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I just got my Ranger boat and think that something is wrong with the auto setting on the livewell. If I put it on auto some water will get in the live well but will not hold the water on plane. I know that some should come out the over flow but there is only abot 4 inches and have to fill it back up. I have been just putting it on recir. But summer is coming and would like to have the fresh water coming in. Just wondering if other have had this problem. Also it seems like the timer on the reciralor is not working after a little while. Is this something that breaks on rangers systems? Thanks for any help

I had this problem with my 94 Ranger. Livewell valves were shot. Mine was a 2 position fill or empty setup that I converted over to a 3 poition recirc system with a kit I bought from Ranger. You can get valves from them or flow-rite systems.

I have an 86 with the old flapper 2 position style and the front well has never held water well while the back one does OK. I do load onto the trailer at times and want to keep water in it and I have to pull the screen and plug it. I ahve gotten several replacement valves from Ranger and once they even sent me cables and all for both because I complained that the slides were tearing up my fingers.

If its the 3 position valve and you have it on Auto it refreshes when it fills so it lets water out to compensate for whats coming in. You shouldnt have it on empty or auto you should have it on recirculate (I believe that is the other option) that will completely seal it. If you pull the boat out with it on Auto it slowly releases water on recirc. it doesnt. I read this somewhere but cant remember where maybe the manual or maybe bass boat central. I have a Z21 and mine will drain a little but not enough to drain out while on plane.

Originally Posted By: RangerR93sport

This one is the 3 postion system already just not sure if it is working right 99 ranger

I just bougth a 1996 Ranger about 3 weeks ago. This is the normal operating condition of my boat livewell. I have no pump out.

Here goes, on mine each livelweel, I have two, theres auto and manual position for the livewell recirculation knob or switch. When its in manual it continuously pump fresh water and the excess water just go out in the overflow valve. When I have it on auto depending on the timer I have it set for, the pump will pump fresh water at the interval I set the timer in. The kength of time it pumps water is fix.

The key is make sure the livewell slider fill/empty knob is in the fill position. If its in the empty position Your livewell water will empty everytime you are on the move.

Originally Posted By: RangerR93sport

Well guess I shouldnt try to fix it since your 5 gallon bucket works so good in your boat

thanks for the pics. Yours wouldnt hold water at all? Cause mine will hold the water on recirc just not auto

It would sort of leak down. I suspect one of those tabs is toast on yours and the other is still holding but I doubt for long. Remember mine was only fill or empty before I converted it.

My liivewells wont ever hold water, Im sure the Fill/Empty valves are shot. If I try to transport fish to the house, They have leaked out before I get on the Highway. What website can I go to get these valves? Mine is a 97 Ranger.

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