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Free die cutting to any shape included

High Tac White Vinyl/Matte Laminate

High Tac White Vinyl/Glossy Laminate

Making ssset tags for heavy machinery in Alaska

Stickers 101 – Testing the durability with a blow torch and nasty chemicals

Examples of Custom Outdoor Stickers

Outdoor stickers for equipment identification

Outdoor vinyl stickers for 858 Graphics

The stickers look fantastic! The text came out crisp and the colors look great, thank you. We used these stickers on every job we do and have found they are a great way to generate business.

We create durable custom outdoor stickers that are completely weather and waterproof. All stickers are silk screen printed with durable, fade resistant UV ink and designed for extended outdoor use. Our experienced in-house graphic design team will ensure that your stickers are created to meet your exact specifications for size, shape, and design. To increase your products lifespan, we offer matte and gloss lamination which protect from scratching and fading. Your stickers can be cut individually or can be placed on sheets for convenience. Outdoor sticker applications include outdoor label equipment, vehicles, sporting equipment, and more. Our premium decals are easy to apply and make for perfect promotional hand outs and advertising

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I need a vinyl sticker to apply to a product that will live underwater. We manufacture an underwater speaker that goes in fresh and salt water environments, and I need the adhesive to hold up for 10 years underwater.

The best part about our outdoor stickers is that theyre 100% waterproof! The vinyl thats used protects the sticker from the elements, so it will be able withstand fresh and saltwater–whether partially or fully submerged!

My company wants to start giving away stickers for our customers to put on their bikes, but we want them to last–since most bikes are stored outside. Is the outdoor sticker the best option?

Absolutely, our outdoor stickers are silk screen printed, so they can easily withstand direct sunlight exposure. Also, the silk screen layers allows it to last four times longer than digital stickers!

We are a workplace wellness group who utilizes accelerometers worn on the shoe for our program. We want to make small stickers that will fit on the accelerometer. They need to have a strong adhesive that will stay put, but is also removable when people graduate to the next level of steps achieved.

The outdoor stickers are perfect to put on a shoe because of their durability. The adhesive used is permanent, so it will not budge until you decide to change out the sticker! Plus adding a matte or gloss laminate will increase the lifespan of the sticker–even if you scuff your shoes!

I am looking to purchase weather resistant stickers. I have about 25 different stickers I need to label equipment that will be outside. The stickers are different sizes. Some are just arrows and some are the different names of the equipment. Will these custom sizes effect the weather resistance?

Our outdoor vinyl is extremely durable and can withstand sunlight, rain, snow, and any other harsh weather. Die cutting these stickers will not impact their durability, due to the vinyls adhesion.

I have recently changed real estate offices, and would like to update my listing/yard signs. Under the logo, I need to change the office name. I have 20 signs, all 2-sided, so I will need 40. Do you have suggestions for either print or stickers that can cover the previous logo?

Outdoor vinyl would be the perfect solution for this problem. Our outdoor vinyl can serve as the perfect patch for any corrections that need to be done. Its adhesion can enable it to stick very well to the corrugated plastic of the coroplast yard signs.

I am wondering if you print custom outdoor uv sticker on clear. Is this possible?

Absolutely, we have 3 options labeled under the material drop menu. These consist of white vinyl, high tack vinyl, and clear vinyl. Our stickers are printed with UV inks creating extreme durability against scratching, weather, and fading.

What are high tac adhesive stickers?

High tack adhesives create an ultra strong bond between the applied surface and sticker. Use with caution these stickers can remove the paint from surfaces if incorrectly removed.

Vinyl Wall Art

Art Birds In Flight Vinyl Wall Decals – Set of Three

Bee Vinyl Wall Decals, Set of Three

Pinwheel Christmas Ornament decals, set of 3.

Snowflake Wall Confetti Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl Wall Art wall decals and wall stickers.

Welcome to Vinyl Wall Art, we are the original vinyl wall decal internet shop. At Vinyl Wall Art we have been supplying high quality low cost

What are vinyl wall decals?Well, they are sometimes called wall stickers, wall tattoos, wall clings, or wall appliques.Our decals are cut from thin sheets of vinyl so that when you apply them to your walls they will have the look and feel of a very expensive custom paint job, but at the faction of the price.

Here at Vinyl Wall Art all of our wall stickers are made from the highest quality vinyl available, and each of our vinyl decals are available in over 50 different colors.Proudly made in the USA these vinyl decals can be applied to any dry clean smooth surface such as walls, doors, windows, tile, mirrors, laptops, etc.Using Vinyl Wall Art wall decals and wall stickers will be faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly than painting.

Next, because the glue on the back of vinyl wall decals can degrade over time, we dont make your decals until only after we receive you order.This ensures that the vinyl wall decals you receive will be of the highest quality and the best workmanship.

With every order we include step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to apply wall decals. There is also an instructional video available on our web site.

But, perhaps more important, is our collection of hundreds of truly unique designs.You wont find any run of the mill cookie cutter designs here.Just one of kind wall decal designs from some the best artist around the world.

And, if you cant find exactly what you need in our store, dont worry, Vinyl Wall Art will put these same great artist to work on your own ideas to provide you custom wall decals to fit your own one of a kind decor.

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We also have vinyl stickers for that tote box, the school locker, and special celebrations.

