3813.50.11, 3813.50.12, 3113.30.00, 3113.53.00, 3513.30.00, 3513.33.00, 3513.50.00, 3513.51.00, 3513.52.00, case number 175.0084 is for model numbers 3123.30.00, 3820.50.26, 3520.53.00, 3823.80.00, 3523.80.00 and 3820.53.26 This crystal is also for case s 175.0085, 175.0086, 175.0087

Genuine Omega Crystal Case 166.0216 With Yellow Ring063PX5296

Genuine Omega Crystal Case 166.0216 With White Ring 063PZ5296

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring Case 166.067

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring Case 166.067

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring Case 166.003

Fits Steel Case number 166.003, omega number 063PZ5143. This crystal does not have a mag window, if you want a crystal with a mag window the crystal number is CRY-2550

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring Case 166.003166.003

Fits Case number 166.003, omega number 063PX5143. This crystal does not have a mag window, if you want a crystal with a mag window the crystal number is CRY-2551

Genuine Omega Crystal With Mag Lens & Yellow Ring Case 166.003

Omega Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal

Fits case numbers: 168.1502, 168.1506, 168.1602, 168.1612, 168.1615, 168.1622, 168.1628, 168.1641, 196.1502, 196.1505, 196.1522, 196.1525, 196.1641 Case number 168.1641 has been used with many model numbers some of them are 2053.80.00, 2252.50.00, 2253.80.00, 2952.50.91, 2052.50.00

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5315

Genuine Omega Crystal Case 176.005, 176.0005

Omega Sapphire Crystal SN2000 Replaced By SN5071

Omega Mineral Glass Crystal 063TN5218

Like all crystals from Omega this crystal is not supplied with a gasket.

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5108L With Silver Tone Tension Ring And Date Window

This same crystal is available without a date window as Omega PZ5108 listed below. This crystal is used on case number 568.001, 568.002, 568.011, 668.001, 668.002

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5108 With Silver Tone Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5108 With Silver Tone Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5111

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring

Fits Case numbers: 166.016, 166.0016, 165.016, 165.0016

Genuine Omega Crystal With Mag Lens Window & White Ring 063PZ5075L

Fits Case numbers: 166.016, 166.0016

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring 063PX5075

Fits Case numbers: 166.016, 166.0016, 6112

LED Crystal, Brown background with yellow trim, function text in white, days of week in white text with black background. Speedmaster Quartz in Red Text on Brown background.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5042

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5042

Omega Crystal PN 2181 Fits Case number 155.005, 155.0005, 155.007, 155.0007

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5106L With Yellow Tension Ring And Date Window Lens

Case numbers: 166.028, 166.0028, 168.022, 168.0022, 198.002, 198.0002, 198.003, 198.003, 198.030, 198.0030, 198.031, 198.0031, 198.032, 198.0032, 198.033, 198.0033, 198.7264, 398.008, 398.0008, 398.010, 398.0010, 398.014, 398.0014, 398.015, 398.0015, 398.016, 398.0016, 398.017, 398.0017, 398.018, 398.0018, 7264, 198.030, 166.060, 166.0060, 166.086, 166.0086, 166.0221, 166.0232,

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring & Date Lens PZ5155L

Date window crystal with white tension ring, has been used with case 166.062, 166.0062. Same crystal is available without the date ring the part number is PZ5155.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring 063PZ5188

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5025 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5025 With White Tension Ring

Omega Sapphire Crystal 062SB3061 with Anti-Reflective Coating on Both Sides

Fits cases 127.1112, 127.1110, 127.1111 model number 2806.52.37, 2806.77.40, 2806.72.31,,

This crystal is used on the case back.

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Tension Ring PX5087

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5011 With Yellow Ring Case 166.001

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Tension Ring PZ5260

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Tension Ring PX5260

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5103

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5244

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5244

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5243 With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5243 With Yellow Tension Ring

Omega Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal 062SA3004

Genuine Omega Mineral Glass Crystal TN5343

For Omega case number 591.0160, 159.0232, 591.0235, 591.0284

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5233 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5233 With Steel Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PN2082 for Case 162.025

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5156LL With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5156 With Yellow Tension Ring & Without DD Window

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5127 With Steel Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX 5259

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5258 With White Tension Ring

GS Plastic Crystal For Omega Case 3971

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5226

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5020L

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5019

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5019

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring 063PX5116

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring 063PZ5116

Omega Crystal PC5164L With Date Window Only

Omega Crystal PZ5162 White Tension Ring

Omega Crystal PX5162 Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PN2202 For Case 511.0531

Omega Sapphire Crystal with Printing for Stainless Case 595.0055

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5207

Omega Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal 062SA3039

Fits case numbers: Steel & White Gold DC 168.1617, Steel & White Gold DC 168.1656, Steel & White Gold SP 168.1642, Steel & White Gold SP 168.1645, Red Gold BG 168.1640, Titanium & Red Gold TL 175.0515

