Rotating Blade Hazard Labels for Machine Safety

Rotating Blade Hazard Labels – UL® Recognized

UL® Recognized for durability, your rotating blade hazard labels will resist extreme heat, abrasion, and mild chemicals and will last for years.

Best Prices for Rotating Blade Hazard Labels

You cant find a better price for your rotating blade hazard labels! All of our machine safety labels are backed by the low price guarantee.

We are the USA manufacturer of your rotating blade hazard labels, which means that we have your order in stock and ready to ship out, same day in many cases.

We sell high quality safety signs at the lowest prices. If you can find our signs at a lower price, well match it!

All our safety signs are manufactured by us in New Jersey. We are a veteran owned and operated company.

Thousands of products ready to ship same day at low discounted UPS® and FedEx® rates.

Medical Device Label

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How Quick Fitting, Inc. Cut Costs By 40% with a QuickLabel Color Label Printer

Device manufacturers have chosen to print labels on-site with theKiaro! inkjet label printerin order to avoid periodic label shortages, reduce human labeling errors and comply with UDI requirements, all while maintaining full in-house quality control.

So, what does the Kiaro! provide to make this all happen seamlessly?

Theres a great deal of mislabeling risk when you rely on pre-printed labels. Human beings are responsible for selecting the correct label, and they make mistakes.

A medical device manufacturer recently had to discard $100,000 in printed labels when it discovered an invalid expiration date. It was forced to delay shipments for two months while it waited for new labels to be created, approved, printed, received, inspected and applied.

The Kiaro! will help you to avoid such problems, immediately filling in the gaps when your standard labeling process fails.

No more waiting, no more misprints, and no more wasted labels.

As youll discover, high-speed, reliable digital label printing with theKiaro!has already paid for itself on the production lines of device manufacturers around the world.

Instantly printing product labels on-site with a desktop, digital, color label printer such as theKiaro!enables you to flex production schedules changing products and lines anytime its necessary.

In combination with enterprise labeling software, such asROBAR, you will be able to centrally control design while printing color labels locally at each production line.

Whats more, your operations team will be relieved of the burden to manually track label versions and scrap obsolete labels!

The Kiaro! inkjet label printer is the ideal printer for labeling medical devices to meet new FDA regulations for UDI labeling.

Together,Innovatums ROBAR softwareand QuickLabels Kiaro! on-demand inkjet label printer offer a validated, FDA-compliant solution for printing UDI labels in color from blank stock.

The Kiaro! is the most efficient medical device label printer on the market printing at 8 per second, in 1200 dpi. It never wastes labels.

Other label printers consume labels during cleaning, when starting and ending runs or if a run needs to be paused. With the Kiaro! inkjet label printer, that never happens.

The Kiaro!s robust printer drivers can work with most label design software to give you complete customization of your medical device labels.

Schedule an in-person demonstrationwith a Kiaro! label printer. During the demo, you will see your artwork in production and see how great your labels can look!

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Med-Label, Inc. offers a complete line of labeling systems, labeling supplies, as well as customer service and technical support to satisfy all of your labeling needs. Quality products at the best price, delivered on time, is our pledge to you, our valued customer. Thank you for your visit, we look forward to serving you.

Med-Label, Inc. is a woman owned Dun & Bradstreet listed business that has supplied labels and labeling solutions to the medical marketplace for over 20 years. Med Labels PRIORITY contract program has allowed some of the largest hospital systems in the country as well as many individual hospitals to achieve their cost containment initiatives by locking in their pricing for multiple year periods. No matter what your size or labeling needs, Med label will work with you to design a program that best supports all of your labeling needs and financial objectives.

We have supported the labeling needs for more than 1,000 medical facilities since 1992 and we look forward to having our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff at 1- being able to help you. We answer our own phone because your time is important to us.

Full Range of Products and Services

From Zebra, Data Max, Intermec Electronic Printers, to Motorola / Symbol Scanners, to Meto hand held medical label guns, Med-label, Inc. is the system innovator that brings to you the products you need for all of your labeling needs to satisfy JCAHO requirements and your specific labeling procedures.

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Medical Device Labels

•Custom Labels- Whether you need a primary packaging label or a label with room to imprint variable information, we can make your label look good for any market.

•Stock Labels- We manufacture a wide variety of blank stock labels in lots of sizes with different adhesives and facestocks. And you can buy them online from our ecommerce site!

•RFID Smart Labels- Use RFID smart labels for inventory tracking, product identification and other automated tasks via these labels with imbedded RFID inlays.

