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Back to School Free Printable BubblLabels for Teachers

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Last updated on August 8th, 2013 at 08:10 am

Here is a fun free printable for all you teachers out there! Wrapthese labelsaround some bubbles for a cute back to school welcome gift.

I cant believe school is about to start. Thanks to one of my sweet teacher readers for suggesting this idea! Dont miss out onthis fabulous round-up of back-to-school freebies.

Download the free printable bubble labels here.

Amy Locurto is founder and President , a DIY Lifestyle Party and Food blog. In her spare time, she loves to travel the world with her family. Find Amy onFacebookPinterest,andInstagram.

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Wonderful work and great ideas thanks a lot to Amy Locurto i love this printables and thanks a gain because she is helping us to learn more.

RT @livinglocurto: Back to School Free Printable Teachers. tags. 🙂

Back to School Free Printable Teachers.

RT @livinglocurto: Back to School Printable for Teachers

To all of our friends who are teachersheres one for you!

Back to School Printable for Teachers

Wow That was quick ~ Thank you so much ~ Cant wait to get these going!

These are so cute Im not a teacher, but Ill be sharing this with some that I know.

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Baked Chicken Wings Printable Fathers Day Coupons

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Name Bubbles Review School Labels

We were thrilled when Smart Green Tips reached out to us for a review of ourschool labels. Weve provided some of our favorite portions of the review, including the disclaimer. For the entire review please visit,

Disclaimer: I received a sample pack of labels from Name Bubbles so that I might review their product. Like the Planet Box, I was so impressed with the product that I have ordered more labels at my own expense. I have no relationship with the Name Bubbles Company and receive no benefit or payment from them for writing a favorable review. I genuinely like their product.

Ive purchased from other label companies before, but just a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon Name Bubbles. Im hooked.

Eco-Friendly Ink. This is probably at the top of the list for me. Name Bubbles is the only label company Ive found to use environmentally-friendly ink, a feature I like.

Fast Turn-Around. Name Bubbles are made in the United States, unlike some of the other leading companies. I received my first order within days, not the weeks it took when I ordered elsewhere.

Cute Designs. There are 16 cute icons to choose from and a host of bright and fun colors. My girls really enjoyed picking out their own.

They Work. Name Bubbles really do stick. They have water-proof labels that last through drink condensation and the dishwasher. They also make labels for clothing that dont have to be ironed on. This is a huge bonus for me.

Variety. Name Bubbles come in a variety of sizes and are made for a variety of uses: waterproof, water-resistant, clothing labels, shoe labels, etc.

Good (Paperless) Fundraising Option.If you are involved with fundraising at your childs school, Name Bubbles has a great program. Participating schools receive 15% of purchases made through their online campaign. Name Bubbles provides a banner for the school or PTO to place on their website and as long as someone clicks on the banner and purchases within 90 days, the school will receive 15% of the total. This also works for email campaigns as well.

Name Bubbles Review School Labels

Back-to-School with Name Bubbles School Labels

Name Bubbles Adds Personalized Wall Decals plus a GIVEAWAY