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5440 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5249 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5249 With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With Mag Lens & Yellow Ring PX5007L

Fits Case numbers Cyclops: 14777, 14781, 14799, 136.001, 136.011

This is also the replacement crystal for the Omega PX5005L mag lens version crystal that is no longer available from Omega. Therefore it also would fit the cases that would take the PX5005L crystal as well as those cases listed above for the PX5007L crystal.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5128

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Tension Ring PX5082

Fits Case numbers: 167.015, 6137, 6138, 6145, 6146, 135.016, 135.0016, 136.028, 136.0028, 137.001, 7225, 165.022, 165.0022, 165.022SP, 165.023, 165.023SP, 166.022, 166.0022, 166.023

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5191

Crystal with white tension ring, has been used with case 166.094, 166.0094. Same crystal is available with date window lens and the part number is OME-CRY-PZ5191L.

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring & Date Lens PZ5191L

Date window crystal with white tension ring, has been used with case 166.094, 166.0094. Same crystal is available without the date lens, and the part number is OME-CRY-PZ5191.

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5232 With White Tension Ring

Omega Crystal PN 2181 Fits Case number 155.006, 155.0006

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5184 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5232 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5142 With White Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5057

Fits Cases 366.827, 366.0827, 366.830, 366.0830, 198.007, 198.0007, 198.008, 198.0008, 198.011, 198.0011, 198.018, 198.0018, 198.054, 198.0054, 198.058, 198.0058, 166.137, 166.0137, 166.160, 166.0160

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5117 With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Date Lens Crystal With White Ring

Genuine Omega Date Lens Crystal With Yellow Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5004 With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5004 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal Case 176.0050 and 176.00501

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5017

Without Date Lens to Fits Case numbers:

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring PZ5017

With Date Lens to Fits Case numbers:

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring PX5191

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ 5112 With White Tension Ring

This crystal is also know as Bestfit CRY-2174 and has a White (silver) tension ring for case 168.018 and 168.053 as found on a case number to Omega number listing. The 168.018 and 168.053 cases used crystals both with and without date windows. The size is 31.6 mm in diameter and height is about 3.3 to 3.5 mm. This same crystal was also available with a date window as Bestfit Cry-2538, Omega PZ5112L

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5236 With White Ring

Omega Anti-Reflect Sapphire Crystal 062SA3040

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring 063PZ5299

Genuine Omega Crystal With Yellow Ring 063PX5299

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5131 With Yellow Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5131L With Yellow Ring and Date Window

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5131 With White Tension Ring

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5131L With White Ring and Date Window

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5014 With Yellow Ring

Fits Case numbers 6090, 9091, 14766, 14900, 14919, 165.003, 165.0003, 167.005, 167.0005, 167.006, 149.005, 149.0005, 149.006, 149.0006, 149.0062, 149.062, 149.00

Omega Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal

Diameter 30.5 mm, Thickness 3.32 mm, Fits Omega case numbers: 178.0515 models 2293.50.00, 2294.50.00, 2594.50.00, 2894.51.91, 2993.50.91, 178.0516, 178.0521, 178.0522, 187.0523, 168.1620, 168.1626, 168.1631, 168.1632, 168.1634, 168.1635, 165.1503, 165.1623, 168.1503, 168.1603, 168.1613, model 2531.80.00 and 2231.80.00 case 168.1623, 168.1630, model 2232.30.00 case 168.1633, 168.1640, 168.1644, 175.0514, 175.0518, 178.0504, 178.0514, 178.0520, 196.1503, 196.1507, 196.1523, 196.1524, 196.1640, 278.0505, 278.0506 368.1503, 396.1503, 278.0513, 278.0511, 278.0510, Also used with model number 2221.80.00 with case 196.1504.

Genuine Omega Crystal PZ5011 With White Ring Case 166.001

Special crystal with black ring for case numbers: 105.003, 105.012, 105.0012, 145.003, 145.012 145.022, 145.0022, 145.031, 145.0031, 145.062, 145.0062, 145.0222, 145.222, 145.0223, 145.0224, 145.0227, 145.0228, 145.0229, 145.0808, 155.0301, 145.0302, 145.0303, 145.0305, 345.0808, 345.0809.

Yes this is the crystal found on the moon watch case. The watch world calls the material it is made from Plastic, while omega likes the fancy world Hesalite, instead a of simple word like plastic. And since this and all the plastic Omega crystals are genuine Omega products you will find that little Omega logo stamped in the center of the crystal. The case 145.0022 is a much used case by Omega and some of the model numbers that you this case are 3570.50.00, 3590.50.00, 3597.11.00, 3870.50.31.