•Specialty Labels- Sometimes you need additional information on your labels. We can create your special coupon labels, booklet labels, game-piece labels, security labels and more.

•Flexographically-Printed Labels- Our high-volume flexo label presses allow us to economically print large label runs in with amazing resolution in up to ten colors.

•Digitally-Printed Labels- Having your labels printed digitally on our HP presses gives you high-resolution labels at economical, minimum print quantities.

•Need Label Ideas?- Check out our gallery that features a variety of both beautiful and functional labels we have printed for our customers.

Webers Model 5300 Label Printer-Applicator is the reliable way to print variable info on your labels.Read More.

Check out the economical LA-2050 label printer applicator that uses a Sato CLNX label printer.Read More.

Howard Products in Paso Robles, CA, is using one of our Tronics Series 3 front/back label applicators to apply labels to a variety of furniture care products destined for Home Depot, Ace Hardware and other stores.

Julian Pies uses a custom Weber 5300 label-printer applicator to provide variable nutrition & ingredient information as well as seal their delicious pies safely.

Watch some of our favorite videos showing installations of Weber label printer-applicators and label applicators in action.

• Hydrox Labs- Tronics Series 3 applicator system labeling small bottles.

• Guitar Center- Model 5300 print-apply at their distribution center.

• West Coast Growers- Model 5300 print-apply labeling produce cartons.

Call us at 1-,fill out our full contact form hereor use one of the buttons below.

High standards and dedicated inspection for quality assurance.

Medical device labels require strict quality control during every step of the manufacturing process. On-press and post-press video inspection guarantees finished labels that meet your requirements.

Weber has complex die and adhesive zone coating capabilities to permit one-step labeling for product kit combinations. And our on-press, code dating and messaging using laser etch or UV inkjet allows the addition of variable data during printing.

Sequential back-of-liner numbering aids your lets you keep your inventory under control. Weber uses ISO 9001-registered label manufacturing processes that can assist cGMP compliance to 21 CFR Subpart G (Packaging & Label Control).

Multi-Part Labels for Medical Devices

For more information on UDI, visit theHealth Industry Business Communications Council resource page.

You can also download a copy of theImplementation Guide for FDA UDIon the page.

• Use adhesives and topcoats that are compatible with your sterilization process.

• Provide more information to your end users by adding expanded text and multi-ply label constructions that can handle the demand for increased text area on the label.

• Add a laminate or spot varnish to areas of your label to highlight specific features or allow variable thermal-transfer printing.

• Custom die cuts and layering lets you add individual peel-able bar codes for record-keeping.

Gold Stickers

are an excellent way to make your product shine and stand out. Make product labels, and even safety and security instructions eye-catching with white ink graphics printing on reflective gold labels, decals, and stickers. Gold stickers are ideal for high visibility situations, including safety and warning labels in low light areas and on sports goods. Our gold stickers adhere well to even irregular, curved surfaces thanks to high bond backing.

command even more attention with reflective vinyl. Reflective vinyl gold stickers and decals appear metallic in regular lighting, but in low light situations, they shine even brighter when exposed to a light source. Industrial workers will appreciate the brightness these stickers produce in hazardous conditions. We useASTM D 4956-01 Type-I Reflective Vinyl, a flexible, glass-beaded retro-reflective vinyl suitable for use at night.

At Multicolor Labels, we digital print several types of industrial labels, reflective stickers, and holographic decals. Use shiny gold stickers to increase your brand awareness and for marketing/advertising ntact usfor more information on our custom quotes and low minimum short runs.

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Recycle Bin Stickers – Recycling Sticker g Label

Getting people to recycle all starts with making them aware of recycling containers and bins at your facility or business. The easiest way to do that is by using recycle stickers to let them know that they should put aluminum cans, bottles, and plastics in those bins instead of in the trash. According to the EPA, Americans throw away about 28 billion bottles and jars every year. Imagine if we could remove all of those from landfills and do something useful with their materials.

At we have a large selection of recycle stickers to help identify recycling bins and help you organize your recycling bins by type. Keep your recyclables separated with paper only, aluminum only, plastic only and glass only recycling labels. Let people know you recycle and order recycle stickers today.

We sell high quality safety signs at the lowest prices. If you can find our signs at a lower price, well match it!

All our safety signs are manufactured by us in New Jersey. We are a veteran owned and operated company.

Thousands of products ready to ship same day at low discounted UPS® and FedEx® rates.

Safety Label Safety Decal Warning Labe-s

Large selection of stock ANSI safety labels to identify a variety of hazards.