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Choo Choo Train Set Vinyl Wall Decals

Custom Vinyl Letter for Cars and Boats

Custom Vinyl Letter for Cars and Boats

Get the most aristocratic vinyl design and decals in United States Make A

Be it walls or paintings, furniture or laptops, cars or trucks, decals and vinyl stickers enhance the beauty of almost each and everything by adding creativity and innovation to it. They give life to each and every object they are applied to. Many companies offer innumerous designs with thousands of different logos and outstanding content inscribed upon them. Headquartered in Marlboro, New Jersey, m is one such company which manufactures and delivers the most aristocratic and extremely alluring vinyl stickers and decals. Everyone can customize their own vinyl designs with their message and extensive range of staggering fonts, effects, graphics, borders, backgrounds and letter colors. Along with being exclusive and out of the box all our designs are simply breathtaking and beautiful. Customized lettering on cars, trucks and fancy boats are our specialty. We completely transform the look of your vehicle so that it can stand out even when compared to thousands of others. We have more than 50,000 decals, 300 logos and over 70 beautiful and interesting colors to choose from. You can customize designs depending upon your own requirements and choice.

One can get lettering on boats, cars and trucks with different styles using variety of fonts and many suitable and attractive colors. Graphics of different accents, flames, tribal art, mascots, cartoons, racing, sports and much more that will accentuate your boat, car truck or any other surface you wish to add detail and get your advertising point across. All available and customizable with our online live design tool you can create the most cliquish vinyl designs that are staggering and simply memorable. MakeaDecal.com offers an advanced design program to take away all stress of their clients shoulders. One just has to choose a decal, change its color according to the requirement and finally add the text they want to be imprinted. You can preview and make changes according to what you like and tailor it according to your needs and requirements. You can save your design and order it online through our portal in a hassle free manner. We have been in this business for the past 15 years and our incredible staff is eminently knowledgeable and has an incredible experience which makes us the best in the market. To get started in our incredible services and get a staggering decals please visit our website

Make your own vinyl signs or decals with your message and a wide selection of fonts, effects, graphics, borders, background and letter colors. Custom car letters, lettering and graphics truck and boat lettering. Custom Graphics. Select from over 50,000 decals, 3000 fonts and 70 colors.

Design, preview and order your vinyl letters online, using our one-of-a-kind, advanced lettering program. Choose your decal, change its color, add text to it and see it all happen right in front of your eyes.

Save your design in an online shopping cart and come back later to modify it or purchase it.

Most online orders are completed and shipped by the next business day.

How to Make Real Vinyl Stickers – Sticrs

About: Im an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.

This is how to make real vinyl stickers. These are real stickers not labels or cheap stuff like that.

Did you make this project? Share it with us!

Hello, Im trying to make decals without any background. Is this possible?

Im just wanting to make decals for mugs and cups (Yeti). I had someone to do a few for me, and I want to start my own project. Can I use any kind of printer, and is there another type of sticker/vinyl paper that is good?

Hi, Thanks for the video. Are these stickers microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe???

My purpose is to use it for name labels for students… The stickers should be water proof, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe???

Is this paper suitable for my requirement???

Gooday what software are use to make a vinyl sticker or for car decal thanks and more power

Actually I am in the process of making my first bartop MAME cabinet, and I was wondering how I could cost effectively make the marquee and the side art – I can make the custom art myself, I just dont want to pay an outrageous amount to get it done lol Everything is on a budget lol Your method shown here will work perfectly for the side art of the cabinet and should be far less expensive than getting it done through Fast-signs. Do you know if that paper is available for Laser printers as well? I have an inkjet that I never use in my basement but I prefer my color laser)

For the marquee, Im actually going to get some 3M color laser printable transparency sheets to print my image across. This will then be cut to size sandwiched between 2 pieces of left over plexi/lexan. The outer piece of lexan has has a tint, and is left overs from the monitor bezel. This will allow the image to shine through when turned on via the led light strip behind the marquee and will be a be muted due to the tint so not to be overly powering – focus should be the game on the screen not the marquee.

Thanks. You explained this much better than another video I just watched. Very helpful!

I got that those stickers and made a bunch of stickers for a local band. Everyone Ive seen stuck to a car is peeling. The adhesive isnt strong enough for outdoor use. If you use a regular inkjet printer, they will fade very quickly as well.

Not all of Papilios vinyl are meant to be used outdoors. They have special vinyl designed for outdoor use which are also designed to be extremely difficult to remove. As for the fading, the Papilio site warns of this possibility and therefore makes an aerosol UV laminate spray which is meant to prevent this from occurring.

*Please note that the paper link is for 10 sheets. Papilio also offers 1, 100, 500, and 1000 sheet packages.

How durable are these stickers for outdoor use? Ive had a number of people ask me for stickers that are water proof so they can put them on bike helmets and such.

Theres some stuff you can get at Amazon. Papilio brand. Inkjet Removable Waterproof Vinyl. Depending on how much wear itll see, not to mention weather, you might want to spray the stickers with a fixative before you apply em. But theyre pretty durable and waterproof on their own. Good luck!

Great work! that laminate sheet is a great idea. Is corel draw really the industry standard over there? I alway thought illustrator was (well it is in the rest of the design industry) i thought corel draw was more a prosumer program. Cool -ible! Thanks for sharing.

Corel is the standard in my mind at least for screen printing. Stickers really fall under screen printing in my book. Just my opinion. I get really frustrated with Adobe ilustrator. Although all my vids are Adobe Premier Pro.

just a question, can I use any INK_JET printer with any INK

Im using corel to. It is a great desing program

gotya, im guessing corel probably works better with plotter cutters also, which im sure you have used for stickers.

awesome! thanks! i will be using this so we can make our stickers for our band cheap! =)

hey i want to make a graphics kit for my motorbike but i dont have an inkjet printer, would u be able to use a canon mp510 printer?

I take sticky-back vinyl and run it through a color laser printer, then spray paint high-gloss clear enamel. I get the vinyl at Auto Trim in Tukwila, WA.

Hey does anyone know where I can buy the stuff to actually execute this process?