Fits Case 145.014, 145.0014, 145.026, 145.0026

Genuine Omega Crystal PX5112L With Yellow Tension Ring And Date Window

This same crystal is available without a date window as Omega PX5108 listed below. This crystal is used on case number 568.001, 568.002, 568.011, 668.001, 668.002

Genuine Omega Crystal With White Ring and Date Window PZ5123L

Have no idea what the part number or case number for this genuine Omega Crystal. Rare old style 29.50 x 21.55 x 3.65 mm.

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Mailing Address: PO BOX 796, Oakland Ca. 94604

Freight Shipment Address: 119 3rd St. Oakland Ca. 94607 USA

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Monolithic Dome home

A recently completed Monolithic Dome home shielded a family from a hurricane and came away unscathed. Thats the strength of a Monolithic Dome.

Whats a fertilizer blend plants number-one enemy? Moisture! If water gets into or condensation forms inside a storage unit, it quite quickly begins degrading the fertilizer and forming rust. But Monolithic uses a technology that keeps that troublesome process to a minimum.

For your dream dome-home, our library includes floor plans in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. That size-range includes small, cozy cottages, as well as spacious and spectacular castle-like domains and everything in between. But while sizes and shapes may vary, the benefits of a Monolithic Dome home remain constant. In addition to long-range savings, our very green Monolithic Domes provide energy-efficiency, disaster protection and more. This website has tools and hundreds of articles related to dome design. In addition, our staff includes professionals with experience and expertise that can help you design the exact floor plan you want and need.

A Monolithic Dome Workshop is a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction. Equal time is given to studying dome construction principles in a classroom setting and to applying those principles by actually building a Monolithic Dome.

Its new!Heres a must-have, must-readebookwith down-to-earth information on just about anything and everything that has to do with designing and building your dream home.

Construction has finally finished and allowed the family to move into their dome home.

A Monolithic Dome is now underway on the island of Maui in Hawaii to be used as a theater.

Protecting students in an area at risk for tornadoes is serious business. For this school district, building a storm shelter almost didnt happen.

A familys summer cabin in Northern Arizona offers an escape from the heat of the desert, all inside a Monolithic Dome.

As part of its Saving our World series, Business Insider has featured Monolithic Domes as live-saving structures.

We recently finished another dome builders workshop. Thank you to all who came.

A new trade magazine has featured Monolithic Domes and their storage properties in its April issue.

What started out as an afterthought is now a conference center hosting thousands a year.

Along historic Route 66 stands a Monolithic Dome which serves as a farm store, which has a family legacy and history.

After discovering Monolithic Domes, one man is soon to have one of his very own.


CNC machined domes with radiused valve reliefs provide optimum flame travel

Designed for use with most popular 23 heads

Forged from Premium 2618 aluminum alloy

Pin fitting and double spiro locks included

wall wrist pin (130 grams) included

CNC Machined ring grooves accept 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 rings (Rings Sold Seperately)

Optional bearing steel pins available

– Denotes part has been issued a new part . A list referencing old part s to their new counterparts will be available shortly.

Anniversary Clocks

Take advantage of internet savings by buying your Howard Miller, Loricron German Anniversary clock Clock online Today! Order your anniversary clock with Westminster chimes from us for the best service possible.

These Anniversary Clocks are in stock at our clock warehouse for immediate shipment unless marked with a future availability date.

We have the largest inventory of Anniversary Clocks in stock in the United States.

Free Priority Shipping on all selections below

Click any of the Anniversary clock images below for greater detail or to purchase the Anniversary Clocks

We also carry Glass Replacement Domes For Anniversary Clock

Anniversary style mantel clock in a solid wood case with an old world walnut finish. Decorative carved frontal accents and silk-screened glass front and side panels. New Harmonic Triple Chime movement will play the Westminster chime, Ave Maria or Bim-Bam chimes on the hour with a full hour count. Volume control, Automatic Night time shutoff selection and rotating pendulum. Anniversary collection from Bulova Clocks. One Year warranty and Free Shipping.

Size: H 11.5 W 8.25 D 5

Bulova B8818 Tristan I Anniversary Clock

Goldtone metal base with resin pillars. Roman numerals on a spun metal dial with minute track. Clear cut pendulum balls rotate in one direction, then stops and rotates the other. Glass crystal dome. Accurate, quartz battery operated movement and pendulum. One year warranty and Free Shipping.

Size: 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide

Howard Miller Christina 645-690 Non-Chiming Anniversary ClockPolished brass finished 9 glass-domed anniversary clock with metal base and goldtone triple crown finial. A two-toned satin brass dial features a circular spun silver, numeral ring with raised, embossed center design and black Roman numerals surrounded by a brass-tone bezel. Black, open fret cut diamond hour and minute hands. The direct-drive pendulum includes four revolving synthetic crystals. Quartz, Non-Chiming accurate movement includes the battery. One year warranty and Free Shipping.