Create custom safety decals using ANSI-compliant images and layouts.

Safety Labels Tested for Superior Quality & Durability

Independently tested and approved printing and lamination process for guaranteed durability.

Heat and chemical resistant safety labels made with UL® recognized polyester.

Learn more about our safety decalsor contact our experienced customer service team: callor>


We sell high quality safety signs at the lowest prices. If you can find our signs at a lower price, well match it!

All our safety signs are manufactured by us in New Jersey. We are a veteran owned and operated company.

Thousands of products ready to ship same day at low discounted UPS® and FedEx® rates.

Hand Washing Label Wash Your Hands Sticker

Washing hands isnt just about cleanliness. Its also about healthy living and preventing the spread of germs and diseases. According to the CDC many diseases and conditions are spread by not washing hands with soap and clean running water. If soap and water are unavailable, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can also be effective. Hand washing labels serve as great reminders for employees and visitors to wash their hands.

We sell high quality safety signs at the lowest prices. If you can find our signs at a lower price, well match it!

All our safety signs are manufactured by us in New Jersey. We are a veteran owned and operated company.

Thousands of products ready to ship same day at low discounted UPS® and FedEx® rates.


Camcode has durable barcode labels for every industrial application. These plastic and metal bar code labels, stickers and tags perform in the harshest environments, including chemicals, cleaning processes, painting processes, outdoor exposure and temperatures up to 1200F. Our most widely used products are listed ntact usand we will design the right barcode label for your application!

We are experts in receiving label requirements electronically, managing multiple shipments of products, and shipping labels to meet JIT production systems. Our ability to manage sequential numbering of multiple shipments is proven and guaranteed, making Camcode the top barcode label manufacturer.

The graphics are sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodic layer of this metal barcode label, creating an impenetrable barrier to chemicals, solvents, salts, and can survive in temperatures up to 650F. The result is a durable barcode label design with excellent readability in the harshest environments. This label lasts the life of the part. Read more aboutMetalphoto Aluminum Durable Bar Code Labels.

Ideal for applications that require resistance to cleaning, pickling and/or painting, e-coat or powder coating processes. These labels also resist contact with caustics and strong acids. Our laminated barcode stickers resists temperatures up to 300F, and our fused product resists temperatures up to 500F. Read more aboutTeflon on Aluminum Durable Bar Code Labels.

Extra High Temperature (XHT) Aluminum Barcode Labels:

Our proprietary XHT process enhances a Metalphoto label that resists temperatures up to 1200F. These high-temperature metal barcode tags are ideal for your work-in-process or product identification applications exposed to extremely high temperatures. Read more aboutExtra High Temperature Durable Bar Code Labels.

Our Stainless Steel Barcode Labels are designed specifically for applications that require resistance to frequent cleaning with strong caustics, such as food processing, laboratory, chemical, medical, petroleum, textile and marine environments. Produced from Type 316 or Type 304 Stainless Steel, these labels remain durable after exposure in harsh environments. Read more about ourStainless Steel Bar Code Labels.

A cost-effective choice for environments that require a durable label, but not the ruggedness of a metal tag. Our polyester bar code labels have a protective overlaminate that provides resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive provides lifetime adherence. Read more aboutPremium Polyester Durable Bar Code Labels.

Premium Polyester Plus Barcode Labels:

An ideal non-metal solution for less demanding applications, certain caustic environments, or where more flexibility is desired. The Premium Polyester Plus Bar Code Label features a thicker adhesive coating (2.0 mils) than our regular Premium Polyester Labels. Read more about ourPremium Polyester Plus Durable Bar Code Labels.

An ideal product designed for production-line applications that include a one-time painting operation. The label comes with a special paint mask designed to remove cleanly after painting, leaving the bar code ready to be scanned. Read more about ourPaint Mask Durable Bar Code Labels.

What do Durable Barcode Labels Cost?

Our minimum order for barcode labels is $300 to $399. Higher-volume orders reduce the per-unit cost and exact prices depend on the material construction, size and quantity. Getting an exact quotation is easy; justrequest a quotefor our custom metal barcode labels, our industrial barcode stickers or our industrial barcode tags.

Teflon™is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.

Teflon Coated Metal Bar Code Labels

Extra High Temperature Bar Code Labels

Premium Polyester Plus Bar Code Labels

Guide to Barcode Types and Standards: 1D, 2D Barcode Symbologies, Requirements, and Standards-Issuing Entities

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Camcode is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

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