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Justice Kennedy, pivotal swing vote on Supreme Court, to retire

Defendants in diapers? Immigrant toddlers to appear in court alone

Trump-Mattis dynamic raises concerns of rift at Pentagon

Officials: DHS requests 12,000 beds to detain families

Doctors decry plans to detain more immigrant families

Whos on President Trumps list to replace Justice Kennedy?

Stunning defeat emboldens left as Dems eye new identity

Trump: My supporters should be called the super elite

Trump: Heitkamp will be told to vote against any nominee to replace Kennedy

Trump choice for IRS chief coming under Senate scrutiny

Shapiro: Trump could turn Kennedys retirement into another conservative win

Was Gorsuch Worth It? Its Starting To Look That Way

Mitch McConnell Just Weakened Unions — And The Democratic Party

Democrats now have their own Tea Party

Mattis says US will keep current troop levels in South Korea

Warplanes bomb 3 hospitals in Syria as Assads army presses offensive

Xi refuses to budge on South China Sea in talks with Mattis

Is trade spoiling the Trump-Modi bromance?

Parkland survivors keep memory of shooting alive

Governor set to sign 6 gun-control measures in New Jersey

Student Protesters Hold Die-Ins Nationwide To Push For Stronger Gun Laws

Money to harden schools draws backlash after shootings

Father killed at Calif. campground was shot in head, coroner says

45 years after bride died, husband on trial for murder

Former physician stole more than $500G from 98-year-old woman in fraud scheme, authorities say

Lawyers for man accused of killing wife call for mistrial after Drew Peterson reference

Georgia officer charged in death of fleeing black motorist

Inside Facebook and Twitters secret meetings with Trump aides

Apple, Samsung declare peace in biggest modern tech patent fight

Google Home and Chromecast outage: Heres the official fix

Facebook testing feature that lets you block TV and movie spoilers

BlackBerry Key2 Makes Me Wish Physical Keyboards Werent All But Dead

Meet the farmworkers daughter who landed $350K scholarship

Shuttle Driver Finds Purse With $8000, Saves Familys Vacation

105-year-old hospital volunteer still going strong

Heartwarming photos of acts of kindness

Woman Wins $1M With Free Lotto Ticket From NJ Store

The next bear market in stocks will spark a retirement crisis

A breach likely exposed personal info of almost every American adult

Making $100,000 a year in this city will only get you low-income houses

41 jobs to avoid if you hate stress

Trump vs. Harley Davidson: A big divide among Trump-supporting owners

8 NFL teams that could disappoint in 2018

LeBrons decision will come down to how Spurs handle Leonard

Ranking the 5 biggest disappointments of the World Cup so far

Can Red Sox rely on Price down stretch?

Martinez hits MLB-best 25th HR as Red Sox beat Angels 9-6