Seiko QHN006GLH Non-Chiming Anniversary ClockGreat for wedding presents, anniversaries or gifts where you wish to make a good impression at a reasonable price. Non-tarnish bright shine gold-tone finish on a plastic base, resin pillars and dial will keep its new look for many years. Pendulum rotates approx 1.5 times before slowing down and reversing back the other way. Real glass dome. Accurate quartz movement. Two AA batteries included.

One year warranty and Free Shipping.

Bulova B1534 Empire Anniversary ClockBulova B1534 Empire Anniversary Clock is an elegant contemporary styled clock. The dark Espresso finish truly accentuates the silver clock face and pendulum. The beveled glass on the front and the leaded glass effect on the sides allow light to shine in on the rotating pendulum which sparkles with 8 faceted crystals.

Bulova Nordale mantle clock has a Solid wood case with a walnut finish. The Decorative screened glass is on the front and side panels. It has a Two-tone metal dial with a Revolving pendulum. There is a 2.75 x .5 engraving plate included. One Year warranty and Free Shipping.

Bulova Bardwell offers a real wood case with an antique walnut finish, decorative carved accents, brass finish accents and a revolving pendulum. Decorative screened glass front & side panels. Removable see through acrylic back panel. Switchable Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim-Bam melodies on the hour with an adjustable volume control. Three position chime switch offers a choice of silent, night shut off. Battery operated movement. One Year warranty and Free Shipping.

Size: Height 10.75 Width 9.5 Depth 6.5.

Glass Replacement Domes For Anniversary Clock

Eight Day Cuckoo Clocks with Music and Dancers

Dark, Expresso or Painted Finish Curio Cabinets

Grandfather Clocks with Night-Time Shutoff

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Showroom II, Models G – K

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Showroom III- Grandfather Clocks L – Q

Howard Miller Grandfather Clock Showroom IIII, Models R – Z

Black or Dark Finish Grandfather Clocks

Rhythm Magic Motion Small World Wall Clocks

Chiming Quartz Pendulum Wall Clocks

Oversized Wall Clocks under 25 Inches

Quiet Sweep Wall Clocks (non-ticking)

Numeric Display – LCD and LED Wall Clocks

Bulova B1845 Durant II Mantel Clock

German Crystal Dome for 9 Inch Anniversary Clocks – CD9

We promise to provide quality products and the best service possible. If you have a question about any product we carry, please call us at 1- M – F 10:00 – 6:00 EST., Sat 10:00 – 3:00

Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Quality Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks, Curio Cabinets and Alarm Clocks

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The Clock Depot – 3400 Westgate Dr, Durham, NC 27707

West St Paul Sports Center

Thisstate of the artindoor sports facilityopened for usein November 2012 and has enjoyed success every season since.A 110,000 square foot permanent dome withan 11v11 soccer field, a smaller training field and 3 batting cages are available for rent. The dome is open to the public, daytime hours,Monday through Friday for walking / jogging free of charge and $5 open dome use is available when rentals permit.Check the schedules below to see when walking/jogging and open dome times are available.

At 454 feet long, a 78 foot high ceiling there is over 110,000 square feet of space

Over 18 million pounds of concrete form the 9 foot tall 2 foot thick surrounding base walls

Almost 10 million cubic feet of pressurized air support the dome

175 tons or of pulverized virgin tires create the turf in-fill

The WSPRAC has surpassed GMAX ratings, even after 5 years

One lap around the dome is about mile

On top of renters, over 40,000 use the dome for walking and jogging

Secure yourFieldandBatting Cagetime by callingthe dome,emailingMatt r Andy at

If you are calling after 4pm Monday-Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday please call the facility at to leave a message as well


In May of 2017 we at the WSPRAC had Thomas Testing come in and test our turf for the industries G-Max numbers. We purposely had them come in at the end of a cycle when our turf was at the hardest we generally allow. It wasprior to a deep cleaning, sanitizingand maintenance that we do a few times a year.

With a number of 200 consideredtoo hard,we were very happy to come in far below that at an average of135.

We take our turf and the safety of our renters very seriously and are proud of our numbers and the confirmation from the testing company. You can view the report below.

2016 WSRAC was estimatedat 35,000walkers and Open Dome users

2017 WSRAC has estimated well over 38,000walkers and Open Dome users again.

2018 1st Quarter had over 15,000 Walkers and Open Dome Users

The numbers in question are those who actually signed in which we calculate85%. Realistically it may be closer to only 50% who sign in for walking



$5.00 per person / 10 Session Punch cards $30.00

*All participants must sign in at the main office


There is never Walking/Jogging or Open Dome on the Weekends or in the evenings


************** Schedule Subject To Change**************

Walking & Jogging ( Times Subject To Change )

$5.00 Open Dome ( Times Subject To Change )